Blekko : New Search Engine Cuts Through Spam

With an investment of $25 million and three years of development a new search engine named Blekko is looking to revolutionise the way we search.

Spam sites seem to be listed in all major searches engine searches at the moment but Blekko is hoping to change this making our searches cleaner using a new search development called slash tags.


A slash tags tell Blekko to limit your search to a human curated category of websites. For example:

Learning about arrays in PHP? Type “arrays /php.” Need a good pumpkin pie recipe. Yup, you guessed it – append the /recipes slash tag.

In an effort to reduce the spam that is being created by content farms such as Demand Media. Blekko is hoping to combine large scale human curation combined with algorithmic techniques to bring the quality back.

Give it a go for yourself and let us know your thoughts,

Via Wired

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    Spam sites seem to be listed in all major searches engine searches