iPad 3 Retina Display Compared To Other iOS Devices

We have been hearing rumors that the new iPad 3 will feature a much higher resolution display than the existing model, and the device is reported to come with a 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina display.

If the iPad 3 does feature a 2048 x 1536 resolution display, that would mean that you would be able to video a full HD movie on the iPad’s 9.7 inch display and also other content at the same time, which certainly sounds impressive.

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Scosche bassDOCK iPad Speaker Dock Launches

Scosche have this week announced the launch of their new bassDOCK iPad speaker dock, which can be used with either first or second generation Apple iPads. Scosche bassDOCK is equipped with a 2.1 sound system with 40mm stereo speakers to deliver smooth mids and brilliant highs, together with a 3″ subwoofer to produce rich and powerful bass audio.

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Logitec One-Seg iOS Tuner LDT-1Si01 Unveiled

iPad owners looking to add a little live TV to their Apple tablet might be interested in this new TV tuner which has been unveiled and lunched by Logitec called the LDT-1Si01.

The new iOS LDT-1Si01 tuner will be arriving in Japan later this month and lets you view One-seg satellite programming on the iPad and iPod. Unfortunately at the moment it doesn’t support Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 4S.


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Apple Denied Attempt To Have Galaxy Tab 10.1N Banned In Germany

It looks like the case between Samsung and Apple over Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is has taken another turn in Samsung’s favor, the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned for sale in Germany last year.

Samsung appealed the decision and released a newly modified version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany, called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, although Apple once again tried to have this version banned for sale.

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Apple To Announce iPad 3 First Week In March?

We heard earlier today that iOs 5.1 is expected to launch on the 9th of March, and as references to the iPad 3 have been found in iOS 5.1 beta 3 we would expected the iPad 3 to launch at a similar time.

Now according to All Things D, the iPad 3 will be announced by Apple at a special event in the first week in March, possibly Wednesday the 7th of March, with the device probably going on sale a week later.

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iPad 3 To Feature Dual Core A6 Processor?

Earlier today we saw some photos of an iPad casing which are reported to be for the new iPad 3, we have been hearing over the last few months that the iPad 3 will feature a higher resolution display, possibly with a 2048 x 1536 resolution and it will be powered by a new Apple A6 processor.

Everything we have heard about the new Apple A6 processor over the last few months is that it is expected to be a quad core processor, although now according to a recent report by The Verge, the A6 may not be a quad core processor after all.

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Tweetbot 2.0 Arrives With iPad Support

If you enjoy using Tweetbot the full-featured iPhone (and iPod touch) Twitter client on your mobile devices you might be pleased to know that a new version has now been released taking it to Tweetbot 2.0 and brings with it iPad support.

The new version brings with it a new timeline view, which helps you view the activity on your account easily, with options to define individual tweets into different colours if preferred.


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iPad 3 Casing Reveals Larger Battery, New Camera

We are expecting to get some sort of official announcement on the new iPad 3 from Apple some time next month, and now a reported iPad 3 casing has appear online, and if it is real it would mean there will be some significant changes in the new iPad 3.

As you can see from the photo below, the casing features different mounts for the logic board, which would mean that the new iPad 3 would feature a completely new logic board with a different shape and design over the previous versions.

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Retro Apple iPhone Cases

If you are searching for a more retro looking iPhone case to protect your Apple smartphone then these retro cases showing the Apple styles of a bygone era might well be worth more investigation.

The line of retro iPhone cases has been created by Schreer Delights and reference Apple’s design history, printing visual elements from the original Mac, the original iMac and the original iPod directly onto the case.

Apple Retro iPhone Cases

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Apple’s Siri Makes Up 25 Percent Of Wolfram Alpha Searches

Apple’s Siri was launched with the iPhone 4S last October, and it looks like Siri now makes up around 25 percent of all the searches performed on Wolfram Alpha.

When you ask Siri a question, depending on what type of question you ask it, many of the answers will come from Wolfram Alpha, if you ask Siri the time, you will get an answer direct from Siri, but if you ask it a more complex question then Wolfram Alpha will provide the answer.

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Apple Could End Up Paying $38 Million For Using iPad Name In China

The trademark for the name ‘iPad’ in China isn’t owned by Apple, and the company is currently engaged in a lawsuit with Proview, who own the trademark in China.

Proview sold a number of ‘iPad’ trademarks to Apple in other countries, although they maintain that they never sold the iPad trademark to Apple in China, and it could end up costing Apple around $38 million.

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