iCelsius Pro iOS Digital Thermometer

If you are looking for a gadget to track temperature using your iOS device, then the iCelsius is definitely worth more investigation. The iCelsius Pro thermometer probe has been designed to plug into the bottom of your iOS device and converts your Apple, iPhone, iPod or iPad into a digital thermometer.

It comes complete with its own iOS application which can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes app store, and is used to read temperatures, create graphs, set up alerts and store or email data.

iCelsius Pro iOS Digital Thermometer

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iPad 3 Event Scheduled For March 7th?

We have been hearing rumors over the last few weeks that Apple would be launching the iPad 3 in March, we recently found out that iOS 5.1, which contains references to the iPad 3 would launch around the 9th of March.

Apple has in the past revealed their iPad on a Wednesday, and it looks like this year will be no exception, as the rumored event date for the iPad 3 is Wednesday the 7th of March.

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ION Jukebox iPad Speaker Dock

If you are looking for a more retro styled iPad dock, you might be interested in the table top Jukebox iPad Dock launched by ION this week. The ION Jukebox iPad Dock features stereo speakers and a universal dock for either iPad or iPad 2 tablets. Charging your iPad as you listen to music using your favourite Jukebox iOS application. The retro look of the ION Jukebox iPad Dock is finished with glowing neon trim to create that authentic jukebox effect even on this smaller scaled down version.


ION Jukebox Dock

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Apple TV 3 Coming Next Month?

We have been hearing lots of rumors that Apple would be launching a new HDTV this year, and now it would appear that they also intend to launch a new version of their Apple TV set top box.

According to the guys from 9 to 5 Mac, references to a new Apple TV 3, which is codenamed J33 and Apple TV 3,1 have been discovered in iOS 5.1, and it may feature Apple’s new A6 processor.

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New 15 And 17 Inch Ultra Thin MacBook Pros In The Works?

We have been hearing rumors over the last few months that Apple may decide to change the design of their MacBook Pro range to a new ultra thin form factor similar to that of the MacBook Air.

Now the rumors have started to surface again, that Apple will update its MacBook Pro range with a new ultra thin design, and integrated solid state drives like the MacBook Air.

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ITV Tells Apple Not To Use iTV Brand For Apple HDTV

We know Apple is working on a new HDTV, which many have named as the iTV, although if this turns out to be the actual name of the device it could spell trouble for Apple.

The brand name for ITV is used by UK broadcaster ITV, and apparently ITV have now written to Apple asking them not to use the iTV brand name for their new HDTV.

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aTV Flash Update For Jailbroken Apple TVs Adds New Playback Options And Auto Backups

Firecore the developers and creators of the aTV Flash Apple TV software package that can be installed on jailbroken Apple TV devices, and supercharges it features. Has this week rolled out a new up bringing with it automatic firmware backup options, as well as an extensive list on new features and tweaks. Other new features in the update have enabled more language support, extra remote commands, and added support for embedded DVD chapters to name just a few.

aTV Flash Firecore

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Spotify iPhone App Gets Updated

Spotify has released a new version of their Spotify iPhone app, and the new version of the application comes with a number of new features and enhancements.

One of the new features in the latest version of the Spotify iPhone app is the ability to stream music in an ‘extreme’ quality mode, which brings 320kbps music to your iPhone.

Spotify iPhone App Gets Updated

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Apple Wants To Ban The Galaxy Nexus In The U.S.

Apple is not happy about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and it wants sales banned in the U.S. Why are they so mad that they want sales banned? They claim that it violates four Apple patents. The four patents are a “data tapping” patent, a patent involving Siri and unified search, a new slide-to-unlock patent, and a word-completion patent for touch-screen entry of text.
Galaxy Nexus
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Apple Promotes Mac iWork Security Schemes

Apple has been very inclined to enhancing security on the different data files of its Mac computers. A variety of choices were offered by Apple, such as the FileVault. This could encrypt whole disks in Lion or other OS X versions, not only that the FileVault encrypts whole disks, but also it encrypts data images which is able to secure data collection and other documents.

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Apple Finalizing Apps For iPad 3 Launch?

We are expecting Apple to launch the new iPad 3 some time in the first week or March, and the device is rumored to come with a high resolution display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

According to a recent report by the next web, Apple is in the process of selecting applications that will be used in the iPad 3 launch event to show off the tablets new display and its graphics capabilities.

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