Apple Boot Camp Update Adds 64-bit Windows Driver Support

A new Apple Boot Camp update has been released by Apple this week which has brought with it 64bit driver support for Microsoft’s Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

The latest Boot Camp update is available in two downloads one for the latest 2013 model iMac desktops and MacBook systems version 5.1.5640 and another for all other Apple desktop and laptop models version 5.1.5621.

Boot camp update

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New Apple TV Coming In April (Rumor)

We previously heard that the new Apple TV would be launching in March, although according to a recent report, Apple plans to launch their next generation Apple TV in March.

Apple are apparently in talks with Time Warner Cable to provide TV shows and other content for Apple TV, they have apparently been in talks for the last year.

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iPhone 6 To Get Front Facing Sony Camera Sensor (Rumor)

We have heard various rumors about the iPhone 6 over the last few weeks, the handset is expected to launch in September along with the Apple iWatch.

Sony currently supplies the camera sensor for the iPhone 5S rear iSight camera, and according to a recent report, Sony will supply sensors for both cameras on the iPhone 6.

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Apple Mac Pro Shipping Dates Pushed Back Into April

Apple has this week pushed back the shipping dates of its new high-end Apple Mac Pro computer systems into April indicating that Apple is still experiencing problems meeting demand for its new innovative Apple Mac Pro system.

The Shipping dates for the Apple Mac Pro system has been pushed back in a number of markets around the world including Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK and the date could possibly move back even further.


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Rdio For iOS Gets Playlist Editing and More

Rdio have released an update to their Rdio for iOS app, and the new version of the app brings a number of new features to the music streaming app on iOS.

The latest version of Rdio for iOS is version 2.5.7, and you can now edit your playlists and update them from your mobile device, you can see a list of what is included in the update below.

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Themer Android App Removed And Returned To Google Play Store After Apple Complaint

Android users that enjoys using the Themer Android App which launched last year were surely as disappointed when Google unceremoniously removed the Themer Android App for its Google Play Store, after Apple made complaints about copyright earlier this month. However now Google has thankfully re-listed the Themer Android App to the Google Play Store for user to enjoy once again.

Themer App

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Apple’s iTunes Radio Launched In Australia

Apple’s iTunes Radio has only been available in the US since launch, and now Apple has launched their music streaming service in Australia.

We previously heard that iTunes Radio would launch in the UK and Australia, although the UK launch has yet to be announced, so Australia will be the first country outside of the US to get iTunes Radio.

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iPhone 6 Concept Comes With Some Impressive Specs (Video)

We have been hearing a number of rumors about the iPhone 6 over the last few weeks, the handset is rumored to feature a larger display, possibly around 5 inches in size.

The display on the iPhone 6 is expected to be made from sapphire glass, and we have also heard a number of rumors that the display with have solar charging built in.

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iOS Bug Allows Attackers to Disable Find My iPhone Bug Without Password

Recently, a bug was discovered in Apple iOS operating system that lets attacker disable Find my iPhone, considering it’s not protected by a passcode lock or Touch ID, and there’s no way for the owner to locate it using

The bug was discovered by¬†Bradley Williams, who showed it off as well, and requires users to make a few simple changes to the iCloud settings, even if they don’t know the password.

Find My IPhone

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Apple To Release iOS 7.1 To Launch in March (Rumor)

Not too long ago, Apple started seeding the iOS 7.1 Beta 5 to developers for testing purposes and strip out any bugs  that are present in the release.

If you’re one of those people wondering about the launch of the latest operating system from the Cupertino giant, a new report from 9to5Mac pegs the launch date by the end of March. It’s the first major update, but it will not bring any surprises, and will come with the same features that were introduced in the earlier betas of the application.


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