Crysis 3 Box Shot Leaks via Origin

If you’re a big fan of the EA and Crytek franchise Crysis you’ll get a thrill out of this even though the images are tiny and hardly gives anything away. If you bought an EA game lately, you probably have Origin running on your computer.

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Former Intel Worker Pleads Guilty to Document Theft

Way back in 2008 an engineer working at Intel named Swamohan Pani was employed at Intel’s Hudson, Massachusetts facility. The man turned in a notice that he was leaving Intel on May 29th, 2008 and requested June 11, 2008 to be his last day. What Intel didn’t know is that the man had taken a position with AMD and started that position on June 2.

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Sprint Confirms Unlimited 4G LTE Network

For a long time all the major wireless networks offered unlimited data. They offered that unlimited data because few people used their data thanks to the fact that most mobile phones sucked at data use. That all changed when the iPhone showed up. Once the iPhone showed up, most of the major carriers started crying foul because people were actually using their wireless connectivity.



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App Lets You Read All the Magazines You Want for $15

I am a big fan of digital books online iPad and Kindle Fire, but I haven’t tried any digital magazines or other digital publications though because I think it’s ridiculous that most publishers want the same price or more for digital version of the print magazines.

You’re not fooling me when it comes to your costs and digital publications and I refuse to subsidize failing print media.

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