Siri On The iPhone 4 Is Now Legally Possible

We have already seen Siri running on the iPhone 4, and now it seems that we may get a port of Siri on the iPhone 4 from the developer community is it is now legally possible to port Siri to the iPhone 4.

Apple has now released the iOS 5.0.1 update for iOS devices, and according to iPhone developer @MuscleNerd, the latest version of Apple’s iOS now makes it possible to port Siri to the iPhone 4 without any sort of piracy.

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iTunes Match Launches Internationally

Yesterday morning we heard that some iTunes users were able to purchase Apple’s iTunes Match outside of the US, we ere able to purchase it in the UK, although were unable to use it.

Now it looks like iTunes Match has rolled out internationally, as we are now able to use the service this morning, and users from other countries around the world are also reporting that iTunes Match has gone live.

iTunes Match

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iTunes Match About To Launch In The UK

It looks like Apple’s iTunes Match is about to launch in the UK, we heard earlier that some users reported it was available, and then it was removed, I just logged into my iTunes account and was able to sign up for a subscription to iTunes Match in the UK.

The service costs £21.99 a year here in the UK, and it doesn’t look like you are able to use iTunes Match as yet, although I was able to purchase it and received an email from Apple confirming that I had subscribed to iTunes Match, which you can see below.

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iTunes Match Rolls Out Internationally, Then Gets Pulled

It looks like someone at Apple decided to release iTunes Match to international customers outside the US, as a number of users in the UK, Australia, NZ and Europe were able to subscribe to the service.

Although it would appear that Apple has rolled out iTunes Match earlier than they had intended, and it has now been removed, and Apple has started to refund people outside the US who signed up to the iTunes Match service.

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Bayan 7 iPhone, iPod Speaker Dock Launched

Bayan Audio have this week unveiled a new addition to their range, with the launch of the Bayan 7 iPhone and iPod speaker dock, which has docking ports located on either side. Audio is provided by its 8″ bass, 2″ mid-range drivers and 1″ wide projection tweeters, creating 120W of audio power.

iOS owners will be please to learn that all Bayan Audio products are approved with Apple’s stringent TDMA Noise Rejection tests. Ensuring that no interference is created from mobile phones or other radio transmitter devices when in use.

Bayan 7

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Microsoft’s SkyDrive Lands On The iPhone, Comes With 25GB Of Free Cloud Storage (Video)

Microsoft has just launched SkyDrive for the iPhone, which will let you save and share files, photos and documents with Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive, and the app is available as a free download.

The SkyDrive cloud service is available for free, and you get a total of 25GB of free storage when you sign up to SkyDrive, Microsoft has also released a new application for their Windows Phone devices.

SkyDrive iPhone

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Sparrow Mail 1.5 Update Brings Dropbox Support And More (video)

The great Sparrow mail program for Mac systems has today rolled out a new update taking the Mac App to version 1.5 and bringing with it 3 new features that are sure to please users.

The three new features include Dropbox support, the ability to now block remote images and a new smart search. The Dropbox features now allows you to drag, drop, send (and sync) via your Dropbox account making sending attachments even easier.

Sparrow Mail

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xPrintserver Allows You To Easily Print From Any iOS Device

Roughly the size of an iPhone, the small xPrintserver device has been designed to connect to your network, and provide you with the ability to easily print documents from any iOS device. Saving you from the fuss of having to doc it with your computer to print off documents.

The xPrintserver has been created to use Apple’s iOS native print menu, and doesn’t requires any additional applications, software, or print drivers to be installed before use.


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Apple To Launch New MacBook Pro’s With 2880 By 1800 Displays?

It would appear that Apple could be planning to add much higher resolution displays to next years new MacBook Pro’s, according to a recent report from Digitimes, which could see a new 2880 x 1800 resolution on MacBook Pro’s.

According to the guys over at the Verge, references to a new HiDPI display mode was discovered in OS X Lion earlier this year, and these new displays would almost quadruple the resolution of existing displays, like the current 1,440 x 900 resolution that is available on the 15 inch MacBook Pro.

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O2 Will Rent You An iPhone With O2 Lease

UK mobile carrier O2 is offering a new way to get your hands on the iPhone 4S here in the UK, rather than buying the device outright, they will lease it to you for a period of 12 months, which is available on a 16GB iPhone 4S.

You will need to pay O2 £55 a month which includes insurance, 500MB of data per month and 750 minutes of calls on a 12 month contract, although you will have to hand the device back at the end of the 12 months.

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The Elevation Dock Looks Like The Coolest iPhone Dock Yet (Video)

There are hundreds of different docks available for the iPhone, although many of them suffer from a similar problem, when trying to undock your iPhone, the dock usually comes still attached to your iPhone if you try to remove you handset, and many of them won’t work with your case.

The Elevation Dock is the work of designer Casey Hopkins, and it is probably the coolest iPhone dock we have see to date, have a look at the video of it in action below.

iPhone Elevation Dock

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Apple Computer Founding Documents Sell For $1.3 Million

We heard recently that the original founding documents of Apple Computer were going to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s, the auction took place recently and the documents went for a massive $1.3 million, which works out at close to $1.6 million including taxes and fees.

The original Apple Computer documents were signed by the three original founders of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, the late Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, and also included the statement of withdrawal from the company by Ronald Wayne back in 1976.

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