Blizzard Details Diablo 3 1.0.8 Multiplayer Improvements

Diablo 3 is expected to be released on the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4, but in the meantime, PC players have yet to get the experience they have been wanting since its release, especially in co-op. But Blizzard is aware of this and has detailed its plans to improve the experience in its 1.0.8 update.
diablo-3 screen
Blizzard’s Wyatt Cheng says that the team will implementing a number of improvements. One of them is called Matchmaking Tags. He explained, “Patch 1.0.8 introduces the ability to specify what we call a “matchmaking tag” for Public Games,”. He said, “The way this new system will work is pretty simple: in addition to selecting a difficulty, quest, and MP level, you can also select a tag that will identify what kind of gameplay you’re looking for from a Public Game.”

There’s also an XP buff for multiplayer play that will also be introduced in update 1.0.8. “Many players have already figured out that if you coordinate well with your party, you’re more efficient. That’s definitely true, but we’d like this benefit to be more explicit. So, we’re going to straight up add a bonus for playing in multiplayer. We’re still working on the details of what that buff is going to be, but at the moment we’re looking at 10% more XP per extra player in the game for a maximum bonus of 30% more XP in a 4-player game.”

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