BlackBerry 10 Gets eBay App

If you buy and sell on eBay, the lack of an eBay app might have prevented you from buying the BlackBerry Z10. If that is the case, here is some good news. It has been announced that the eBay app has been added to BlackBerry World.
ebay app
It is not a native app and is a port from the Android version, but still should be valuable for those who use eBay all the time. All it takes is a few taps to place a bid or make an offer or buy an item that you want. You can also make a secure payment for your winning bid. Or get notifications when you are out bid. Basically everything you need to do ebay.

The eBay app for BlackBerry 10 will even track the shipment after you have paid. It’s a must have for the serious ebayer.

Source Phonearena

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