Akitio Super S3 eSata USB 3.0, FireWire 800 Hard Drive Enclosure

Akitio have announced the addition of a new hard drive enclosure to its range in the form of the new Akitio Super S3 which will be arriving soon in stores an online direct from their website for around $150.

The Akitio Super S3 is equipped with and array of connection ports including eSata USB 3.0, 2 x FireWire 800, but unfortunately it doesn’t include a Thunderbolt port.

Akitio Super S3

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LaCie La Plug Transforms USB Drives Into Cloud Storage (video)

If you are looking for a way to share files, photographs and media with friends and family directly from your home network. LaCie has unveiled a new network bridge device called The LaCie LaPlug enables you to setup access to your files and media for users you permit giving them access from  their own browsers. Simply attach USB drives to the LaPlug device to convert them into cloud storage and then setup access rights for each user.

The LaCie LaPlug is also compatible with UPnP and DLNA compatible equipment, like game consoles such as the PS3 and Xbox 360 and even allows you to stream media and music to iTunes equipped systems. Watch a promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

LaCie LaPlug

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iFixit Dismantles Apple’s Thunderbolt Display

The iFixit team has been busy once again with their screwdrivers and have this time dismantled Apple’s new 27″ inch Thunderbolt display exposing its technology to the world.

For a recap the new Apple Thunderbolt Display is equipped with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio and is equipped with a FaceTime HD Camera with Microphone and 49 Watt 2.1 Speaker System. The main thing that has surprised iFixit and us is the sheer amount of technology that is packed into the Apple Display and the number of chips included. iFixit uses the technical term “oodles of chips”.

Apple Thunderbolt Display Teardown

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Air Voltage Wireless Induction iPad 2 Charger

A new Air Voltage Wireless induction charger for the iPad 2 has been unveiled in Japan by Hitachi Maxell, in co-operation with Murata. Which combines a charging jacket which fits on to your iPad 2 and a charging dock that enables you to charge your iPad 2 battery without the need to plug it in.

The Air Voltage case and dock use induction charging technology to provide your iPad 2 with 10W or power enabling you to charge your iPad 2 from flat to full in around 3 hours. Your iPad can either be positioned horizontally or vertically and can be used as its charged.


Air Voltage Wireless Induction iPad 2 Charger

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Belkin Emerge 024 iPad 2 Case Color Coordinates With Your Smart Cover

If you are a little worried that the back of your iPad 2 is exposed to bumps and knocks when using Apple’s Smart Cover. Belkin have launched a new case that will suit you perfectly and even allows you to color coordinate the back of your ipad 2 with the color of your Smart Cover.

The unique Emerge 024 design has a perforated pattern and comes with colored inserts allowing you to match your Smart Cover. The Emerge 024 case is constructed from polycarbonate and has a soft-touch finish.

Emerge 024 iPad 2 Case

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Harman Kardon Unveils High End $689 iOS Speaker Dock

Harman Kardon has unveiled a new addition to its line of iPhone/iPod speaker docks this week with the launch of their new MS 150. The new high end MS 150 speaker dock incorporates a slot-loaded CD player and an FM radio tuner and will retail for a suggested $689. Ouch!

So if your pockets are deep enough you can listen to 30-watt bass-reflex speakers which are fitted in the new MS 150, providing a frequency response of 65Hz-20kHz at +/-3dB and a 75dB signal-to-noise ratio. Together with a subwoofer output, allowing you to connect a powered subwoofer.


Harman Kardon MS 150

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RadTech Carbon Fiber, Kevlar And Aluminium Element iPhone 4 Cases

RaTech has unveiled a new line of high precision iPhone 4 case which have been constructed from carbon fiber, kevlar and aluminium. The three cases are the ION, Vapor Pro and Formula which have all been designed for Apple’s iPhone 4 smartphone and make up the Element case range.

The top of the line Vapour Pro iPhone 4 case pictured below, is constructed from aluminium and is the most rugged, light-weight and versatile iPhone case ever made, says RadTech. For the $150 price tag it should be. Its available in 8 colors, including 4 satin-finished chromatics.

Vapor iPhone-4 Case

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Griffin Secure iPad 2 TechSafe Case Unveiled

If you are looking for something a little more secure to house your iPad 2, which can then be securely attached to a fitting to stop over enthusiastic users walking of with it. The new TechSafe iPad 2 case unveiled by Griffin might be worth a look.

The Griffin TechSafe case has been designed to protect your iPad 2 from bumps and scratches, but also locks securely around your iPad 2 and provides a two secure anchor points which can be used with any desktop cable locking system.

TechSafe iPad2

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Speakal Announces iHog iPhone Speaker Dock

We have featured a number of different speaker docks for the iPhone and iPod here at Geeky Gadgets, the guys over at Speakal have announced their latest fun iPhone dock, the Speakal iHog.

The iHog is the follow up to the iPig which was launched a few years ago, and it will work with your iPhone and iPod touch and comes with a 20 watt sub-woofer.

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Apple To Discontinue iPod Classic And iPod Shuffle (Rumor)

Yesterday Apple confirmed the date for their iPhone 5 event, and it will take place next Tuesday the 4th of October, now it would appear that Apple may have something else to announce next week.

According to a recent report by TUAW, Apple may be about to kill off the iPod Classic and the iPod Shuffle, to focus its efforts on the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch.

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Nielsen Survey Finds Smartphone Market is moving towards Android

There are two main operating systems on the smartphone market today with Android and iOS. The move towards Android has been happening for a while now even though the iPhone is still the most popular single smartphone on the market. Nielsen has released the latest figures from a survey it conducted in August on the mobile market.

Arrows Z Android Phone

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