Warpia Debuts StreamEZ SWP700

Warpia has unveiled a new solution for making it easier to stream content from your PC to your TV. The new device is called the StreamEZ and plugs into the HDMI port on your notebook, desktop, or other device and streams content out to your TV. You can use the wireless streaming to shoot video from your Blu-ray player or game console out your TV as well.


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Kinect Grocery Cart Could Soon Prowl a Whole Foods Near You

Whole Foods has commissioned a very cool and high-tech shopping cart that could soon prowl the aisles of the store. The card uses a Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor mounted near where you would place your hands to push the cart. That sensor would be able to recognize a shopper’s loyalty card and follow them around the store with no input from the shopper.

Kinect for Windows shopping cart

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OCZ Debuts 1000W Fatal1ty PSU for PC Gamers

If you’re a computer enthusiast and gamer who likes to build your own computers, you may be familiar with the name OCZ. The company made its name with computer memory early on and then later stopped making computer memory and moved into power supplies and SSD’s where it found its place. OCZ has announced a new power supply for computers that use high end hardware inside called the 1000W Fatal1ty PSU.

OCZ 1000W Fatal1ty PSU

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Wild MinIon DNA Sequencer Needs a USB Port for Power

DNA sequencing sounds like something that needs a multimillion dollar machine and a major laboratory of a University or a government think tank lab. There might be some truth to that statement me, but later this year what may be the world’s smallest DNA sequencer is set to launch from a company called Oxford Nanopore.

MinIon DNA sequencer

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Pinterest NOPIN Code Aims to Avoid Copyright Issues

If you’re a huge fan of Pinterest, changes may be afoot. There has been a lot moaning and complaining that the site allows people to steal copyrighted materials when they pin images to their profile board. It seems Pinterest has decided to attack these supposed copyright issues head-on with unveiling of new code that blocks users from pinning things from a website.


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Taser and Looxcie Launch Axon Flex Camera

You might be familiar with the company called Looxie that makes the point of view video cameras. Looxie has teamed up with Taser, the people who make the non-lethal weapons for police officers and self-defense. The resulting product is called the Axon Flex and it is a small camera designed for police officers to wear.

Axion Flex

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