Sparrow 1.2 Update Rolls Out, Apple Refuses Push Support

Sparrow has today rolled out a new update to their awesome mail application for iPhone, taking it to release Sparrow 1.2. Unfortunately for those of you waiting for Push mail to be added to the app, this update doesn’t include this feature. As apparently Apple will not make any exceptions despite the strong demand for the feature.

Sparrow Mail

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Apple Changes iPad WiFi+ 4G Name To iPad WiFi + Cellular

When Apple launched their new iPad the device was advertised as having 4G, even in countries were 4G was not available or where Apple’s iPad was not compatible with those countries 4G networks.

Apple has come under scrutiny for regulators in a number of countries which include Australia and the UK, and now it would appear that Apple has decided to stop adverting the new iPad as having 4G in certain countries.

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Apple Considering Buying German TV Maker Loewe (Rumor)

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Apple are working on their own HDTV, and now according to a recent report by Apple Insider, Apple are apparently considering purchasing German TV manufacturer Loewe.

According to the Apple is rumored to be offering $112 million for Loewe, which is slightly more that the companies latest closing price, and Loewe has been making TVs since 1923.

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2012 MacBook Pro And iMac Appear In Benchmarks

Apple are expected to release their new 2012 MacBook Pro and also a new range of iMacs some time over the next couple of months, we have yet to have any official announcement from Apple on this years new iMac and MacBook Pro range.

Now some benchmarks have been discovered which appear to be for the new 2012 MacBook Pro and also the new iMac, the MacBook Pro was apparently listed with an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM quad core processor clocked at 2.7 GHz, with the reference of MacBookPro9,1.

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First pictures of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

We already knew that Ashton Kutcher was slated to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie, but until now we haven’t seen any images of Kutcher as Steve Jobs. Now Kutcher has been spotted wearing a costume similar to Steve Jobs’ signature “Apple uniform” walking around LA, according to TMZ.
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Apple To Drop Google Maps In iOS 6

We have been hearing a rumor for a while that Apple intends to replace Google Maps in a future version of its iOS software, and now according to a recent report Apple may drop Google Maps in iOS 6.

The new comes from the guys over at 9 to 5 Mac who have apparently been told that Apple will use their own in house maps in iOS 6 instead of the current Google Maps.

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Apple TV Gets 5.0.1 Software Update

Apple has released a new software update for its Apple TV devices, the update applies to the second and third generation Apple TVs, and it is software version 5.0.1.

The apple TV 5.0.1 update brings a range of bug fixes as well as some performance enhancements, which include the ability to preview movies and TV shows in HD, Apple has also fixed an issue which was causing come apps to have difficulty connecting to the Apple TV when using AirPlay.

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Proview Rejects $16 Million iPad Settelement From Apple

We heard the other day that Apple has offered Proview a settlement in their iPad trademark case in China, and now it would appear that the offer made to Proview has been rejected.

According to a recent report, Apple have offered Proview a settlement which is worth around $16 million  for the rights to the iPad trademark in China, but it looks like Proview has decided not to accept it.

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