Apple Wins ‘Slide To Unlock’ Patent Case Against Motorola In Germany

Apple has won its first patent case against the now Google owned Motorola, the ruling by a German court could have a number of implications not just for Motorola but also for Google’s Android OS, and a number of Android device manufacturers.

Motorola has said they will appeal the decision, although in the interim they will have to change existing devices which infringe on the Apple patent in Germany.

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Apple Gatekeeper Coming In OS X Mountain Lion

Apple announced the latest version of OS X earlier today, and one of the new features in OS X Mountain Lion is called Gatekeeper, which is basically Apple’s attempt to take on malware with a new digital signing system for applications which have been downloaded outside of Apple’s Mac App Store.

Gatekeeper will introduce something called Developer ID, which is a new certification program for OS X developers, and it is of course optional but the majority of developers who distribute Mac apps outside of Apple’s Mac App Store will probably adopt it.

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Apple iMessage Mac App Beta Rolls Out, Providing Early Taste Of Mac OS X Mountain Lion

As well as rolling out a developer preview of their new Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system. Apple has also made available to the general public running Mac OS X Lion, a beta version of their new Messages application.

The Messages app has been created by Apple to replace its existing iChat application, and provides you with a glimpse one of the new apps that will be bundled with the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion software, when it’s officially released.


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OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 Developer Preview Released By Apple

Apple has today released a developer preview of its new Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system. Enabling us to see what Apple has in store for Mac users in the next version of their Mac OS X.

The preview comes around seven months after Apple launched the final version of its Mac OS X Lion last year. The Mountain Lion version carries on the theme that Apple started within Mac OS X Lion and brings Apple’s iOS devices and Mac systems even closer together.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Apple Releases Statement On iPad Trademark Dispute in China

Over the last few weeks we have been hearing more and more about the legal case going on between Apple and Proview in China, Proview is the company who originally owned the trademark for the iPad in a number of different countries.

Proview sold the trademark to Apple a few year ago, although the company is now claiming that this did not include ownership of the trademark in China.

iPad 2

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Aqua Tek S Ultra Rugged, Waterproof Solar Powered iPhone Case (video)

If you are looking to take your iPhone into some hard environments, it might be worth your while equipping your smartphone with the ultra rugged Aqua Tek S iPhone case.

The Aqua Tek S has been designed to provide your iPhone with the best possible protection, from wherever or whatever you might throw at it. The rugged case has been developed by Snow Lizard Products and the Aqua Tek S is the first ever battery powered, solar charged, rugged under water iPhone 4/4S case made with technology enthusiast and adrenaline junkies in mind. Watch the video after the jump to see the Aqua Tek S in more detail.

Aqua Tek S

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LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series Storage Now Available

LaCie has today started shipping their new LaCie 2big Thunderbolt storage solutions with the 4TB LaCie costing $650, and the larger 6TB costing a hefty $800. Originally announced during CES 2012 back in January, the LaCie 2big offer speeds up to 327MB/s, together with hot-swappable disks, RAID security, and of course the ability to daisy chain them together using the new Thunderbolt ports.

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series

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iPad 2 Removed From Amazon China

It looks like things could be heating up in the case between Proview and Apple, as it would appear that the iPad 2 has been removed from Amazon China, and the device is no longer on sale on Amazon in the country.

It isn’t clear as yet whether the removal of the iPad 2 from Amazon China is a result of a court ruling, or whether some other legal move has been used by Proview to have the device removed from Amazon in the country.

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Sound Cover iPad NXT Speaker Case (video)

Sound Cover is a new ultra-thin iPad case which has been fitted with integrated NXT speakers, designed to boost your iPad’s volume by up to 300%, using flat stereo speakers.

The new Sound Cover has been developed and created by Petur Hannes Olafsson, who is currently looking for investors to raise $25,000 on the Kickstarter website, to help make the Sound Cover a reality. Watch the video after the jump for a run through of the Sound Cover’s features and benefits.

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Apple Working On New Mac Pro With NVIDIA Graphics?

Apple’s Mac Pro is certainly due an upgrade, Apple last launched a new Mac Pro back in 2010, and since then we have heard a number of rumors that Apple are working on a new model.

The latest news comes from the guys over at Mic Gadget, who have received some information from a new Mac Pro from an anonymous source, and the new Mac Pro’s will apparently come with Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge chipset.

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Google+ For iOS Gets Updated

Google has released a new version of their Google+ application for Apple’s iOS devices, and the app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 and above.

The new Google+ iPhone app brings a range of new features to Apple’s iOS devices, which include the ability to so who has +1’d a post, a new what’s hot stream, plus a new instant upload feature for photos.

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