Samsung Plans To Block The iPhone 5 In Korea

Apple and Samsung are suing each other in about 20 different court cases at the moment, in various countries around the world, and now it would appear that Samsung intends to take legal action against Apple in Korea when Apple releases the next generation iPhone.

According to the Korea Times, who has apparently received the information from a Samsung executive, Samsung will be seeking a complete ban on sales of the iPhone 5 in Korea.

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White iPhone 4S Appears In AT&T Inventory?

We are expecting Apple to officially announce the new iPhone 5 some time this month, but there have also been rumors of another new iPhone coming from Apple this year which is expected to be a cheaper model, the iPhone 4S.

The guys over at Engadget have got their hands on a screenshot of AT&T’s internal inventory system, and it shows something interesting, a white iPhone 4S, listed as ‘iPhone 4S White’.

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Wooden iPhone And iPad Docking Station

We have featured a few different wooden docks for the iPhone and iPad here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is designed to let you sync and charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time.

This fun iPad and iPhone docking station has been handmade from cedar and it works with the iPhone, iPad as well as the majority of iPod’s.

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Batman : Arkham Asylum Game Coming To Mac (video)

If you haven’t already played the ground breaking game Batman : Arkham Asylum or would like to play it on your Mac. You will be pleased to know that port developer Feral Interactive has this week announced that the original Batman : Arkham Asylum game will be arriving on Mac machines on October 13th.

View the original official release trailer that was released back in 2009 after the break to refresh your memory on why this game is great addition to your games collection.

Batman : Arkham Asylum

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Windows 8 Tablet vs iPad Running iOS 5 (Video)

We have already seen Windows 8 running on a number of different tablets, and now the guys over at Winrumors have put together a video comparing Windows 8 running on a tablet to iOS 5 running on the Apple iPad.

The video below shows a wide range of functions running on each device and compared side to side, which gives us a good idea on how Windows 8 for tablets compares to iOS 5.

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Apple To Let Users Combine iTunes Accounts With iCloud?

When Apple launched their MobileMe service, there was one major problem with it if you already had an iTunes account, you would not be able to use your MobileMe ID with your iTunes account, as MobileMe came with its own iTunes account built in.

This became a problem for many, myself included, who ended up having two separate Apple IDs, one for MobileMe and one for iTunes, and with the introduction of more services like FaceTime, the Mac App Store and more many people now have multiple IDsnow it looks like Apple may be about to solve the problem for Apple’s new  iCloud.

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Apple’s A6 And A7 Processors To Be Produced By TSMC?

We heard back in June a rumor that Apple was moving away its processor production from Samsung, and the company tipped to get the contract was the Taiwan Seminconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

We reported back in June that the next generation of Apple processors for the iPhone and iPad, the A6 would be produced by TSMC, and now according to a recent report Apple and TSMC have now signed a deal for the production of the processors.

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iPhone 5 Design Leaked By Case-Mate?

We have been hearing rumors over the last couple of months that the iPhone 5 will come with a larger display and will feature a slimmer design.

There have also been rumors that Apple will get rid of the glass back on the iPhone 5, we have seen a number of supposed cases from Chinese manufacturers, but now Case-Mate has posted some pictures of some new iPhone 5 cases on their website, the page has now been removed.

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Yamaha Restio iPod Docks Announced

Yamaha has announced a new range of iPod docks, called the Yamaha Restio, and as you can see from the photos they look very stylish when compared to some of the previous iPod docks we have seen.

The Yamaha Restio iPod Dock will also come with a slot loading CD player, an AM/FM tuner and a USB port so you can play your favourite tunes from a USB device.

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Mac OS X Skype 5.4 Beta Brings Facebook Integration

Today Skype has released a new beta version for Mac OS X Skype 5.4, which brings with it Facebook integration and features that are already been added to the Skype 5.5 Windows version.

The new update brings all the same features Windows users have been using including the ability to now IM and connect with your Facebook friends without leaving Skype. As well as allowing you to read and update your News Feed, as well as comment and ‘Like’ your Facebook friends’ posts directly from within Skype.

Skype Mac Beta

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Vocre iPhone App Enables Live iPhone-to-iPhone Voice Translation (video)

Vocre a new iPhone application launched this week enables live iPhone-to-iPhone voice translation. Simply install the applications and select the languages you need translated. Currently supported languages include: English, American English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The application uses Nuance’s speech recognition software to enable instant translation and requires an active Internet connection to function. Watch a promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

Vocre App

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JetStreamHD iPad Media Streamer Launched (video)

You might remember back in February this year we featured the JetStreamHD iPad Media Streamer that was under development. Well this week the JetStreamHD has now arrived in stores and is available to purchase for $199.

The JetStreamHD enables iPad users to instantly access and stream any video, song, or photo from their home network while out and about. Watch a promotional video of the new JetStreamHD iPad Media Streamer in action after the jump.


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