Edifier Tick Tock Alarm Clock iPhone Dock

A new style of alarm clock called Tick Tock has just been launched by Edifier, designed for Apple’s iPhone that combine old school looks with high tech features.The new Tick Tock, has the shape and lines of an old tradition bell style alarm clock of the 1960′s, but rather than a tradition clock face to match, it has a iPhone sync port and dock.

Rather than bells on either side of the Tick Tock, its equipped with 1-1/2-inch omni-directional stereo speakers that deliver expansive 360-degree sound from Tick Tock’s 7-watt speaker drivers.

Tick Tock

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Apple Loses iPad Trademark In China

It would appear that Apple may have to find a new name for its iPad tablet in China, as the company has lost a trademark dispute with a company who owned the trademark in China for the name iPad.

And if Apple continues to use the iPad name in China it may end up having to pay up to 1.5 billion in damages to the company who owns the iPad trademark.

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ZOMM Rolls Out New Update For Its iPhone Wireless Leash (video)

If you are worried about losing your iPhone, ZOMM has just updated their leash device with a few new features and now works with a new myZOMM iPhone app.

The wireless leash technology has been designed to pair with your iPhone and vibrate and notify you if your iPhone becomes to far away from the ZOMM device. For example if you have left your iPhone behind at a location or it is stolen from your bag.

Zomm iPhone leash

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BBC iPlayer App Arriving On iPhones And iPods

The BBC has today announced that their popular iPad iPlayer application, will soon be arriving on the smaller iPhone and iPod screens. The new iOS application specifically designed for smaller screens will be arriving on December 8th in the Apple iTunes Store, and like its bigger iPad version will also be free to download.

iPhone iPlayer

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Grand Theft Auto III Coming To iOS and Android December 15th

Rockstar Games has announced that Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition is headed to mobile devices, which will include the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch 4G, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

It looks like the game will be headed to the following Android smartphones, HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, T-Mobile G2x v, plus a range of Android tablets which include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Asus Transformer and more.

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Apple’s iBooks App Gets Updated, Adds New Features

Apple has updated its iBooks app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and the latest version, iBooks 1.5 brings a new range of features to Apple’s eBook app, which include a new nighttime reading theme that is designed to make it easier to read books in the dark.

Other new features include a new full screen layout, a new range of fonts, which include Athelas, Charter, Iowan, and Seravek, plus some new classic covers for the public domain books and more.

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Flipboard’s New iPhone App Launched

We heard recently that Flipboard was getting ready to launch a version of their popular iPad app for the iPhone, and the app is now available from the iTunes app store as a free download.

What Flipboard does is take all the information that is being shared with you, stories, photos, facebook posts, tweets and more and turns them into a personalized magazine for you to read.

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This iPhone 4S Cost $9.4 Million

I can think of a lot better things to spend $9.4 million on than a smartphone, but if you have more money than sense, you can now get you hands on the world’s most expensive iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 4S Elite old is produced by Stuart Hughes, we have seen a few of his blinged out gadgets before on the site and this iPhone 4S will set you back £6 million which works out at around $9.4 million US dollars.

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Google+ iOS App Gets Updated

Google has updated its iOS app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and the latest version brings a range of new features to the Google+ application for Apple’s iOS devices.

The new Google+ app lets you upload full resolution photos direct from your iOS device to Google+, and Google has also added in a photo+1 feature and updated the search for the app as well as some bug fixes.

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Apple HDTV To Be Powered By A6 Processor?

We have been hearing rumors for a while that Apple is working on their own HDTV, which is expected to feature Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri, and now we have some more rumors about the device.

According to the guys over at Smarthouse, who have apparently received some information form manufacturers involved in the project,  Apple’s HDTV will be available in three different sizes ranging from 32 inch to 55 inch, and will be powered by a new Apple processor.

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Hacked Siri Ported To iPhone 4 (Video)

We have already seen Siri running on the iPhone 4, and now it would appear that an actual port of Siri has appeared in Cydia, it must be pointed out that this H1Siri uses illegal and copyrighted software, so we would not recommend using it on your device.

According to the guys from the iDownload blog, the H1Siri doesn’t uses Apple’s servers to make Siri work, instead it uses the servers of the developers who have created the hacked version of Siri, have a look at the video of it in action below.

Apple Siri

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