Awesome Drag Race between 60s and 89 Batmobile

I was never a fan of the original 60s Batman series. It seemed like it was constantly on in the summers when I was a kid. I did watch the 89 Tim Burton movie and found it to cartoonish and over-the-top for my taste. I’m a much bigger fan of the gritty Christian Bale version of Batman.

Batmobile Race

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GeChic On-Lap 1302 Adds a Second Screen for Your Smartphone and More

The GeChic On-Lap 1302 is one of those gadgets that looks like it would be annoying and cool at the same time. It would be cool if you really need a larger second screen. Tablet or notebook to be able to get one, but it would be annoying having to deal with a 13.3-inch screen on the go. The screen needs cables and adapters to connect to your smartphone or other device.

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FAA Eyes Freeing up Gadget Restrictions on Flights

Other than irritating flight attendants and pilots, I’ve never understood what reasons airlines and the FAA have for banning the use of gadgets like tablets or other devices during taxiing and take off. The aircrew always tells you put away your gadgets until the plane is at flight altitude, which is annoying when the chances of anything on the market today interfere with avionics is slim.

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Queen 40th Anniversary Box Set Includes All Digital Tracks

I’m not exactly a fan of the band Queen, though there are a few songs that I like the band performs. The special edition 40th anniversary box set may not be my cup of tea, but if you’re a big fan, you’ll want pay attention because this is a pretty slick box set. One thing about this set is back you get no DVDs or CDs in this box set.

Queen Golden Orb

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Philips M100 Security Camera Lands at FCC

The FCC is where all the cool gadgets go ahead of their official announcement and launch. The FCC has to test to prove that devices using wireless connectivity and other things inside will not interfere with anything important like GPS. Philips has a new product that has landed at the FCC called the M100 Internet Security Camera.

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Angry Birds Join F1 Racing Team

Angry Birds Space was unveiled not long ago in cooperation with NASA directly from the ISS in orbit. Angry Birds is now taking to another extreme location, this time a Formula One racing track. Rovio has teamed up with F1 driver Heikki Kovalainen and the result is the coolest racing helmet in the history of helmets.

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UltraViolet DVD to Digital Conversion Tipped at $2-$4 per Disc

I say with honesty that I hope Walmart’s UltraViolet movie conversion service fails miserably. I really hope nothing but the worst for the retail giant and the studios are part of the scheme to charge users again for the movies they’ve already purchased. This is the plan to get consumers to come to Walmart stores to have their DVD or Blu-ray movies converted to digital versions and placed on the cloud.

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Digital Playground Hacked Exposing 40,000 Credit Card Numbers

Hackers were able to gain access to pornography website Digital Playground recently and made off with a very large number of plain text credit card numbers from users of the site. According to reports that hackers were able to steal 40,000 credit card numbers and other data including names, CCV numbers, and expiration dates. With those details, the credit card numbers could be used online.

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PS3 gets Netflix for Just for Kids in UK

Netflix has announced today that PS3 owners in the UK now have access to Netflix Just for Kids content. If you’re not familiar with Just for Kids content on Netflix, it’s a subsection where everything is appropriate for children. I made a direct link for my kids to watch on the computer when they want to, because you don’t have to worry that anything is going to be inappropriate.

Netflix Just for Kids

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