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2016 Range Rover Sport HST gets upgraded engine


Range Rover Sport HST

Range Rover has added a new Range Rover Sport HST to the lineup that gets an updated supercharged V6 engine. The Sport HST will fit into the Range Rover Sport line above the base 340PS model and below the uprated 550PS model. It will slip between those two vehicles using a supercharged V6 producing 380PS.

The new addition gives Range Rover Sport buyers something to choose that has more power than the base model, but is more efficient than the top of the line version. The Sport HST will be available to purchase in limited markets including North America, China, Russia, and the Middle East. The HST has an updated exterior and other interior touches to set it apart.

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Robotech Live Action Movie in the Works from Sony Pictures


Anime fans will be glad to hear that Sony Pictures has secured the rights for a live action feature film based on the anime series Robotech. The first time that the film rights were purchased, Warner Bros. was the movie house behind the film. The project stalled with Warner even though some big names reportedly showed interest in the project, including Leonardo DiCaprio.

With Sony Pictures picking up the rights, the company is moving fast to go into production on the film. Producers Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton are attached to the film already. Canton was a producer on “300” and “The Immortals.” The scriptwriter for the feature film is Michael Gordon, the man who wrote “300” and “GI Joe.”

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Ford Focus RS debuts in North America


Ford has already gone official with the new Focus RS sports car that will be coming to the States for the first time as a 2016 model. The Focus RS has been available in Europe for a long time, leaving Ford fans in the US jealous. The Focus RS has made its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show and this marks the first time that the RS has been on American soil.

The hot hatch uses a 2.3L EcoBoost engine that produces over 315 hp that goes to the ground via an all-wheel drive system. For the drivers out there that like to get sideways, Ford has included a special Drift Mode in the car to make it easier to get sideways. Ford also has a launch control built-in that will allow the driver to launch better at the track.

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Jaguar F-Type Gets Manual Transmission Option for 2016


One of the most successful cars that Jaguar has is its F-type sports car. This car is available in coupe and convertible forms and is selling well for the automaker. To keep that sales momentum going, Jag has announced that it is adding in more standard features to the F-Type and some new options. One of those features is a big deal to driving purists.

The most important of the new options that buyers can get is a stick shift. Drivers can now purchase the car with all-wheel drive as well. New standard features for the 2016 model year vary depending on the version buyers opt for but include things like panoramic glass roof for the coupe, 14-way power drivers sat, and high-end audio systems.

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Google Nexus Player Hits UK this Week


The Google Nexus Player has been available in the US, Canada, and Japan for a while now. If you are a fan of the Nexus Player in the UK who has been waiting to get hands on the device, your wait will end this week. Amazon UK has listed the device for pre-order at a price of £79.99 and the shipping date is listed as March 26.

The device will have all the same features in the UK that it has in the rest of the world. It is light on connectivity with only a USB connector, HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connectivity is used for the included remote control and to connect an optional game controller. That optional game controller sells for £34.99.

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Lotus unveils 20th Anniversary Special Edition Elise


The very first Lotus Elise was seen in 1995 when the car was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show. The car looked like an exotic, but has been powered by 4-cylinder engines that don’t produce that much power. Luckily, for Lotus fans, the cars have always been more about handling than raw power and the Elsie has always been a lightweight model focused on handling.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Elise, Lotus has unveiled a special edition that replaced the Elise Club S Racer in the line. Lotus’ special edition is called the Elise 20th Anniversary Special Edition and it has some special touches. The car is a bit lighter than the current Elise S Club Racer at 2015 pounds.

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Volvorii E-Ink Shoe is Completely Customizable


It seems like every time I turn around my wife is buying another pair of shoes. I never understand the need to have six pairs of black shoes, but that doesn’t stop her. A new high tech shoe for the ladies has turned up on Indiegogo called the Volvorii Timeless and it is possibly the highest tech shoe you have ever seen and could take the place of multiple pairs of shoes.

The high heel shoe has integrated flexible E-ink screens all around that allow the wearer to customize the color and pattern of the shoe. It appears the color range is black, white, and grey tones. Wearers can even add patterns to the shoe if they want. The coolest part is that the color and pattern is controlled via integrated Bluetooth LE tech and an app on a smartphone.

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Tegstove Cooks Meals and Charges Smartphones


Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors has to be able to cook so they can eat while away from home. Another big challenge is to find a way to keep electronic devices like smartphones charged up and working while enjoying the outdoors. Battery packs only last a while when they can’t be charged making larger external batteries less than ideal.

A new product on Indiegogo aims to let you cook meals and charge your devices as long as your supply of butane gas holds out called the Tegstove. The device uses a thermo electric generator to make electricity. That electricity is used to charge an internal battery that can then be used to keep your gadgets charged.

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Clover Wallet Carries Keys, Cards, and Cash


I have always carried my wallet in my front pocket. I hate sitting on it and prefer it up front. I also like to have as little in my pockets as possible. I have one pocket in the front for my smartphone leaving the other for wallet, keys, and anything else I need to carry with me. I’d really like to ditch the keys when I can, but I need them.

This is where the Clover Wallet comes in. The slick Clover Wallet is made from aluminum and it has a space with an elastic band to hold credit cards and cash. It also has slots on the back that allow it to hold multiple keys.

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Pioneer AVH-4100NEX Android Auto/Apple CarPlay head unit ships for $700


A bunch of aftermarket car audio firms have been working on bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to market for folks to upgrade their existing car audio system with a new one that supports the Android and Apple tech. This is much cheaper than buying a new car that supports CarPlay or Android Auto right out of the box.

That isn’t saying that these aftermarket CarPlay and Android Auto radios are cheap, Pioneer’s new offering starts at $700 for the entry-level AVH-4100NEX. The good news is that the head unit supports both Apple and Google tech and the user doesn’t have to do anything but plug a supported smartphone into the radio.

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Working Toyota 5-speed Transmission Made with 3D Printer


Back in January, a mechanical engineer named Eric Harrell from California 3D printed something very cool. What he made using his 3D printer was a working replica of a Toyota 22RE 4-cylinder engine. Now he has made another Toyota drivetrain component to go along with that engine, and this time it’s a working 3D printed transmission.

The transmission is a 5-speed manual Toyota transmission that is made to match up with his 22RE 3D printed engine. The 3D printed transmission even shifts and has moving components inside. The only thing left for the engineer to 3D print now is a small car that the engine and trans can go in. Not all of the components inside the transmission came off the 3D printer though.

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Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Courts Budget Shoppers with 64-bit Dreams


Samsung has pulled the wraps off another smartphone this week and this time it’s not a fancy high-end device like the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. This new smartphone is aimed at the shoppers out there who are on a budget and need something that is easy on the wallet, it’s called the Galaxy Win 2.

The big draw here is that the smartphone uses a 64-bit compatible quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU. That CPU is mated with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. Internal storage can be expanded using memory cards if needed. The screen is a 4.5-inch unit with a resolution of 480 x 800.

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