Hipstamatic DSPO iOS Social Photography App Launches

Social Photography App

Hipstamatic has this week unveiled a new social photography app they have created for iOS smartphones called DSPO that allows you to create a “group camera” and take photos to share with your friends at the end of a certain time period.

The DSPO app enables users to set up a camera and choose a duration from an hour or as long as a year and start shooting, invite friends via a Message, Facebook, Twitter to view the footage at the end of the timer.

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Adobe Lightroom 6 Photography Application Launches

Adobe Lightroom 6

Adobe has today launched a version of their photography application in the form of Adobe Lightroom 6 to try and fill the void left by the demise of the Apple Aperture photo editing software. After Apple released their new Photo app with integrated iCloud backup earlier this month.

The latest Lightroom 6 software or Lightroom CC as part of the cloud is available to purchase as standalone desktop-only app for $149 or for $9.99 per month as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

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StabCam GoPro Stabilisation System Unveiled (video)

StabCam GoPro Stabilisation System

GoPro action camera users that are searching for a little bit more stability whilst filming may be interested in a new GoPro stabilisation system called StabCam.

StabCam consists of a 3-axis motorised stabilisation unit that includes sensors to provide smooth hands-free video capture, and is capable of being plugged into any GoPro accessory such as a helmet mount, suction cup or rod.

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Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera Unveiled (video)

Panasonic HX-A1 Action Camera

Panasonic has this week unveiled a new addition to its range of action cameras with the launch of the new Panasonic HX-A1 that measures just 83.1 mm long and has a diameter of just 26 mm.

The Panasonic HX-A1 action camera is fitted with a 2.8-megapixel MOS sensor that has been combined with a 2.6-mm F2.8 lens to provide users with a 19-mm equivalent.

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Camlet Mount DSLR Tablet Controller And Real Time Viewer From $35 (video)

DSLR Tablet Controller

Earlier this month we featured the Manfrotto Digital Director DSLR tablet system that is priced at a whooping $500, but if your budget will not stretch that far a new system called the Camlet Mount created by IC Art might be worth more investigation and cost just a tenth of the price.

The Camlet Mount system allows you to easily mount your smartphone or tablet onto your DSLR or mirrorless camera, enabling you to then control and enhance your camera using your mobile device and compatible applications.

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3DR Solo Quadcopter And Smart Drone Unveiled By 3D Robotics (video)

3DR Solo Quadcopter-2

This week 3D Robotics have unveiled their new 3DR quadcopter that is being marketed as the worlds first smart drone and is equipped with dual Linux processors as well camera mount that is capable of providing unprecedented GoPro control.

The new quadcopter was unveiled at the National Association of  Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas and pricing will start at $999. But if you require 3DR’s advanced camera-stabilising gimbal that has been designed to provide direct control of your GoPro action camera you will need the $1,399 model.

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Manfrotto Digital Director iPad System Unveiled To Control Your DLSR

Manfrotto Digital Director iPad App

Photographers looking for an easier way to control and view the footage from their DSLR cameras, might be interested in a new iPad application that has been unveiled this week in the form of the new Manfrotto Digital Director iPad system.

Manfrotto have designed their Digital Director iPad app and hardware to compete with other systems already on the market and was unveiled during the 2015 NAB Show.

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GoPro HEROCast Transmitter Offers Live Action Sports Viewing

GoPro HEROCast

Today GoPro has today announced the availability of its new GoPro HEROCast live action video streaming system. Allowing viewers to get an immersive view of the action as it takes place from the competitors point-of-view in extreme sports and adventures around the world.

The GoPro HEROCast system consists if a transmitter paired with a GoPro camera and has been designed to change the way people view live broadcast events.

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