Bonobo Plywood Bike

A unique bike called the Bonobo has been created by  Polish designer Stanisław Płoski, and has been created using a moulded plywood frame rather than a traditional metal alloy one, that you would expect to see on a mountain bike.

The plywood frame was created by laminating strips of veneer together to create a curved lines of the upper and lower bars of the frame. The flexibility of the plywood frame would  definitely provide a very different ride sensation when compared to a rigid metal welded frame of a framed traditional bike.

Plywood Bike

The Bonobo plywood bike has been designed for urban cyclists who wish to ride comfortably and with style, and apart from the wooden frame everything else is standard bike kit with Shimano gearing and even Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

“The frame utilises natural properties of plywood – a natural composite material that is light, strong, and absorbs vibrations. Geometry of the bike ensures a relaxed riding position and lets the user experience the pure pleasure of cycling. Components were selected with simplicity and easy maintenance in mind.”

Source: Gadget Lab

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