CallNote App Records Skype Calls Directly To Evernote (video)

If you are looking for an easy and automatic way to record Skype calls, it might be worth your while investigating a new application created by Kanda Software called CallNote.

CallNote has been designed to record your pod casts or Skype calls between up to 8 people, and then automatically save the audio files directly to your Evernote account. For archiving or accessing them at a later date.


CallNote is a free application that is supported by Mac and Windows systems and will currently work with the following configurations: Windows XP/Vista/7: Skype 5.6, Mac OS 10.6: Skype 5.3 or Mac OS 10.7: Skype 5.5

Jump over to the Kanda website for more information, or if you would prefer to dive straight into using the CallNote application. It can be downloaded from the Skype at directory.

Source: Lifehacker

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    I know this one will be helpful to everybody since it’s configuration is applicable to most OS. Thank you for announcing this callnote application. I hope to have this very soon.