iPad 4G Claims Come Under Scrutiny In The UK

When apple launched the new iPad it was advertised as being 4G capable, even in countries where there were no 4G networks, the device came under scrutiny in Australia and now it looks like the same thing is happening here in the UK.

According to a recent report by the BBC, the Advertising Standards Authority are looking into Apple’s 4G claims for the new iPad after they have received a number of complaints.

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iTunes Match Launches In Austria, Greece And Italy

It looks like Apple is expanding their iTunes Match service as MacRumors is reporting that the service has now launched on some additional countries, which include Austria, Greece and Italy.

Apple has yet to announce the launch of iTunes Match in any additional countries, and it isn’t clear whether it is just Italy, Austria and Greece that the service is now available or whether any more countries are being added as well.

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RIM Not Samsung Responsible For ‘Wake Up’ Protest At Apple Store (Video)

Last week we told you that Samsung had staged a protest outside an Apple Store in Australia, in some sort of viral marketing campaign, well it turns out that Samsung had nothing to do with it.

RIM was behind the wake up campaign, and they have confirmed to MacWorld that it was part of a campaign which will be revealed on the 7th of May, have a look what they had to say below and also the video which we showed you last week.

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Skype For iOS Updated

Skype has released a new version of its app for Apple’s iOS platform, and the latest version of Skype for the iPhone and iPad comes with some new features as well as some performance enhancements.

There are some minor improvements to the user interface, and you can now move your own video preview around, plus there is a new sign in screen and the application will now automatically restart if it had previously shutdown unexpectedly.

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Google Tells Court Galaxy Nexus Code Is Closed Like iPhone Code

In the latest lawsuit between Samsung and Apple, Apple have attempted to obtain the source code from Google on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Apple actually subpoenaed Google to give evidence in the case.

Google has now told the court the the source code for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is closed, just like Apple’s iPhone code, although Google’s Android platform is supposed to be an open source platform.


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Apple And Samsung CEOs Meeting In May To Discuss Settlement

Apple and Samsung are engaged in a number of different court cases around the world, with each company accusing the other of infringing on their patents, one of the cases is in the US, and now it looks like the two companies will be meeting up next month to discuss a possible settlement.

The judge in the latest case in the US recently ruled that the two companies should hold discussions, and this has now been scheduled for the 21st and 22and of May.

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Apple’s Mac App Store Hits 10,000 Apps

Apple launched their Mac App Store back in January of 2011, and now according to a recent report, the Mac App Store has hit a new milestone of 10,000 apps, although this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

The news comes from two different third party sources who have estimated the amount of apps in the Mac App Store, and according to MacGeneration there are now more than 10,000 apps available to download.

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