Bungie Destiny Game Arriving On PlayStation 4 With Exclusive Content

After revealing their new game earlier this week, it has also revealed that the Bungie Destiny development team will be creating exclusive content for the new PlayStation 4 games console that was confirmed to be in development by Sony last night.

The new Bungie Destiny game will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 when it launches later this year and Bungie promises “exclusive playable content just for the PlayStation community.”

Bungie Destiny

The newly unveiled Bungie Destiny game will also be arriving on the older PlayStation 3 as well as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, but not mention of when the Bungie Destiny game would be released. Bungie explains a little more about their latest game:

“After a long period of darkness, Bungie is ready to unveil its new universe filled with mystery, adventure, and action. For the first time, the team — including studio co-founder and project director Jason Jones — talks about its vision, and the creative process behind Destiny, Bungie’s most ambitious project yet.”

Source : Venture Beat

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