Apple Responds To Reported iPad Battery Issues

Since the launch of thew new iPad 3 a number of users have noticed that the new iPad’s battery continues to charge even when at 100 percent when the device is plugged in.

There have been reports over the last few days that this is a problem, with a number of users concerned about the battery life of their new tablet, and now we have our first official statement on the reported battery issue.

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Australian Government To Take Apple To Court Over 4G Claims On New iPad?

It looks like Apple could be in trouble the the Australian Government over the 4G claims on their new iPad, whilst the iPad comes with a 4G connection, at the moment this only works in the US and it is not compatible with Australia’s 4G network which runs on the 1800Mhz frequency.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has announced that they will be making a application to the federal court in Melbourne against Apple.

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Logitech UE Air, Airplay Speaker Unveiled (video)

After announcing their new BCC950 ConferenceCam yesterday Logitech have also now taken the wraps of their new Logitech UE Air speaker. Which is equipped with Ultimate Ear branding and comes complete with Apple AirPlay support.

The UE Air speaker is Logitech’s first Airplay equipped speaker system and comes fitted with dual tweeters and woofers. The AirPlay support allows you to stream music from your Apple iOS devices directly to the speaker system wirelessly.

Logitech UE Air

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Apple’s Siri Becoming More Popular According To Report

It looks like Apple’s voice activated virtual assistant is becoming more popular according to a recent report by consulting firm Park Associates, who surveyed iPhone 4S owners of their usage of Apple’s Siri.

According to the report, 87 percent of the iPhone 4S owners use Apple’s Siri at least once a month, and people seem to be using Siri for making phone calls and sending text messages.

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Apple’s New iPad Can Run For 25 Hours As A 4G Hotspot

Apple’s new iPad comes with a much larger battery than the iPad 2, it also comes with 4G LTE, which is the main reason for the new larger battery, and now it looks like the device can be quite useful as a 4G mobile hotspot.

The guys over at AnandTech have been testing the battery life out on the new iPad and they have tested the device as a 4G mobile hotspot on Verizon’s 4G network.

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Anatomy of Apple Design Showcased In Just 37 Seconds (video)

3D design and rendering company Transparent House has created a homage to Apple design in a quick 37 second video they have created. Showcasing Apple’s designs over the past 36 years.

The animation took around 10 days to complete and has been created using 3Ds Max and V-Ray render, and only used photo available on the Internet to create the 3D models used within the short animation.


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Smartpet Robot iPhone Dog Launched By Bandai (video)

Bandai makers of the famous Tamagotchi pet, have this week taken the wraps off their new project called Smartpet, which is a robotic dog that uses your iPhone as it processing unit.

Smartpet is controlled via a free iOS application that is installed on to your iPhone, and will react to touch gestures and provides over 100 facial expressions. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Smartpet iPhone

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SnapFuse iPad Smart Cover Clips (video)

A new design has started its journey over on the Kickstarter website called SnapFuse. Which consists of clips which have been designed specifically designed to use with Apple’s iPad Smart Cover, and provide you with a way of attaching and carrying pens, stylus, credit cards or business cards. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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Original 1984 Mackintosh 128K Computer Appears On eBay

An original Mackintosh 128k M001, has turned up for sale in eBay, and it was first launched in 1984 with the famous ‘1984’ Mackintosh advert that was directed by Ridley Scott.

The Mackintosh 128K M001 is currently listed on eBay for $3,519.84 and it even comes with the original box as well as the manuals and software that came with it at launch.

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Apple Offering Royalty Free Liscense On Its New Nano SIM Cards

Apple obviously wants its new nano SIM card to become popular, as it would give the company more room inside its iPhone by using a much smaller and thinner SIM card.

According to a recent report by Foss Patents, Apple has the support of most of the European carriers for its new SIM card standard, but some companies seem to be worried about using the new SIM card as Apple owns the patents to it.

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Swedish Magicians Use 7 New iPads For Cool Magic Show (Video)

We have already seen a couple of videos of some magicians using Apple’s iPad in their magic shows, and now a couple of magicians have taken it to the next level using a total of seven of Apple’s new iPad for their magic show.

The video below shows magicians Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales using 7 iPads for a video that was put together to promote the city of Stockholm.

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