iTunes Cloud Hits The UK Ahead Of iOS 5 Release

It looks like Apple has started rolling out iTunes Cloud outside of the US as the service is now available here in the UK, and has started to roll out to other countries around the world.

We have just tried out iTunes Cloud here in the UK, and you can now download previously purchases iTunes music direct to your iOS device from the iTunes Cloud.

itunes cloud

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Apple’s Newsstand Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

As well as other applications such as Apple Airport Utility and Find A Friend apps becoming available before the official launch of Apple’s iOS 5. Apple’s Newsstand has also launched and is now live as a stand alone application ahead of the big launch.

Apple’s updated Newsstand application has been designed to pull in existing Conde Nast titles that are now using Apple’s own service and their icons will eventually free up a little space and remove themselves from your iOS device’s desktop.


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Apple Launches Airport Utility Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

Further to the discovery of the Airport Utility application in the developer release of iOS 5 Apple has now rolled out the finished application ahead of its official launch of their new iOS 5, which is expected to arrive later today.

The arrival of the new Airport Utility App has closely followed the launch of the Find My Friends App, and allows you to manage your AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express and Time Capsule base station right on your iOS device. Including being able to view which networks you are connected to, together with your router’s  IP address, serial number, firmware version, and how many clients are connected.  The Airport Utility will also allow you to update the firmware on your Time Capsule directly from your iOS device.

Airport Utility

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Apple’s Find My Friends Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

It looks like we are getting closer to the launch of Apple’s iOS 5, earlier we heard that iCloud had gone live and now another new feature of iOS 5 has gone live, Find My Friends.

Find My Friends will let you track your friends location on a map of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, although it will only work if your friends share their location with you.

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Sidekick Geo-Intelligent Laptop Settings Utility

If you use a Mac Book laptop in a number of different locations and are becoming a little tired of changing the setting for printers and settings depending on your location. A new geo-intelligent application called Sidekick might be able to help you. The Sidekick application uses the Mac OS’s built-in CoreLocation positioning service to get your position and then adjusts your settings to suit.

Sidekick has the power to auto-adjust various laptop system preferences and application settings, such as open and close applications, turn Wi-Fi on or off, change the default printer and connect to server to name a few.

Sidekick Mac

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iOS 5 Features Explained In 7 Minutes (video)

If you are still a little in the dark regarding the features the new Apple iOS 5 upgrade will be bringing to your iOS devices once it officially launches later today. You might be pleased to know that the team over at the Lifehacker website have put together a great video guide. Taking you through all the new features of Apple’s iOS 5 in just over 7 minutes.

iOS 5

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Verizon And Sprint Will Unlock iPhone 4S For International Travelers

Apple’s new iPhone 4S will be available in three networks in the US this Friday, AT&T which uses GSM and Verizon and Sprint, which uses CDMA, and the Phone 4S will run on both GSM and CDMA networks.

It looks like Sprints version of the iPhone 4S will come already unlocked, so this will mean you will be able to us it on GSM networks when you are abroad, and CDMA networks when you are in the US.

iPhone 4S

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Another Look AT Siri On The iPhone 4S (Video)

Yesterday we saw a video of Siri running on the new iPhone 4S, today we have another video showing Siri in action, and the latest video gives us a more in depth look at Siri and its features.

The video below was put together by the guys from Mac World, and as you can see from the video Siri doesn’t always get things right when you ask it a question.

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Apple’s iCloud Goes Live Ahead Of iOS 5 Launch

Apple is expected to release the latest version of its mobile OS, iOS 5 later today, and it looks like Apple’s new iCloud service has gone live, although you wont be able to use it until Apple releases iOS 5 and the update to OS X Lion later today, unless you have the iOS 5 GM.

Earlier we heard that Apple had released iTunes 10.5, and they will also be releasing an update to OS X Lion later today at the same time as iOS 5 is released, which we are hoping should arrive soon.

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Samsung Ambushes Apple’s iPhone 4S Launch In Sydney

Samsung and Apple aren’t exactly the best of friends at the moment, with more than 20 different court cases taking place around the world, and now it would appear that Samsung has decided to Ambush the launch of the new iPhone 4S in Australia.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, Samsung have rented a pop up store just a few doors down from the Apple Store in Sydney, Australia, and Samsung are offering the Galaxy S II to the first 10 people in line between now and Friday for $2.00.

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Apple iCloud Website Prepares For Launch, Removes Beta Tag And Enables New Login

As the launch of iOS 5 draw closer Apple have been busy today preparing their new iCloud website for launch and have now removed its Beta tag and enabled a new login for users. iCloud will be launching later today alongside Mac OS X 10.7.2 and have already rolled out iTunes 10.5 in preparation last night.

Apple iCloud

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Tesco Mobile iPhone 4S UK Price And Plans Revealed

UK mobile provider Tesco Mobile has announced their iPhone 4S pricing and details of their plans, the company will be offering the iPhone 4S on a range of 12 and 24 month contracts.

Tesco Mobile will be offering the iPhone 4S for £335 for the 16GB model on their 12 month contract which costs £25 a month, £425 for the 32GB model and £495 for the 64GB model, there is also a £35 a month 12 month contract where the 16GB model costs £235 up front, the 32GB model £300 and the 64GB model £370.

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