Das Keyboard Model S Professional Mechanical Keyboard For Mac Unveiled

Mac users who have been looking for a mechanical keyboard specifically designed for Apple Mac systems. Will be pleased to know that today Das Keyboard has unveiled a new version of its award-winning Model S keyboard which has been specifically re-designed for Mac users.

The new mechanical keyboard for Mac is equipped with gold-plated mechanical key switches designed to withstand 50 million strokes. Together with command and option keys, instant sleep function and 6 key rollover, enabling users to enter 6 key presses simultaneously.

Das Keyboard Mac

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Apple To Announce e-Book Tools At Education Event On 19th Of January

Last week Apple sent out invitations to a special event which is taking place this Thursday the 19th of January, and the invitation, which you can see below is related to education.

According to a recent report by Ars Technica, what Apple plans to announce on Thursday is a new set of interactive tools for the creation of e-books, Ars describes it as the ‘Garage Band’ for e-books.

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iPad 3 References Discovered In iOS 5.1 Beta 3

We are expecting the new iPad 3 or iPad HD or whatever Apple decides to call the device to launch around March, and we have already heard plenty of rumors about the device.

Now a reference for a new iPad has been discovered in the latest developer build of Apple’s mobile OS, iOS 5.1 Beta 3, and there are two separate references which would be one for the iPad 3 WiFi and one for the iPad 3 WiFi and 3G.

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Woz Thinks Android Is Ahead Of Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has previously said that he likes Google’s mobile OS, Android and now according to a recent report, Woz thinks that Android is ahead of Apple’s iPhone and iOS.

In a recent interview with the Daily Beat, Steve Wozniak has said that whilst his primary smartphone is an iPhone, he wishes the device was capable of doing all the things his Android device does.

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MiVeu iPhone Case Transforms Your Smartphone Into A Rugged POV Camera (video)

Miveu has unveiled a new system at CES this month that has been designed to transform your iPhone into a rugged POV system. It has been specifically designed with a custom optical glass lens. Extending the viewing angle of the iPhone to record video from the an amazing perspective that would otherwise not be available.

The custom lens is attached to the iPhone using a rugged customised case, which incorporates a simple tactile shutter button providing easy operation even when wearing thick gloves. Watch the promotional video after the jump to see it in action.

Miveu iPhone Case

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Padlette Rubber Tablet Grip

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add a little extra grip to your tablet, or iPad in particular. You might be interested in a new strap called the Padlette which has been created by One Hand Clapping Ltd to provide Apple’s iPads and other tablet users with a little extra grip.


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Soul Calibur Headed To iPhone And iPad January 19th

Namco Bandai have announced that they will be releasing Soul Calibur for Apple’s iOS devices on the 19th of January 2012, and the game will be compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G and the iPad 2.

The original Soul Calibur was released as an arcade game back in 1998, and it was also available for consoles like the Sega Dreamcast and also Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

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Matias One Keyboard, Switches Easily Between Your iOS Device And Computer

Normally one of the problems of using multiple devices on your desk, means you have multiple keyboards cluttering up your desk space as well. Now Matias is looking to solve this problem with its new One Keyboard, which has been designed to be used both with your computer and Bluetooth devices. Allowing you to simply hop back and forth between the two without the need for additional keyboards.

Matias One Keyboard

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Nissan Announces Self Repairing iPhone Case

Nissan is better know for making cars than it is for making smartphone accessories, but the company has announced that it will be introducing a new range of self repairing iPhone cases called the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone cases.

According to the announcement, the iPhone case uses special paint technology that is capable of repairing itself which Nissan calls self healing paint, and this paint is already used in a number of Nissan vehicles.

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iConnectMUSE Pocket Sized iOS Mini Mixer Unveiled By iConnectivity (video)

iConnectivity, has created a new pocket sized iConnectMUSE device for iOS users that has been designed to provide an easy way to connect an array of devices and instruments to your iOS device and music applications.

The iConnectMUSE is a pocket sized personal mini-mixer that combines several music accessories into one iOS controlled product, which is perfect for music making on the move. Providing improved audio latency and the ability to mix and share audio via your iOS devices. For more details watch the promotional video after the jump.


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