iPhone Camera+ App Gets VolumeSnap Function Back

Some of our readers will remember the Camera+ app for the iPhone, the developers released it last year with a hidden function, the ability to take photos with the volume button, and Apple quickly removed the app from the app store.

Twelve months on, Apple now has this function on the built in camera app on the iPhone, and it looks like they are now allowing the Camera+ app to have this function as well, as a new version has been released with the VolumeSnap function.

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J5Create Wormhole Cable Connects PC, Mac, iOS And Android Devices Via USB

J5Create have announced a new update to their Wormhole range of connection cables with the launch of the new Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 200. The updated cable now allows you to share your peripherals across devices and even allows you to drag and drop files across PC and Android systems via a USB-to-USB connection.

If you would like to also transfer files via drag-and-drop to Mac systems as well then the Wormhole Keyboard/MouseSwitch JUC 400 will be the cable for you. Allowing you to then connect PC-to-Mac as well as PC-to-iPad for file sharing.



J5Create Wormhole

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Apple Working On iOS 5.0.2 To Fix iPhone 4S Battery Issues?

Apple recently released iOS 5.0.1, an update which was supposed to fix the battery issues that users of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 have been experiencing, although many users reported that they still had problems after the update.

According to a recent report, Apple is working on iOS 5.0.2, and the main focus of the update is to fix the ongoing battery problems for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S owners.

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Gmail For iPhone, iPad And iPod Returns To Apple Store

Google released their first official Gmail app for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad a few weeks ago, after a few hours Google pulled the app from the iTunes app store as many users reported problems with the app.

It looks like Google has fixed the various bugs with the Gmail app for iOS devices, as it is now back in the iTunes app store, and Google has explained what the problems were.

Gmail iPhone App

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Readability iOS Apps Arriving Soon

Today Readability has announced that its new iOS applications are currently in the process of being approved by Apple and should be landing in the Apple App Store very soon. Readability offers a similar service to Instapaper. Allowing you to view clean uncluttered layouts of your favourite articles and save them for reading at a later date.

Readability has been around for some time and is already supported by dozens of popular desktop and mobile apps including Reeder RSS reader, Twitter clients Echofon, Ubersoscial and Tweetbot to name just a few.

Readability iOS Apps

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Tunefolio Leather iPhone 4S Case

If you are looking for something a little different to house your shiny new iPhone 4S in, then you may want to check out the Tunefolio leather case for the iPhone 4S, which can also be used as a stand for watching movies and surfing the web with your iPhone 4S.

Tunefolio Leather iPhone 4S Case

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Amazon Kinde Fire vs iPad 2 (Video)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which runs Google’s Android OS went on sale yesterday, and whilst the $199 Kindle Fire isn’t designed to be a direct competitor for Apple’s massively popular iPad, it will be interesting to see how the two devices compare.

The guys over at the iDownloadBlog put together the following video which compares on number of things on the two devices, which include web browsing, boot up times and Netflix streaming.

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ExtremeMac Tango Bar Speaker

If you think the speakers included with your Apple iMac or Apple Cinema Display could do with a little extra power behind them. You might be interested in the new 22 inch long speaker launched by XtremeMac called the Tango Bar. Which uses a single USB connection for both power and audio.

The XtremeMac Tango Bar has been designed to sit neatly just underneath your iMac screen or Cinema Display and is equipped with a 6 speaker configuration consisting of dual dome tweeters midrange/bass drivers and passive radiators, providing you with 10 W of amplified sound.

ExtremeMac Tango Bar

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Samsung And Apple To Battle It Out In Australian Court In March 2012

There are more than twenty different court cases taking place around the world between Samsung and Apple, with both companies trying to get the others products banned in various countries.

Apple has already managed to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Australia, and Samsung has been trying over the last few weeks to have the new Apple iPhone 4S banned in Australia.

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Steve Jobs Wanted To Replace Mobile Carriers

You would think that the late Steve Jobs would have been happy with the various mobile carriers, considering how much money they have made for Apple selling various versions of the iPhone over the last four years.

According to John Stanton, who spent a fair amount of time with Steve Jobs between 2005 and 2007, Jobs wanted to replace the mobile carriers, and had the idea of creating a synthetic carrier using WiFi.

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