Siri Used To Play Movies And TV Shows With Plex (Video)

There have been a number of rumors that Apple are working on their own HDTV, which will feature Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant Siri, and the video below gives us an idea on how Siri could be used to control your TV.

In the video we see Siri controlling Plex media playback, and it uses the same Siri proxi, which was created by @plamoni, which was used to start a car engine and also control a heating system with a thermostat, and control an iPad app.

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Papernomad Biodegradable Doodle Cases For iPad

We have featured a wide variety of iPad cases here on Geeky Gadgets in the past, but Papernomad have created a slightly different solution in the form of their iPad case.

The Papernomad iPad case design entices you to scribble and customise your case in any way you like, and is constructed from a fully biodegradable tear resistant paper material. Which allows you to paint, sketch and doodle your design.


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Siri Used To Control iPad App (Video)

On Monday we showed you a video of Apple’s Siri being used to control a home heating system, this was done by developer @plamoni who had managed to create a proxy server for Siri.

Now another developer has come up with a way to control an iPad app using an iPhone 4S and Siri, he used the code which was created by @plamoni, and the video below shows an app on the iPad being controlled by Siri.

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Iridium Launches AxcessPoint Mail & Web app For Your iOS Device

Do you have problems obtaining a connection on your iOS device while travelling in the more extreme and remote parts of the world? If you do you might interested in the new satellite AxcessPoint Mail & Web app and hotspot system just been unveiled by Iridium for iOS devices.

The Iridium AxcessPoint Mail & Web App can now provide you with access to the Internet from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via an Iridium hotspot.

AxcessPoint Mail & Web app

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Infinity Blade 2 Visuals Revealed (video)

Epic Games and ChAIR Entertainment has this week revealed a look at the visuals, which will be included in the new sequel iOS game Infinity Blade 2, which has built on the success of the original iPhone,iPod Touch and iPad game.

This time the developers have created a game which they say will push the iOS hardware to it limits, and create a much more artistic game environment for users. Watch the video after the jump to hear the developers thoughts, and preview what you can expect from the next instalment.

 Infinity Blade 2

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Apple’s HDTV To Launch Mid 2012?

We pretty much  know apple are working on their own version of a TV set for our living room, this much was revealed in the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, as Steve Jobs’s says in the book that he had finally cracked it.

The device, which we really don’t know anything about is rumored to come with Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri, built in, the service is currently available on Apple’s new iPhone 4S.

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iPhone Controlled Aquabotix Hydroview Robot Submarine, Can Dive Down 150ft

There are plenty of remote controlled cars and helicopter style flying devices available, which can be controlled by your iOS device. Some of which we have featured here on Geeky Gadgets.

But this new Aquabotix Hydroview robot submarine brings a whole new dimension to iOS remote control, and allows you to explore the deep. The Aquabotix Hydroview robot submarine is a light weight underwater vehicle that is equipped with a high definition camera and LED lights.

Aquabotix Hydroview Robot Submarine

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Apple Removes Subscription Gaming App Form App Store

Yesterday we heard that subscription based gaming was coming to Apple’s App Store, Big Fish Games yesterday announced a subscription based gaming application that would give users access to a range of games for a $4.99 monthly fee.

The application has apparently been available in the app store since the 18th of November, but people were unable to sign up to the subcription until yesterday, and now in a somewhat strange move apple has removed the application from the app store.

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Apple Investing Heavily In iCloud?

Apple’s iCloud service launched with Apple’s iOS 5, the service replaces Apple’s MobileMe service and it is designed to be used with the new iPhone 4S and Apple’s iOS 5 devices.

The iCloud service certainly isn’t finished, and there are number of features that we would like Apple to add to the service, which would improve it, we recently heard that Apple may be planning to add a DropBox style feature to iCloud.

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Apple To Offer iOS Subscription Gaming?

Gaming is extremely popular on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and now it looks like Apple is about to bring a new type of Gaming to their iOS devices, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

Apple is reported to be bringing subscription gaming to its range of iOS devices, which would see gamers paying Apple and the developers a monthly fee to play certain games on their device.

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