4.7 Inch iPhone 6 Expected September, 5.5 Inch In October

iPhone 6

We have been hearing rumors for some time that the new iPhone 6 will launch in September, we previously heard that Apple would launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 in September, and the larger 5.5 inch model one to two months later.

According to a recent report by Brian White, of Cantor Fitzgerald, Apple will launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 in September, and the 5.5 inch version in October.

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Amazon Kindle Reading Apps Updated

kindle reading

Amazon has announced that it has updated its Kindle Reading apps for Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platform, and the update apps add some new features.

You can now switch instantly between reading a book on the Kindle app and to the companion audiobook from Audible, this can be done with a single tap without having to leave the book.

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Apple iWatch Rumored To Retail For $300

Apple iWatch

The Apple iWatch is expected to launch before the end of the year, and if Apple gets their new wearable gadget right, it could end up being their most popular device.

One thing which will determine whether the Apple iWatch is popular is how much it will retail for, and according to a recent report, Apple are expected to retail the iWatch for around $300, we suspect it will go on sale for $299.

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iOS 8 Split Screen Multitasking Discovered In Code

iOS 8 Split Screen Multitasking

We have been hearing rumors about iOS 8 split screen multitasking for some time, Apple did not announce anything about it at WWDC last week, although evidence of its existence has been discovered in iOS code.

Developer Steve Troughton Smith has discovered iOS 8 split screen multitasking in the code of the developer version of iOS 8, and it will allow you to run two applications side by side on your iOS device.

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iOS 8 Gets Improved Security For Privacy Protection

iOS 8

Apple, Facebook, Google and many more companies have come under criticism in the past when it comes to users privacy, although it would appear that Apple has made changes to iOS 8 that will improve security and also user privacy.

Frederic Jacobs has discovered a new feature in iOS 8, the next version of Apple’s mobile OS will use random MAC addresses, which means that it will be better for user privacy.

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Apple Stock Split, Shares Open At $92.69

apple stock split

The Apple stock split has taken place, with shares in the iPhone giant being split 7 for 1, and the opening share price of Apple’s shares was $92.69, when trading began on the NASDAQ.

Apple shares just became more affordable, and each of their existing shareholders gets 6 additional shares per share in the new stock split.

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Apple Mac Pro Built With Mac’s Running Windows

Apple Mac Pro

Last week Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a photo on Twitter of the assembly line of their Apple Mac Pro at their factory in Austin, Texas, you can see the photo above.

In the background of the photo are a number of Apple iMacs, but it would appear that they are not actually running Apple’s OS X, instead they are running Microsoft’s Windows.

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So Where Was Apple Maps At WWDC?

apple maps

One thing we were expecting to see at last weeks WWDC, was an update on Apple’s future plans for Apple Maps, although this was not features in Apple’s presentation for iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite.

Apple did actually mention Apple Maps at the event, although there were no major updates to the service, and in WWDC in the past, Apple has focused on major changes that are on their way to maps.

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