Autodesk Creates A 3D Model Of Its HQ Using An Octo-Copter And 2D Images (video)

Autodesk has this week released a demonstration of how its created a 3D model of its headquarters in San Rafael, California. using 2D images which it took using a Octo-Copter UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle). The technology used within the demonstration shows just how far 3D modelling has tralled since the first 3D rendering applications were introduced.

Autodesk 3D HQ

The Octo-Copter was equipped with Autodesks 123D Catch software, which has been designed to help simplify the process of making 3D models of large real-world structures.

Watch a video of the process and what was involved in the movie below. Enjoy! “This is our Mikrokopter Cinestar 8 used to capture still images and video for rendering purposes on our software 123D catch.”

Source: Autodesk : Gizmag

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