Build Your Own Cellphone Using An Arduino GSM Shield

If you can’t find a phone to suit your style and needs, have you ever considered building your very own? If you fancy a challenge and have a a few hours spare you can follow the instructions created by David Mellis. Who has created his very own cellphone using an Arduino GSM shield.

Mellis is a PhD student at the MIT media lab and a co-founder of the Arduino electronics prototyping platform and has created an awesome cellphone that users can be created with step-by-step instructions.

Cellphone Using An Arduino GSM Shield

As with any phone, on the Arduino GSM Shield cellphone allow you to store names and phone numbers, display the time, and serve as an alarm clock.

Cellphone Using An Arduino GSM Shield

The awesome DIY cellphone is capable of connecting to GSM networks in north america and uses a regular SIM card to make and receive phone calls and SMS messages and includes a display, buttons, speaker and microphone. All the instructions and hardware you require is over on the GitHub website and consists of around 60 electronic components, and a laser-cut enclosure.

Watch out Apple and Samsung there is a new phone on the Block.

Cellphone Using An Arduino GSM Shield

Source: Design Boom

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