Bender Crochet Dolls Come With Cerveza

Ah Bender, a true metalhead with an attitude to boot. The most foul-mouthed ‘bot to ever be graced with artificial intelligence. Wait, what intelligence? Anyway, seen below are a couple of ‘baby’ Bender crochet dolls made 100% of yarn. No use kidding our readers, it’s not like we’re looking at a case of metallic exoskeleton covered in the soft stuff cats like to paw.

Bender Corchet

The creator named Mostly Nerdy Crochet was commissioned by a generous benefactor to make the pair seen north. Like all great things hand made it took a while to complete, but when it was, results were ‘Magnificent.’


The person who made this shared a brilliant attempt to index and collect Bender’s numerous “bite my…@$$” quotes. If the readers would oblige, especially the Futurama diehards out there, why not fill the comments section with the most colorful Benderisms?

Now some Zoidberg paper mache, that would really be something.


Source Mostly Nerdy Crochet




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