Apple To Increase App Store Prices In Some Countries

app store

Apple is about to increase the prices of its app in the iTunes app store, the company has informed developers of the price increases in certain countries.

The price increases for apps will come into effect in Russia, Canada, Norway, Iceland and the European Union. The increases are to take into account changes to VAT rates and also exchange rates.

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Apple iPhone Sales May Have Hit 69M In December Quarter


Apple may had had a record quarter with their iPhone sales, according to a recent report, iPhone sales for the company’s December quarter could be around the 69 million mark.

The news comes in an investor report from UBS, that has estimated the sales of Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets at a massive 69 million for their latest financial quarter.

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Apple’s iPhone Market Share Up In China, US And Europe

IPhone 6

It looks like the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been a success for Apple, we already know that the devices are Apple’s most popular handsets to date.

And now according to a recent report by Kantar World Panel, the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has helped Apple increase its market share in a number of countries.

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iOS 8 Adoption Now At 68 Percent

iOS 8

Apple has released its latest iOS 8 adoption figures, and Apple’s iOS 8 is now on a total of 68 percent of all iOS devices.

This is up from 63 percent in December, and 60 percent in November, so over the holiday period usage of iOS 8 has risen 5 percent.

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12 Inch MacBook Air To Feature New Design


We have been hearing rumors about the new 12 inch MacBook Air for some time, and now according to a recent report, the MacBook Air will get a new design with the launch of the new 12 inch model.

The news comes in a report from Marc Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac, who has received some information on the new design of Apple’s 12 inch MacBook Air.

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Apple Watch May Launch In March

Apple Watch

The official word from Apple on the Apple Watch release date is early 2015, the company has yet to specify and exact date for the launch of their new smartwatch.

We previously heard that Apple would launch the Apple Watch in the spring of 2015, the news came in the form of a leaked memo from Apple’s retail chief Angel Ahrendts, spring in the U.S. starts around the 20th of March.

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Apple Watch Expected to Launch in Early 2015 In Several European Countries

Apple Watch

Last year in September, Apple announced their icon Apple Watch, alongside the new iPhones. The company mentioned it’s going to hit retail across the globe in 2015.

While US page of the Apple Watch listed “early 2015″ as the launch date, the European counterpart wasn’t too informative about the launch, mentioned “Available in 2015.” However, it now seems that Apple Watch will launch in Europe around a similar timeframe as US.

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