Dark Meadow Going Free On iOS And Android Devices (video)

Phosphor Games’ have announced this week that they will be re-launching their Dark Meadow game as a free title from next week. Allowing gamers to enjoy the atmospheric game without any outlay.

However if you want to play the entire game there will be an “exclusive upgrade” fee to fully unlock it, of $5.99. At GDC 2012 Chip Sineni explained to Joystiq that the reason behind the price shift was because “We just want to get the game in as many hands as possible,”. Watch the trailer after the jump to see it in action.

Dark Meadow

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Apple Releases iPad 3 iSight Camera Sample Photos

Apple’s new iPad, or the iPad 3 comes with a 5 megapixel camera that is capable of recording full high definition video in 1080p, and now Apple has released some photo samples which have been taken with the new iPad’s camera.

You can see a couple of the sample photos below, although they have been re-sized to fit the site, you can see the full resolution versions over at Apple at the link below.

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iPad 3 Features a 70 Percent Larger Battery Than iPad 2?

When Apple announced the new iPad 3, which comes with 4G LTE, they also announced that it would feature similar battery life to the iPad 2, although the 4G on the iPad 3 will use much more battery power than 3G on the iPad 2.

It looks like the iPad 3 features a battery which is 70 percent bigger than that of the iPad 2, which would explain why the device is capable of running for almost the same amount of time over 4G as the iPad 2 over 3G.

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UK iPad 3 Shipping Changed To 2 – 3 Weeks

It looks like Apple m,ay have sold out of its initial pre-orders of the iPad 3 for delivery on launch day, next Friday the 16th of March, as if you now orders an iPad 3 from Apple’s website here in the UK the shipping estimate has been changed to 2 – 3 weeks.

In the US there are still some models up for pre-order with a delivery date of the 16th of March, although some AT&T models are showing a date of the 19th of March as we mentioned yesterday.

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I Am Alive iOS Companion App Now Available To Download

The new free companion application for the I Am Alive game has just landed int he Apple iTunes app store, and is supported by the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Currently there is no information as to whether a similar application will be arriving on Android devices.

The I Am Alive companion app contains a number of maps together with exclusive hints from the games developers, to help you along the way in the main game. The main I Am Alive game will be arriving on Xbox Live tomorrow.

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OpenStreetMap Claims Apple’s iPhoto For iPad Uses Their Data

Along with the new iPad 3, Apple also announced iPhoto for the iPad and iOS devices, which features new mapping data which doesn’t come from Google.

When iPhoto was announced, everyone, myself included thought that the mapping data in iPhoto was provided by Apple’s own in house mapping solution, but now the OpenStreetMap is claiming that Apple is using their data for iPhoto

iPhoto iPad

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Angry Birds Space Gameplay Revealed (Video)

Rovio Mobile has been teasing the latest version of  their massively popular Angry Birds game for a while now, Angry Birds Space, which will launch on the 22nd of March.

Now we get our first look at what the gameplay will be link in Angry Birds Space, thanks to a new video which has just been released by Rovio Mobile, you can see in in action below.

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Apple Starting To Sell Out Of 4G iPads

Apple’s iPad 3 which comes with 4G LTE only went up for pre-order yesterday, and in less than twenty four hours it looks like some 4G LTE models of the iPad are already starting to sell out for launch date.

The guys over at the BGR noticed that some models of the 4G LTE iPad for AT&T have now had their shipping date change from the 16th of March, which is the official launch date of the iPad 3 to the 19th of March.

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Apple Launches Apple Configurator For Businesses And Schools

Apple has launched a new application called Apple Configurator which is designed to let organizations like schools and businesses manage multiple iOS devices at once.

The Apple Configurator will let you manage up to thirty different devices at once, including iPads, iPhone’s and the iPod Touch, and all devices can be updated to the same version of iOS at once.

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Samsung Compares iPad 3 vs Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly the best of friends, the two companies are battling it out in multiple lawsuits around the world, yesterday Apple announced the new iPad 3 and now Samsung has sent out a comparison of the new iPad 3 vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The chart below was provided by Samsung, and Samsung has designed it to point out the differences between their new Galaxy Note 10.1 and Apple’s new iPad 3.

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Grove Unveils New iPad Cases

Following on from the announcement of the new iPad by Apple last night. Grove Designs haste wasted no time launched their new range of cases designed specifically for the new iPad. The main reason why Grove can start shipping and launching its new iPad cases so quickly is to to the manufacturing process being on site and not off in some distant land.


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