Pentax XG-1 Offer Massive 24 to 1,248 mm Equivalent Focal Length Zoom

Pentax XG-1

Ricoh has this week unveiled their new Pentax XG-1 DSLR style camera which is equipped with a massive 52-times optical zoom lens capable of reproducing an equivalent 24 to 1,248-mm focal length range.

The Pentax XG-1 is fitted with a 16-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor and can capture 9 frames per second when required as well as sporting a permanently attached 4.3-223.6-mm F2.8-F5.6 lens.

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MIOPS Smartphone High Speed Camera Trigger (video)

High Speed Camera Trigger

Photographers looking for a high-speed camera trigger might be interested in a new system called MIOPS which was launched over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week.

MIOPS has been designed to provide users with a smartphone controllable high-speed camera trigger within a single unit, that also provides advanced features for your creativity by harnessing the use of your smartphone platform.

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BlackMagic Pocket Camera Price Slash In Half For Limited Time

BlackMagic Pocket Camera

Photographers looking for a pocket camera that is capable of shooting RAW uncompressed video might be interested to know that this week Blackmagic has announced they have slashed the price of their Blackmagic pocket camera capable of supporting 1080HD resolution capture in 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps in half for a limited time.

As part of a summer promotion reducing the price from just under $1000 down to $495 until August 31, 2014, or until supplies run out.

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Compact iPhone Camera Stabilizer Launches On Kickstarter (video)

iPhone camera stabilizer

iPhone owners looking for a way to reduce the shake when recording video footage using the Apple smartphone, might be interested in a new iPhone camera stabilizer called Elephant Steady which is being created by ADPLUS based in Kumamoto, Japan.

The Elephant Steady has been designed to offer users the world’s smallest iPhone camera stabilizer and uses the processing power from your iPhone to help keep the device steady whilst recording.

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GoPro Eclipse Lens Hood Designed By Oncore Designs (video)


GoPro users that would like to include less J.J. Abrams effects on their recordings and cut out a little of the lens flares from their GoPro action camera footage. Might be interested in a new GoPro Eclipse lens hood designed by Oncore Designs.

The neat Eclipse Lens Hood has been specifically designed for the GoPro action camera enabling those of you who would prefer to have less lens flare to record footage with confidence.

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SoundSight Headphones Record Audio And Video With A Simple Tap (video)

recording headphones

SoundSight has announced they have available a limited production run of their new innovative video recording headphones that are fitted with a 1080p HD camera that can be operated with a tap on the ear cup.

The SoundSight HD recording headphones also offer noise cancellation, studio quality audio and of course hands-free video recording. Check out the video after the jump to learn more about the new recording headphones and their features.

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New GoPro Sportsman Mount Unveiled For Guns, Rods, Bows And More

GoPro Sportsman

GoPro has launched a new addition to their range of mounts this week with the unveiling of the new GoPro Sportsman mount, that has been specifically designed to be attached to the likes of guns, fishing rods and bows to name a few and is compatible with all GoPro action cameras.

The new GoPro Sportsman mount makes it even easier to capture the action as you are landing that huge catch or eyeing up the target with your bow. Capturing everything you need for full bragging rights once you make the once in a life shot.

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OpenReflex SLR 3D Printed Camera Launches Crowd Funding Campaign

3D printed Camera

Photographers looking for a more open source SLR camera that is capable of accepting all types of film whether it be a 35mm, medium format or Polaroid. Might be interested to know that the 3D printer camera called the OpenReflex.

Which we featured here on Geeky Gadgets nearly a year ago has now started a crowd funding campaign for €5,000 to help it become a reality and offer photographers a very unique camera body to use.

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HEXO+ Autonomous Camera Drone Passes $1 Million In Funding (video)

Autonomous Camera Drone

With still over eight days left to run on their Kickstarter campaign Squadrone System based in Palo Alto California has raised over $1 million in funding, from over 1,900 backers to help make their HEXO+ autonomous camera drone become a reality.

When launching their Kickstarter campaign the development team were aiming to raise $50,000 to help the project make the jump from concept into production, but has now surpassed that figure many times over. To learn more about the innovative HEXO+ autonomous camera drone watch the promotional video after the jump.

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GoPro Dual Hero Case Enables 3D Video Recording With Ease

GoPro Dual Hero Case

Extreme sports people, adventurers and anyone else that use the GoPro action camera to record their activities for bragging rights and nostalgia. Might be interested in a new GoPro Dual Hero Case that has been created to enable 3D recording of your exploits.

The GoPro Dual Hero Case has been designed to hold two GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition action cameras and is priced at $199.

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Nikon D810 SLR Camera With 36.3 Megapixel Sensor Unveiled (video)

Nikon D810

Nikon has unveiled their new successor to the previous released D800 and D800E SLR cameras that were released a few year back. The new model to take their place is the highly anticipated Nikon D810 which is equipped with a 36.3 megapixel sensor.

Nikon has designed their new Nikon D810 camera to produce clearer, sharper images and the camera 36.3 sensor works in conjunction with Nikon’s EXPEED 4 processing engine.

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Horrific Car Crash Captured, During Record Jump Attempt, By GoPro Cameras (video)

goPro camera

We have featured GoPro action camera footage many times before here on Geeky Gadgets but the GoPro cameras attached to the car of Guerlain Chicherit while he was trying to set a new jump record. Captured the moment he released the car wasn’t going to make it and the subsequent crash afterwards.

Luckily for Guerlain Chicherit he survived the horrendous crash which was captured from multiple angles thanks to the GoPro cameras mounted to his car. Relive the jump and the story of his record attempt after the break.

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