Proview Attempts To Take Worldwide Rights To iPad Name From Apple

We have been hearing quite a bit about the case between Proview and Apple over the iPad trademark in China over the last few weeks, and now Proview is attempting to take the worldwide rights for the iPad name from Apple.

Proview sold the rights to the iPad name to a company called  IP Application Development Limited,or IPAD which was basically a shell company used by Apple and their agents to purchase the trademark.

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Apple Launching Developer ID Certificate Scheme

Apple has this week started sending out emails to its Mac App Store Developers introducing a new Developer ID scheme its created. The new Developer ID scheme has been introduced for developers that don’t want to distribute their Mac applications on the Mac App Store, and provides them with a way to prove they are a trust source to Apple Mac owners looking to purchase their software.


Apple Developer ID

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Invoxia AudiOffice Speaker Dock Unveiled (video)

Following on from the success of their award winning Invoxia Smart Office Phone. Invoxia have unveiled a brand new product this week in the form of the AudiOffice, which has been specifically designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

The Invoxia AudiOffice speaker dock has been created to transform your iOS device into a fully functional communications station, for the use with applications such as Skype, FaceTime, Bria, Google talk or Viber. Watch the video after the jump to see the Invoxia AudiOffice speaker dock in action.

Invoxia AudiOffice Speaker Dock

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Vimeo 2.0 iOS App Update Brings iPad Support, FS Playback, Editing And More

Vimeo has rolled out a new update to its iOS application this week taking it to Vimeo 2.0. The update comes just under a year since the launch of the original iOS application, and brings with it a number of great new features for iOS owners.

The new Vimeo 2.0 brings with it support of Apple’s iPad with a specially tailor made iPad user interface, and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4.3 and above.

Vimeo 2.0

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Polycom RealPresence Mobile Launches For iPhone 4S

You might remember back in October last year when Polycom RealPresence was launched for tablets and allowed users to connect with up to 16 other callers at the same time.

Now Polycom has launched a new solution for smartphones rolling out Polycom RealPresence Mobile. Which is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store for the iPhone 4S.

Polycom RealPresence Mobile has been created to provide a similar experience to that of the iPad application. Polycom account holders will now be able to benefit from face-to-face video conferencing with up to 16 other callers directly from your iPhone 4s.

Polycom RealPresence Mobile

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BeatBlaster iPad App Transforms Your Tablet Into A Hi-Fi Sound System (video)

A new iPad application has been created that enables you to transform your Apple tablet in too a fully blown Hi-Fi music system. The BeatBlaster application includes a number of great features including a player which allows you to control all your audio. Enabling you to switch from iPod to radio mode, adapt the volume, seek, adjust the equaliser, read lyrics or view artist details. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Apple Acquires Chomp, An App Search Company

Apple has acquired Chomp, and application search discovery platform, and it looks like Apple could have some big plans for the service, as it would appear the team behind Chomp will now be working at Apple.

According to TechCrunch, Chomp is also used to power Verizon’s Android based application searches, and whilst the current deal will remain in place, we suspect Verizon will have to look elsewhere in the future.

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Proview Suing Apple In US Over iPad Trademark

Yesterday we heard that the case between Proview and Apple was put on hold in a court in Shanghai, after the court ruled that the case wouldn’t go ahead until the case in the high court in China is heard.

Now it would appear that Proview has decided to take its case against Apple to the US, the company has now filed a case against Apple in the Superior Court in the state of California.

Apple iPad

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iPocket Watch, Nano Multitouch Pocket Watch

We have featured a multitude of designs here on Geeky Gadgets which have been created to transform Apple’s iPod nano device into a watch that you can wear on your wrist.

However this new iPocket Watch design created by Edwin Conan provides an innovative solution for carrying your iPod nano, not on your wrist, but in your pocket, using the iPocket Watch concept.

iPocket Watch

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Panasonic Apple AirPlay Speaker Uses Nano Bamboo Technology

Panasonic has added a new Apple Airplay speaker to their range this week in the form of the Panasonic SC-AP01 which is equipped with Nano Bamboo Technology.

The ultra thin Airplay speaker measures just 59mm thick, and 430 x 128mm long and wide. The Nano Bamboo Technology used in the new Panasonic SC-AP01 utilises bamboo fibers to create high quality sound from renewable materials.

Panasonic SC-AP01

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