CamCarry Luxury Italian Leather Camera Case (video)

Leather Camera Case

Photographers that carry a camera everywhere with them, might be interested in the new luxury camera case called the CamCarry that has been “handcrafted with passion” say its creators.

The CamCarry has been designed to provide a more elegant way to carry your camera and includes plenty of storage for cables and extras when required. Watch the video below to learn more about this luxury leather camera carry case that is available from £54.

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Moment iPhone Case Designed For Mobile Photography (video)

Moment iPhone Case

Apple iPhone owners who take their mobile photography seriously might be interested in the new Moment iPhone case that has been created specifically for Apple’s latest iPhone 6 smartphone.

The Moment iPhone case includes a shutter button, lens, and camera strap and keeps your iPhone handy and within easy reach to capture those events that are sometimes missed when need to take your smartphone out of a bag or pocket.

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CAMpanion GoPro Smartphone Mount (video)

GoPro Smartphone Mount

GoPro action came owners that sometimes wish they could use their GoPro camera to take footage and pictures with ease while enjoying a little down time for extreme sports. May be interested in a new GoPro smartphone mount called the CAMpanion.

The CAMpanion has been designed to provide a more convenient way to hold and view the footage you are capturing using your GoPro action camera and takes the form of a slide mounting system that is attached to your smartphone case and GoPro camera.

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Prynt Case Transforms Your Smartphone Into An Instant Camera (video)

Instant Camera

Smartphone photographers that would like to sometimes instantly have a hard copy of images they have captured using their smartphone to share as physical documents. Maybe interested in a new mobile phone case called Prynt

The Prynt case has been created to transforms both iOS and Android smartphones into an instant camera. Watch the video below to learn more about this very unique smartphone case.

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Nest Replacing Old Customer DropCam Cameras For Free To Support New Systems

Nest Replacing Old DropCam Cameras

Google has this week announced the start of a new Dropcam Legacy Camera Replacement Program that will replace older Dropcam devices that include the Original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo.

The Original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo will still function with Nest devices and the Dropcam service until April 15th 2015, after which they will stop recording and connecting to the Dropcam service.

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Vany Selfie Smartphone Light Launches On Indiegogo (video)

Vany Selfie Smartphone Light

Selfie smartphone photographers that find they sometimes need more light on the subject to be able to create that perfect photograph. Are sure to be interested in a new professional lighting system that has been created specifically for smartphones called the Vany.

The Vany selfie smartphone light has been specifically designed for mobile devices and dramatically improves photographs taken in low light conditions. Watch the video below to learn more about this small gadget that could help you create better photographs using your smartphone.

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Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet Is Equipped With Camera And Communication Systems (video)

Forcite Alpine Ski Helmet-1

Forcite the wearable technology manufacture has created a new skiing helmet it has unveiled this month in the form of the Forcite Alpine helmet that is equipped with a camera, communication system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Within the Forcite Alpine helmet is a camera that is located just above the brow of the wearer and features a camera that is cable of capturing POV footage using a 160 degree lens at a maximum resolution of 1080p @ 120fps.

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Piper NV Home Security Camera Now Includes Night Vision For $269

Piper NV Home Security Camera

Home security systems specialists Piper that were recently purchased back in April of last year by iControl. Have unveiled a new addition to their range of security cameras in the form The Piper NV which as the name suggests now includes night vision.

The Piper NV home security camera builds on the company’s previous devices and still provides 180 degree HD video, together with two-way audio, environmental sensors and home automation functionality.

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AXSY T-Set Advanced Camera Motion Control System (video)

Camera Motion Control System

Photographers looking for a precise yet affordable camera motion control system might be interested in a new design that has been created by AXSY. In the form of the AXSY T-Set a full 3 axis photography system that can be constructed and ready to go in under 5 minutes.

The AXYS T-Set has been designed to provide photographers with a comprehensive yet easy-to-use and affordable camera motion control system for a variety of different situations such as time-lapse, stop motion and even astrophotography.

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