iON Unveils Three New Controllers, iCade Core, iCade Mobile and iCade Jr

iON  has unveiled three new designs for its popular iCade device, which originally started as an April fools joke for the iPad a few years ago from ThinkGeek. The newly announced products are the iCade Core, iCade Jr and iCade Mobile.

As you probably guessed the new iCade Mobile has been specifically designed for the iPhone or iPod Touch and provides you with a more handheld gaming style experience. When it arrives this spring the iCade Mobile will be priced at $80. Watch a video after the jump to see it in action.


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Griffin Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier Adds Airplay Support To Speakers

If you have a pair of speakers that you would like to upgrade with Apple Airplay support. Griffin has unveiled its new Twenty digital audio amplifier at CES this week, which has been specifically designed to enable users to use speakers to play digital audio from iTunes.

The Griffin Twenty digital audio amplifier connects to an existing set of speakers and wirelessly uses an Airport Express wireless base station, and Apple’s AirPlay wireless audio/video protocol to enable the audio to stream seamlessly.

Griffin Twenty amp

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The Mysterious Apple Power Charger Patent Revealed

Yeah, yeah, so the pic below doesn’t look like much. Sorry, alright? ‘Twas lifted from a patent recently scored by Apple. According to available sources, it’s a clever upgrade of iOS device/laptop peripherals for the sake of improving security. In short, you can use a charger to recall a password thanks to a memory chip installed in the, uh, charger. Sounds simple, but it might hint at future possibilities with Apple products.

Apple patent

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iPhone 4S Owners Use Twice As Much Data Than iPhone 4 Thanks To Siri

According to a recent report, owners of Apple’s new iPhone 4S smartphone use almost twice as much data as iPhone 4 owners and almost three times as much data as iPhone 3G owners.

It would appear that it is Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri that is causing owners of the iPhone 4S to use more data than other iPhone devices, according to Michael Flanagan from Arieso.

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Smarty iPad Stand Case

There are plenty of iPad cases on the market at the moment, but a team of designers have created a concept, which adds a unique innovative way to use the iPad case as a stand for viewing your iPad.

The Smarty iPad Case uses a little origami style folding and a couple of magnets to create a rigid stand from a soft protective case, and could be used with any tablet that is able to slide into the sleeve design.

Smarty iPad Case

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iPad Survives 100,000 Foot Drop Test From The Edge Of Space In G-Form Case (video)

Here on Geeky Gadgets we have featured a number of iPad drop tests that have been carried out using the G-Force iPad case. The drop tests started from the safe height of a balcony and then stepped up to an impressive 1300 foot. Now the iPad and G-Force case have been dropped back to earth from 100,000 foot, from near the edge of space. Watch the video after the jump to see the drop for yourself.


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Thunderbolt Connectivity Heading To iOS Devices?

Three new Apple patents submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office today, have indicated that Apple may be looking to add Thunderbolt ports to its iOS devices in the future.

The addition of Thunderbolt ports to Apple iOS devices, will provide users which hugely improved syncing speeds when compared to the included USB 2.0 connection thats currently available on Apple mobile devices.

Thunderbolt cable

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iHome iPad And iPhone,iPod Speaker Docks Unveiled

iHome has today unveiled three new products its added to its range, in the form of the iW4 an Airplay enabled bedside alarm clock dock, the iP18 iPhone and iPod system and finally their new iD50 iPad speaker dock.

The flagship iW4 iOS speaker dock is equipped with AirPlay and WiFi support and is also compatible with iHome Connect, Sleep, and Radio apps. Its also fitted with dual alarms and ethernet connection, as well as FM Radio, SRS TruBass sound enhancement, gradual wake feature, remote control and will be priced at $270.

iHome iW4

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Koala iPad Wall Mount (video)

Any iPad owners looking for a simple way to attach their tablet to a wall without damaging it. Might be interested in the new Koala iPad Mount that is currently starting its journey on Kickstarter, and looking to make the jump from concept to manufacture.

The Koala iPad Mount has been designed by brother team Chris & Colby Moyer, and is suitable for both first and second generation iPads. Watch a video after the jump to see the Koala Mount in action.

Koala iPad Mount

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Google Translate iOS App Arrives On Apple’s iPad

For those of you who have been waiting for Google Translate to be made available on the iPad. You will be pleased to learn that¬†Google has today rolled out a new update for its Google Translate iOS application, which brings with it added support for iPads. The Google Translation app was previously only available on iPhones and iPod but from today is now supported on Apple’s iPad tablet.

Google Translate iPad Support

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Apple Refunds People Who Purchased ‘Premature’ Gamestore App

Earlier in the week we told you about a new Gamestore app for the iPhone which appeared on the Apple Store, we were able to purchase the app for $0.99, but it didn’t have any functionality and was reported to be an internal testing app from Apple that had made its way onto the app store by mistake.

Now it looks like Apple is refunding customers who purchased the app, and they have sent the following statement to people who bought the app, saying that the app was published prematurely.

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