Infinity Blade II Hits The iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

One of the coolest games on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been Infinity Blade, and now the second game is the series is here Infinity Blade II, and it looks even better than the original game.

The graphics on Infinity Blade II is amazing, and it looks really good on the new iPhone 4S and iPad 2, but also looks very good on older devices, it is available for any IOS device running iOS 3.2 and above.

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Apple iOS 5.1 Beta Still Doesn’t Fix Battery Drain

Early reports are beginning to filter through from a few users of Apple’s iOS 5.1 beta. Reporting that the new iOS 5.1 software still doesn’t address the battery drain issue, some iPhone 4S users are experiencing.

Apple has already rolled out a couple of updates to its iOS software, which have included tweaks to try and solve the issues. But after rolling these out in 5.0.1, users still complained that the problem remained.

iPhone Battery

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Apple Disables Quick Setting Shortcuts In iOS 5.1

There are a number of applications available in the iOS iTunes App Store, that will allow iPhone and iOS device owners to create quick shortcuts to setting from their homepages . Some of which we have already featured here on Geeky gadgets such as IconProject and SBSettings.¬†Unfortunately for users of these handy applications, Apple has now seen fit to disable their ability to create shortcuts in Apple’s new iOS 5.1 software.

Apple Shortcuts

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TouchPad Brings Siri Dictation To Your Mac (Video)

TouchPad is a VNC remote control app for iOS devices, and the app has just been updated, the latest version will let you use Apple’s Siri to dictate notes on your Mac or PC, and it will work with an iPhone 4S, and a Mac, plus it will also work with a PC running Windows or Linux.

The video below was put together by Jeff Benjamin from the iDownloadblog, and as you can see from the video the app works pretty well.

TouchPad Brings Siri Dictation To Your Mac (Video)

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Apple Wants New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Banned In Germany

We heard this morning that the ban on the Australian Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been lifted, and now it looks like Apple is trying to ban the new revised Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany.

A German court ruled a while back that the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 violated Apple’s patents, so Samsung changed the design, and released the tablet in Germany as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, the photo top below shows the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N and the bottom photo shows the original Galaxy Tab 10.1.

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Microsoft Launch Windows Phone 7 Demo For iOS And Android Devices

In an attempt to show iOS and Android smartphone users what they are missing. Microsoft has this week launched a new Windows Phone 7 demonstration which can be run on competing smart phones.

If you own either an Android or Apple smartphone, and are interested to see what Microsoft has created with their Windows Phone 7.5 Mango platform. You can now try it out on your smartphone without the need to install anything.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Demo

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri Works With Your Cars Bluetooth (Video)

Here is something we didn’t know about Siri on the iPhone 4S, Siri will work with your Bluetooth in your car and can be used to set reminders, and basically anything you can normally do with Siri through your cars hands-free kit.

The video below shows Siri in action with a bluetooth hands-free kit in a car, and the guys from Autoblog tested it out with a number of different hands free systems.

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iTether App Removed From Apple App Store

Well that didn’t last long, yesterday we reported on a tethering application for the iPhone that had turned up in the iTunes App store, called iTether, and now Apple has removed the application form the app store.

The developers of the application, Tether, were contacted by Apple yesterday and told that the application would be removed from the app store, and Apple told them that the application would be a burden to the carrier networks.

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iLIDmk-1 iPhone Wallet Case (Video)

The iLIDmk-1 is a case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and it was designed by Darren Inglis and a few of his mates from Melbourne Australia, and according to Darren, the iLIDmk-1 is the worlds thinnest iPhone wallet.

As well as protecting your iPhone, the iLIDmk-1 also doubles up as a wallet and it has room to store your money, credit cards, keys, and even a memory card, and thats not all the case can also be used as a stand for your iPhone.

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Microsoft Office Coming To The iPad?

According to a recent report, Microsoft is working on a version of Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad, in an attempt to take on Apple’s own Numbers, Pages and Keynote apps, and each app is expected to retail for around $10.

There are no details as yet on which applications Microsoft are working on for the iPad, although it will probably be applications like Excel, Powerpoint and Word.

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