Final Cut Pro X Receives First Major Update

Apple has today released its first major update to its Final Cut Pro X video editing software which when released cause a storm or criticism from professional video editors and production teams.

The new update version 10.0.1 brings with it a number of requested features, including support for full XML import/export of both project and event information, intelligent stem export for both video and audio files using a new feature called Roles. Together with Xsan integration, enabling editors in different locations to work with the same files, events, and projects.

Final Cut Pro X

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Lock Screen 2 App Brings iOS Locking To Your Mac (video)

If you would like to bring a slightly different method of locking your Mac system, especially after the recent security issue enabling any user to be able to change your login password in OS X Lion.

A great application called Lock Screen 2 is available from the Mac App Store that brings a little iOS magic to your lock screen by adding a slider which can be locked using passpatterns. Watch the video after the break to see how it works and if it can help you secure you Mac system a little easier.

Lock Screen 2

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OS X Lion Security Flaw Allows Anyone To Change Your Login Password

A worrying security flaw in Apple’s new OS X Lion operating system has been discovered that will allow anyone to change your login password. The OS X Lion security flaw allows any user on the system to modify the passwords of other local accounts very easily by accessing a systems directory.

In OS X Lion, user passwords are encrypted and then are stored in files called “shadow files” which are placed in secure locations on the drive. Based on system permissions, the contents of these files can then only be accessed and modified by the user, or by an administrators after they have provided authentication.

OS X Lion

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Samsung Looking To Ban iPhone 5 in Europe?

Samsung and Apple are in the middle of around 20 different court cases, with each company alleging that the other has infringed on their patents, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 shortly, and we recently heard that Samsung are looking to get the device banned in Korea.

Now it would appear that Korea is not the only place that Samsung wants the iPhone banned, according to a recent report, Samsung are also looking to get the new iPhone banned in Europe.

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EvoCam 4 Unveiled, Re-Engineered to Support HTML5

Evological has this week unveiled their new re-engineered webcam software EvoCam 4 which now comes with HTML 5 support. If you have not come across EvoCam before its a industry-standard H.264 video and AAC audio streaming app with support for both RTSP over HTTP and HTTP Live Streaming now using HTML5.

In its latest release EvoCam 4 its been redesigned and reengineered from the ground up as a Cocoa application, and its creators Evological say EvoCam 4 will set the new standard for the ultimate webcam software.


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iTattoo Snap iPhone 4 Cases

If you are looking for a new iPhone 4 the new iTattoo Snap Case range might well be worth a look. As well as protecting to your iPhone and providing it with scratch resistance. The new range also playfully include a number of different designs incorporating the iPhone 4′s Apple logo as shown in the image below.

iTattoo Snap Case

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Is This Another iPhone 5 Case?

Last week we saw some cases from Case Mate which were reported to be for the new iPhone 5, and now another supposed iPhone case has appeared online, this one was posted on gdgt.

According to the post accompanying the pictures the dimension of the iPhone 5 will measure 11cm tall by 5.5cm wide, by .8cm thin which then tapers down to .6cm.

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Klip Announces iOS 1 Minute Video Sharing App (video)

New start-up Klip has today announced the launch of its new iOS video sharing application. Which has been designed to provide you with easy sharing and access to videos from friends and family directly from your iOS device.

Klips are 1 minute (or less) mobile videos and using Klip you can capture and store videos of unlimited length on your device with unlimited uploads. Within Klip there is an easy to use video clip editor which allows you to cut out the best parts of longer videos for upload. Watch a video showing Klip in action after the jump.


Klip iOS video sharing app

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iTwin Secure Networking USB Dongle Now Supports Mac OS X

You might remember the iTwin device which created a secure network between your devices enabling you to easily share documents between 2 PCs by simply inserting one half of the iTwin dongle into each PC even while one device maybe at home or in your office.

Well this week iTwin have now announced the release of a Mac version which will allow you to connect either two Mac computers together or two PCs or even a Mac and a PC together. iTwin creates a secure connection between the 2 computers enabling you to access your entire hard drive as if you were carrying an access key to audio files. Your remote data can only be accessed if you have the physical iTwin with you and passwords can be added to secure your data further if required.

iTwin Mac

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Skype iOS App Vulnerability Allows Attackers To Snatch Your Address Book (video)

A new Skype vulnerability has been revealed in the iOS Skype software version 3.0.1 and earlier, which can allow attackers to execute malicious JavaScript code enabling them to snatch your address book.

The Skype vulnerability was discovered AppSec Consulting security researcher Phil Purviance who also made the video and was reported to Skype newly in month ago but Skype has still yet to roll out a fix. Watch a video after the jump to see how Skype iOS applications are vulnerability to the attack.

XSS Skype

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OS X Lion Ultimatum iPhone Theme Looks Awesome (Video)

If you happen to have a jailbroken your iPhone, then you may want to check out this new theme called OS X Lion Ultimatum, which is designed to give your iPhone the look and feel of  OS X Lion.

The video below shows the them in action, and as you can see it gives your iPhone the look of the Mac desktop, and as you can see from the video it gives you the OS X Lion menus, finder functions, stacks, launchpad and much more.

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More iPhone 4S Photos Appear Online

Yesterday we showed you a photo of what was reported to be the insides of a new iPhone 4S, which Apple is rumored to be launching as a cheaper iPhone alongside the new iPhone 5.

Now the guys over at Mac Rumors have got their hands on some more photos, which you can see below, and the second photo shows the iPhone 4S turned on whilst it is only partly assembled.

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