Book holder for Your Bike

The performance book caddy allows people the ability to ride while read. The book caddy is perfect for all types of reading material and it can easily mount to any stationary or mountain bike. Although it can mount to any bike, it is much safer to use the book caddy for stationary bikes.

On moving bikes the book holder could be dangerous. On some websites the boo kholder has been referred to as a “cheap way to kill yourself.” However, the book holder is intended for indoor use, although it wouldn’t be surprising if some people attempted to use the caddy while on the road.

Via Uber Review

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  • Dave

    Why not go further and make one for drivers? A completely insane product.

  • roxy

    Couldnt agree more. LOL how ridiculious whats next a miror so you can shave while u ride ur bike?

  • Lisa

    Are you two really that ignorant? It was built for stationary bikes. That means health minded people can exercise for long periods and stimulate their minds at the same time. You two should try it sometime…