Tesco Mobile iPhone 4S UK Price And Plans Revealed

UK mobile provider Tesco Mobile has announced their iPhone 4S pricing and details of their plans, the company will be offering the iPhone 4S on a range of 12 and 24 month contracts.

Tesco Mobile will be offering the iPhone 4S for £335 for the 16GB model on their 12 month contract which costs £25 a month, £425 for the 32GB model and £495 for the 64GB model, there is also a £35 a month 12 month contract where the 16GB model costs £235 up front, the 32GB model £300 and the 64GB model £370.

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Twitter 3.5 iOS Update Readies for iOS5 And Enables Official Photo Uploads

Twitter has rolled out a new update for its iOS application in preparation for the immanent launch of Apple’s new iOS5. The new iOS5 integration provided with the Twitter 3.5 update now makes it even easier for you to signup and in to Twitter and also brings a number of performance and stability enhancements as well as a few bugs fixes.

The new Twitter 3.5 update also has enabled  full integration with Twitter’s picture sharing service pic.twitter.com into the new application. Even though Twitter’s photo sharing is the default choice when upgrading, you are able to change the settings to use third-party photo sharing options like TwitPic if you would prefer.


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iPhone 4 Prototype Suspects Plead No Contest

It looks liker the case against the two individual who allegedly found the original iPhone 4 prototype last year, and then sold it to Gizmodo is coming to an end, as the to individual have pleaded ‘No Contest’ in the case against them.

Brian Hogan, who allegedly found the iPhone 4 prototype and his friend, Sage Wallower, who allegedly helped Hogan sell the iPhone 4 prototype have pleased ‘No Contest’, wand the judge has sentenced the pair to 40 hours of public service, 1 years probation and each has to pay a $250 fine.

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iPhone 4S Gets Reviewed

Apple’s iPhone 4S will go on sale this Friday the 14th of October, and it looks like some of our fellow technology sites have already got their hands on the new iPhone 4S, and the reviews have started to appear online.

The iPhone 4s shares the same design as last years iPhone 4, the internals of the device have changed and it now uses the same a5 processor that can be found in the iPad 2, plus there is a new 8 megapixel camera which can record full HD video in 1080p, plus Siri, which we saw a video of yesterday.

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Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 Ahead Of iCloud And iOS 5 Launch

Apple has released the latest version of iTunes, iTunes 10.5, which was released yesterday ahead of todays launch of their new iCloud service and the latest version of their mobile OS, iOS 5.

If you are upgrading to iOS 5 you will need to download iTunes 10.5, which will allow you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over WiFi with iTunes, it will also store all your purchases in the cloud.

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Apple Sends MacBook 3G Buyer Parts Back

Remember a few months back when that dude bought a prototype MacBook with a 3G antenna off Craigslist? The guy put the machine on eBay and saw bids go up to $70,000 before Apple crashed his dreams and wanted the machine back. The person that sold it originally on Craigslist claims he was an Apple Engineer and was given the machine as for doing some programming work.

MacBook Air Prototype

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First iPhone 4S Deliveries Arrive Early

Even before its official launch date a few lucky German customers have already received delivery of their new shiny new iPhone 4S devices. Its been reported that several German customers have now reported receiving their new iPhone 4S smartphones days before the official launch on October 14th.

So if you have already pre-ordered an iPhone 4S, you never know it might just drop on your doorstep a little earlier than expected.

iPhone 4S

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri In Action (Video)

Apple’s iPhone 4S will go on sale this Friday, and one of the devices major new features, that we heard about when it was launched is its virtual voice assistant called Siri, the video below shows Siri in action.

We got to see a video from Apple when it was announced which showed how Siri worked, but the video below shows Siri working as it will every day on the iPhone 4S.

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iPhone 4S A5 Processor Clocked At 800MHz?

We have already seen some benchmarks of Apple’s new iPhone 4S, which features Apple’s A5 processor, the same processor that can be in the new Apple iPad 2, and the iPad 2 version has a clock speed of 1GHz.

Apple’s A5 processor is a dual core processor, and according to the guys over at Anandtech, the A5 processor found in the iPhone 4S is slightly slower than the iPad version and is clocked at 800MHz.

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Coin4 iPhone 4 Case Is A Clever Idea

We have featured a number of different cases for the iPhone 4 here at Geeky Gadgets, the latest one is from the guys over at Urban Prefer, The Coin4 iPhone 4 case, which seems like a really clever idea.

As you can see from the photos below, the Coin4 iPhone 4 case features different slots on the back of the case, where a coin can be placed to turn the Coin4 case into a stand for your iPhone.

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Geekbench iPhone 4S Benchmarks, 68 Percent Faster Than iPhone 4

Yesterday we got to see a video of some benchmarks on Apple’s new iPhone 4S, and now the first GeekBench benchmarks for the iPhone 4S have been revealed, which according to the guys over at Mac Rumors there is a significant increase over the iPhone 4.

The original iPhone 4 scored a GeekBench score of 370, the new iPhone 4S scored 622, which is slightly lower than that of the iPad 2, which scored 749 and also features the same dual core A5 processor as the new iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4

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New App To Make iPad And Android Tablets Accessible To The Blind (Video)

Students and researchers at Stanford University have developed a new application for tablets like the Apple iPad and Google’s range of Android tablets, that is designed to make tablet devices more accessible to the blind.

The video below shows the application in action, and instead of the user having to navigate on the display to where the virtual keys are placed, the keys move to where the users put their fingers.

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