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2016 Cadillac CT6 Tipped to Use a Streaming Rear View Mirror


No matter what kind of car you drive, we can all relate to rear view mirrors that are at times are hard to use. The rear view mirror can be filled up with more seat and people’s heads that are behind you than vehicles traveling with you on the road in some cars. Cadillac has a new bit of tech that has been tipped to show up first on the 2016 Cadillac CT6 that will eliminate anything behind the drive but the car behind you.

The mirror will use some sort of streaming tech. What we are talking about here is a camera in the rear of the car that shows what’s behind you in the mirror without actually reflecting other things. The camera in the back will be a wide-angle unit that shows a large area behind the car.

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Man hacks DeLoreans into Monster Truck and More


One of the most well known movie cars in all of Hollywood is the stainless steel DeLorean that was turned into a time machine by Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Those stainless steel cars were the stuff of car guy dreams back in the 80s even though the performance under the hood failed to live up to the cool style of the cars.

A man named Rich Weissensel has taken several not quite pristine examples of the DeLorean and turned them into some wild creations. One of the DeLorean’s is now a big monster truck fit for squashing terrorists on your way to 88mph. Rich has also built a hovercraft out of a DeLorean. The strangest of the creations he has made is a stretch DeLorean limo that has three sets of the famous gull wing doors.

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Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Models Unveiled


Aston Martin has been making high-end luxury sports cars for decades now. To celebrate the 60th birthday of its Newport Pagnell facility in Buckinghamshire, Aston Martin has unveiled new limited edition anniversary model called the Works 60th Anniversary models. There will be only six of the special cars produced with each tied to one of the six decades the facility has been around.

One of the coolest touches for each of the six models is that they will feature dash rings that are made using metal recycled from the pistons of a vehicle from each of those six decades. Each of the six special cars will have sill plates that list the decade the metal was recaptured from.

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NuDown Jackets Keep You Warm using Air


When it comes to jackets for winter weather, how thick they are depends on where in the world you live. If you live in the frozen wastes, you need a thick jacket to keep you warm. Often those thick jackets are filled with down or something called Primaloft. Whatever is inside, they are bulky and difficult to pack away when you travel.

A company called NuTech has unveiled a new line of jackets called NuDown that promises to be very thin, yet keep you warm using nothing but air for insulation. The jacket in the image is an old model, the new version promises to ditch the bubble look and go with something smoother.

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Infiniti Q60 Concept Teased ahead of 2015 Reveal


Infiniti plans to show off an all-new sports coupe concept at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Ahead of that official unveiling, Infiniti has offered up a single teaser image of the concept car called the Infiniti Q60 Concept. The image is only the silhouette of the car and doesn’t reveal much about the vehicle or its style. What we do know is that this is a coupe.

Infiniti brags about well-defined contours and muscular lines. The car has larger wheels that are pushed out to the corners of the vehicle. This is common practice with cars today since it gives more interior room with the wheels as far to the corners of the car as possible.

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Porsche 911 GT3 RS spied in a Winter Wonderland


Car guys and gals always like to see pictures of unannounced new cars when they hit the web. When those unannounced cars are cool sports cars, all the better for car peeps. Case in point are some images of a handful of Porsche 911 GT3 RS cars that were spied during winter testing somewhere in Europe. There were at least four of the cars in the winter convoy and they were all almost identical clad in all black.

You can tell from the large rear spoiler that the car is meant for track use. The rear quarter panels of the car also have air intakes to keep the big 4.0L flat-six cool in high sped operations. One of the more interesting touches are the vented front fenders that appear to be to help get air out of the fender well area and reduce lift at speed.

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Airbag recalls expand for Japanese Automakers


Three major Japanese automakers have been forced again to expand an airbag recall. Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi have announced that recalls for potentially defective Takata airbags have been expanded. Nissan has announced that it will be expanding its recall to cover the Presage, X-Trail, and other models totaling 83,000 vehicles in Japan.

The Nissan recall is going to be expanded in North America as well, but details haven’t been made public. Honda has now recalled 400,000 vehicles around the world due to the airbag issue including Fit, Stream, CR-V and other car models. That number includes 175,000 vehicles in Japan, 6,000 in North America (none of that number is in the US), 16,000 in South America, 100,000 in Europe, 70,000 in Asia, and an additional 30,000 recalled in other regions.

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Bloodhound Supersonic Car Hybrid Rocket Motor Test Fired


We have talked about the Bloodhound rocket car in the past. Bloodhound isn’t your typical car; this is a vehicle aiming to go 1000mph on the ground using a rocket engine for propulsion. Last time we spoke of the Bloodhound was last summer when we got a look at the shape of the vehicle and its cockpit.

This week the hybrid rocket engine that will be used on the car was tested by Nammo. Nammo is the rocket provider for the Bloodhound team. The test firing of the hybrid rocket lasted ten second and went off with no issues. During the test, the engine produced three tons of thrust. The test was ended by closing the oxidizer valve on the motor.

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Volvo XC90 T8 Has the Power of a SUV and Economy of a Compact


Volvo has unveiled a new model that will slot into the XC90 lineup called the XC90 T8. The T8 version of the car is a plug-in hybrid that has plenty of seating space for seven people yet offers the fuel efficiency and emissions of a much smaller car. The XC90 T8 uses Volvo Twin Engine technoglyo combining a gasoline engine with an electric motor.

The gasoline engine is a small 2.0L 4-cylinder that uses both a supercharger and a turbocharger to develop 318hp and 400nm of torque. The electric propulsion system adds in more power bringing the total to 400hp and 640nm of torque. The battery pack inside the car is in the central tunnel to leave all the people and cargo space in place. The battery is a 65kW unit and it powers an 82hp electric motor.

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Bondic Glue is Like Welding with Plastic


Super glue is a pain to use. It smells really bad and if you use too much your parts won’t stick together. Use too little the parts won’t stick together right either. The problem I have always had was that the glue always seemed to dry too quickly. A new type of glue has debuted called Bondic and the creators say don’t think of it as glue as much as welding with plastic.

Bondic comes out of a tube in liquid form and once hardened it can be sanded and painted. It hardens with exposure to a UV light source. Until it’s exposed to UV light, it remains a workable liquid. No drying too fast for Bondic as can happen with super glue. This also means that if you forget to cap the tube, it will never dry out.

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Mazda Airbag Recall Doubles to 87,000 Units


Mazda is one of the many automakers that has been hit by massive numbers of recalls due to defective airbags. The company who made most of these defective airbags is called Takata. Mazda was forced this week to add more territories and states to the recall list in the US bringing the total number of cars covered to 87,000.

The defective Takata airbags have inflators that have been linked to five deaths after exploding and shooting shards into the car. Globally Takata airbags are the reason for millions of vehicle recalls. The newly added areas in the US for recall include Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, as well as US territories Guam, Saipan and American Samoa. Previously the recall only covered vehicles sold in Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the US Virgin Islands.

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Solar Jackets from Tommy Hilfiger Charge Smartphones on the Go


Clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger has teamed up with solar panel company called Pvilion to design a limited edition jacket with versions for men and women. The jackets are made in a tartan design and have removable solar panels on the back. Those solar panels are flexible and are intended to charge a battery pack inside one of the front pockets.

That battery pack has a pair of USB ports for connecting to your mobile device. The battery pack apparently has around 6,000 mAh of power inside. It’s unclear exactly how long it will take to charge the battery pack using solar power along, likely a long time. What we do know is that the battery pack is removable so you can plug it into an outlet to charge fully for use on the go.

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