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daWindci Deluxe Game Hits Android for the First Time


Android gamers have a new game to check out this weekend. The game is called daWindci Deluxe and it won the Apple Design Award. The version that is on Google Play right now is daWindci Deluxe and sells for $1.99. The game lets players draw weather on the screen using their finger to control the path of a hot air balloon on screen.

The goal is to navigate different obstacles without crashing. There are 25 different hot air balloon designs to choose from. Players can go on 50 missions in search of different items and puzzles. The game has a “calming” soundtrack that players can listen too.

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Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Coming this Holiday Season


Back in January, we first talked about the Polaroid Socialmatic digital camera. Polaroid has now announced that the camera will hit stores in time for holiday shopping this year. The camera s designed and manufactured by Socialmatic LLC and uses the Polaroid name under license. The camera is an instant camera like those Polaroid made famous in the 80’s, but for the digital generation.

The Socialmatic has a 14MP front camera and a 2MP rear camera sensor. The front camera has LED flash and on the back of the camera is a 4.5-inch LCD. The big feature of the camera is an integrated printer that allows users to instantly print 2×3″ photos right from the camera. Photos taken with the camera can be stored to 4GB of internal storage or microSD cards.

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Beach Buggy Racing hits Google Play


If you ever played the Android game called Beach Buggy Blitz, the official sequel to that game has now landed on Google Play. The game is called Beach Buggy Racing and it comes from Vector Unit. The game is a free download and it is supported with in-game purchases.

Beach Buggy Racing is an off-road racing game that lets players drive little karts through 12 different 3D rendered tracks. Those tracks can be played in six different game modes against a number of other racers. A wide range of racing karts are available from monster trucks to lunar rovers. Those karts can also be customized and players can pickup powerups.

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Heli Hell App lets You Destroy Enemies from the Air


Android gamers have a new app that reminds me a lot of some of the video games I grew up with in the 80s; the new game is called Heli Hell. The app puts you behind the controls of four different helicopters as you strafe and blow up enemy vehicles. One of the coolest things about the game is that the weapons are upgradable on the helicopters.

You will get to upgrade 16 different weapons including mini guns, rockets, and cannons. During the game players will fight over 30 different enemy forces and battle large bosses. Like the games from the 80’s, you will need to destroy the bosses to move on to the next level. The graphics on Android devices are much better than any games from the 80s.

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Twitch Chat Malware is Targeting Steam Users via Fake Raffle Invites


Twitch is a popular platform that gamers use to stream and watch live game play with some popular video games. A security firm called F-Secure has announced that a new malware specifically targeting Steam users is making the rounds via Twitch Chat. The malware is tricking gamers into clicking links that lead to malicious content by claiming that gamers can win prizes in a raffle.

The raffle promises prizes like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items. When that link is clicked, gamers typically see a Java program that asks for basic information, a congratulations message, and a malicious Windows binary file is installed that tries to steal Steam wallet credentials. The malware is being called “Eskimo” by F-Secure.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Pre-order Price Slashed


It has only been a few days since the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact went up for pre-order in the UK. When that device hit pre-order earlier this week, it was going to cost you £429 directly from Sony. If that price was a bit too rich for your blood, Clove in the UK is now taking pre-orders as well.

The good news is that Clove has substantially discounted the new Sony smartphone with pre-orders going for £349 including VAT. If you previously pre-ordered from Clove and paid the higher price, the new pricing will be applied to your order. The company expects the first batch of devices to land in stores later this month.

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Spider-Man Unlimited Brings all the Spideys


Android gamers who are fans of Spider-Man will want to check out a new game that has launched called Spider-Man Unlimited. The game is sort of like Temple Run with some notable exceptions. Rather than being an endless runner, this game lets players fight the Sinister Six, run up walls, and sling webs.

One of the coolest parts about this game is that it looks like a hand-drawn comic graphically and will come in issues with different enemies to fight. The premise of the game is that Spidey heads to NYC to fight the Sinister Six and the bad guys have opened some sort of dimensional portal allowing them to bring in unlimited versions of themselves.

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EA SimCity BuildIt Heads to iOS and Android


If you have ever played SimCity on the PC, you are familiar with what many consider one of the best simulation games out there. SimCity has been popular for many years and has even been integrated into the curriculum in some schools to help teach city planning and more. EA has announced that it is bringing SimCity to mobile devices for the first time.

The mobile game is called SimCity BuildIt and it is designed to let mobile users build, craft, and plan virtual cities. EA is keeping some details of the mobile game a secret. For instance, we don’t know if players will get to destroy their cities with natural disasters as you can in the PC version of the game.

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T-Mobile Announces Guaranteed Best Trade Value for Smartphones


T-Mobile is fighting the larger carriers in the wireless world for market share and it has been increasingly successful in luring customers from larger carriers. One of the ways T-Mobile has done this so far is by offering better pricing on devices and plans. T-Mobile has just announced another way that it plans to try to lure new customers to its service- guaranteed best trade in prices.

T-Mobile has offered a new trade-in program that guarantees customers will get the best trade value for their devices in the industry. The way the new trade-in program will work is T-Mo will monitor the market to offer the best trade in prices. if a customer trades-in a device at T-Mobile and then sees a better trade in offer, T-Mobile will match that offer.

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Cyborg Unplug Kicks Devices off Your Network Automatically


Some people don’t think much about their privacy when it comes to devices that require WiFi connectivity like cameras or recording devices. Other folks take privacy very seriously and if you fall into that latter category, you may like the Cyborg Unplug device. Cyborg Unplug is a gadget that you plug into a wall outlet and it sniffs wireless networks around you for anything that might violate your privacy.

That means anything from WiFi cameras and voice recorders to Google Glass wearables. When the Cyborg device finds one of these potential privacy violators, it sends out “de-authentication” signals to knock the device off the local network. The device was presumably made to work on networks you own in the home or office.

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HTC One mini 2 gets Pretty in Pink


HTC has announced that the One mini 2 has launched in a new color, and that new color is pink. The pink version of the smartphone will be a Carphone Warehouse exclusive in the UK starting in October. The smartphone will be the same hardware and the only difference between it and the existing versions is the color.

The One mini 2 has dual front speakers with HTC BoomSound for powerful audio. It also supports HTC BlinkFeed to give users important news and social updates on the home screen of the device. The front camera on the smartphone is a 5MP unit. The pink version of the phone will sell for £379.95 SIM free or no cost on a £20 monthly plan. With the addition of pink the One mini 2 is now offered in pink, gold, silver, and grey.

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Acer Liquid Z500 is a Budget Smartphone


Acer has announced a new budget smartphone offering called the Liquid Z500 at IFA 2014. The smartphone is aimed at entertaining users on the go and offers CD-quality audio. Considering there are lots of devices with significantly more audio performance, it will be hard for some folks to see the upside in CD quality.

Granted, the smartphone is a budget offering and it will sell for 149 Euros when it is available in EMEA starting on September 15. Acer hasn’t offered up all the hardware details for the device, we do know it has a 5-inch HD IPS screen with a 900:1 contrast ratio. It also has a rear camera with 8MP resolution.

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