Fleksy 5.2 Update For iOS And Android Released


Fleksy have released a new version of thei9r popular keyboard app for Apple’s iOS platform and Google Android platform, Fleksy 5.2.

The new Fleksy 5.2 app brings some new features to your iOS or Android device, including three new animated themes, some new core features in iOS and some next extensions in Android.

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Apple Pay Once And Play Category Added To App Store

Pay Once And Play

If in-app purchases take the shine off your iOS game play, you will be pleased to know that Apple has today added a new category called Pay Once and Play to their iOS App Store front page.

As the name suggests app games within the Pay Once and Play category do not have any in-app purchases and once you have paid the advertised price you can play the game for as long as you like without the need to purchase anything else.
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Apple app size limit is now 4GB

itunes image

Ever since Apple introduced higher resolutions in their smartphones, app sizes naturally had to be increased to accommodate the larger image files. And more powerful hardware also means that apps are more complex and can do things we couldn’t do before, a few years ago.

And so Apple has announced that they are now increasing the maximum app size from 2GB to 4GB. This allows developers to release apps that could be as big as 4GB in size. This is great for more complex apps, like graphics intensive games, or to create games with longer playtimes for instance. Not being restricted is a good thing for all app developers in fact.
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Parallels Desktop UpdateFor Mac Supports Windows 10 Technical Preview And Office Preview

Parallels Desktop For Mac

Parallels the creators of the useful Parallels Desktop application that allows users to run Windows directly on their Mac systems without the need to reboot.

Have today announced a new experimental feature they have rolled out in the latest update that allows users to download Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview and Office Preview for Windows 10.

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Starbucks Payment Cards And iOS App Now Accept Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Starbucks has this week released a new update to their iOS application and Starbucks payment card service that now allows users to use Apple Pay to add more credit to their Starbucks card.

The latest Starbucks iOS app is now available to download as version 3.2.1 and enables users to use Apple Pay to quickly reload their Starbucks Card, using the Apples Touch ID security feature on newer smartphones and Apple tablets to make the process even quicker.

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Apple And Pinterest Join Forces For New App Pins Offering App Installation

Apple And Pinterest App Pins

Apple and Pinterest have today announced they have joined forces to create a new feature called “App Pins” that will enable users of the iOS Pinterest 4.3 application, to be able to Pin their favourite apps and install them directly from the Pinterest service directly onto their iOS devices.

The new App Pins system take the form of a small App Store badge that functions in a similar way to the original Pinterest Pins. Thought the new addition allows you to install the application using a new “Install” button that is positioned next to the traditional “Pin It”.

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Apple is estimated to sell 26 million Apple Watches in 2015

applewatchIn less than two months the Apple Watch will be released to million of eager fans. When it was announced last year the company said it would start shipping units in early 2015. They seem to be right on target. Shipments will begin in April.

With this “new” product Apple really has no idea how it will perform. This isn’t another iPhone. However a J.P. Morgan analyst estimates that Apple will sell 26 million units of its smartwatch throughout the 2015 year.
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