Nifty MiniDrive Adds Semi Permanent Storage To Your MacBook Air Or Pro

A new storage solution has been created to help you take advantage of your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro SD card slots, called the Nifty MiniDrive.

The Nifty MiniDrive has started its journey on the Kickstarter website and has been designed to create a semi-permanent storage solution that fits neatly into your MacBook’s SD card slot. Watch the video after the jump to see the Nifty MiniDrive’s creator take your through the concept.

Nifty MiniDrive

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Samsung And Apple Drop Additional Patent Claims Ahead Of Trial

Apple and Samsung are currently engaged in a major court case in the US, we recently saw a couple of Samsung’s product banned for sale in the US,the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the fate of both devices will be determined at the upcoming trial.

Now both Samsung and Apple have reduced their patent claims against each other ahead of the trial, this was done at the request of Judge Lucy Koh, although this is something that Judge Koh could ask for again if she feels that the two companies have not reduced the claims enough for the actual trial.

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Apple Granted Patent For Wearable Head Mounted Display

Google has already show off their own wearable head mounted display in the form of their Google Project Glasses, and now it would appear that Apple also has a wearable head mounted display planned for the future.

Apple has now bee granted a patent for a ”Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays“, the patent was originally filed back in 2006 and the patent was granted to Apple this week.

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Apple Posts $95.6M Bond To Ban The Galaxy Nexus In The US

Yesterday we heard that Samsung had been denied their appeal to have the US ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus lifted ahead of the upcoming court case, we also heard that Google had stopped selling the Galaxy Nexus from their online store.

According to Florian Mueller from Foss Patents, Apple has now posted a $95.6 million bond, which means that the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the US can now be enforced.

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GameDock Transforms Your Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Into A Games Console (video)

Cascadia Games LLC have created a new style of docking station called the GameDock for your Apple devices, which has been designed to transform your iPad, iPhone or iPod in to a games console complete with retro USB controllers.

The new GameDock is now over on the Kickstarter website looking to raise funds to make the jump from concept to production. Watch the video after the jump to see GameDock in action, and its inventors tai you through their awesome idea.


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iPad Mini Launching In October (Rumor)

Ever since Apple launched the first iPad we have been hearing rumors that Apple would launch a smaller version of their tablet, it is that time of the year again and the iPad Mini rumors have re-surfaced.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple intends to launch a new smaller iPad later this year, and the device will come with a display between 7 and 8 inches, we have been hearing rumors of a 7.85 inch iPad for some time.

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Apple To Launch Retina Display iMac In October (Rumor)

Apple announced the new MacBook Pro last month which was Apple’s first Mac to come with a Retina display, one thing that Apple didn’t announce was any new iMacs, which has led to speculation that new models will be announced later in the year.

Now according to a recent report by Digitimes, who are citing Apple’s ‘upstream supply chain sources’, we can apparently expect a new iMac with a Retina display to launch around October of this year.

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Apple Denied Ban On HTC Devices By ITC

Back in May some of HTC’s devices were held up in customs before they entered the US, the devices were held after an ITC ruling which found that some of HTC’s devices infringed on Apple’s patents.

The two devices in question, the HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE were found not to have infringed on Apple’s patents, and customs cleared the two handsets for importation into the US.

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Apples iCloud Beta Preview Goes Live For Developers

Apple will be introducing a new version of their iCloud with the launch of iOS 6 later this year, and the web version of Apple’s iCloud will get some of the features that are already available on the iPhone and iPad.

Some of the new features that will be available in iCloud on the web include Notes and Reminders, plus there will also be new versions of existing apps like Calendar and Find My iPhone.

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Apple Shuts Down MobileMe

Apple has finally closed down its MobileMe service, which has now been replaced by Apple’s new iCloud service, although if you haven’t migrated your data yet you will still be able to move it for a limited time.

Apple’s new iCloud service has now taken over from MobileMe, although it doesn’t offer everything that MobileMe used to, you will no longer have access to iDisk, iWeb and the gallery.

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