iPad 3 Casing Reveals Larger Battery, New Camera

We are expecting to get some sort of official announcement on the new iPad 3 from Apple some time next month, and now a reported iPad 3 casing has appear online, and if it is real it would mean there will be some significant changes in the new iPad 3.

As you can see from the photo below, the casing features different mounts for the logic board, which would mean that the new iPad 3 would feature a completely new logic board with a different shape and design over the previous versions.

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Retro Apple iPhone Cases

If you are searching for a more retro looking iPhone case to protect your Apple smartphone then these retro cases showing the Apple styles of a bygone era might well be worth more investigation.

The line of retro iPhone cases has been created by Schreer Delights and reference Apple’s design history, printing visual elements from the original Mac, the original iMac and the original iPod directly onto the case.

Apple Retro iPhone Cases

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Apple’s Siri Makes Up 25 Percent Of Wolfram Alpha Searches

Apple’s Siri was launched with the iPhone 4S last October, and it looks like Siri now makes up around 25 percent of all the searches performed on Wolfram Alpha.

When you ask Siri a question, depending on what type of question you ask it, many of the answers will come from Wolfram Alpha, if you ask Siri the time, you will get an answer direct from Siri, but if you ask it a more complex question then Wolfram Alpha will provide the answer.

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Apple Could End Up Paying $38 Million For Using iPad Name In China

The trademark for the name ‘iPad’ in China isn’t owned by Apple, and the company is currently engaged in a lawsuit with Proview, who own the trademark in China.

Proview sold a number of ‘iPad’ trademarks to Apple in other countries, although they maintain that they never sold the iPad trademark to Apple in China, and it could end up costing Apple around $38 million.

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Apple Were Considering ARM Processors For Macs

There have been rumors before that Apple may be switching their processors from Intel to ARM, and now we have some confirmation that Apple has at least considered the move.

The news comes from an intern who interned at Apple back in 2010 and is now an Apple employee, the intern worked for twelve weeks to get OS X working with ARM processors.

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Motorola Wants 2.5 Percent Of Apple Sales For Patent License

Motorola and Apple are currently involved in a court case in Germany which saw Apple remove its 3G enabled devices from sale on Friday for a short period, the device in question which included the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 3G went back on sale after Apple managed to appeal the injunction.

Now some details have been revealed by Foss Patents, on what Motorola wants from Apple in order to license the patents in question to them, 2.25 percent of Apple sales.


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Apple’s HDTV Being Tested By Rogers And BCE?

According to the Globe and Mail, two companies already have Apple’s new HDTV in their labs, and are testing out the devices, the companies in question are Canada’s Rogers Communications and BCE Inc.

The report says that the HDTV has some of the features we have previously heard rumored, Apple’s Siri and hands gestures are apparently used to control the device.

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Best Buy Customer Survey Asks Users about Apple HDTV

It is been a while since I’ve heard any new rumors about the Apple TV set. So far, I’ve heard the TV set called the Apple TV, iTV, and now Apple HDTV. Best Buy is apparently running some sort customer survey on their website asking people questions about the Apple HDTV. I wouldn’t think they have any insider information, even though the survey gives up some details.

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Apple Removes Fake Apps From The App Store

Apple has removed a number of fake applications from the App Store, the apps in question were from a developer called Anton Sinelikov, and they were basically copies of popular applications.

There were a total of nine fake applications from the developer removed from the app store, with names like Temple Jump, Tiny Birds and Numbers with friends which were basically copies of Temple Run, Tiny Wings and Words with Friends.

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Apple’s iOS 5 Split iPad Keyboard Contains Six Hidden Keys (video)

iPads owners who have updated to the latest iOS 5 might already be using the new split keyboard feature that was included in the update. However Apple has included a few phantom keys to help you increase your typing speed and comfort, which you may not be aware of.

If you find the split iPad keyboard a little awkward you may not be using the phantom keys that are available on both sides to seamlessly join the halves together and allow you to type the later you prefer with either hand.

iPad Split Keyboard Hidden Keys

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