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Honda Civic Type R gets Official


We have talked a bit about the Honda Civic Type R the car was teased last month ahead of its official debut. That official debut has now happened and we know just about all there is to know about the Civic Type R at this point. One of the key features of the car is its all-new 2.0L VTEC Turbo engine.

Honda says that the turbo four offers more torque, power, and response than any previous Honda production car engine. The little turbo engine produces 310PS and 400Nm of torque. The engine redlines at 7000 rpm and can push the car from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds.

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Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Gets More Aero and Power


Lamborghini has unveiled a new version of its ultimate supercar, the Aventador in Geneva. The new version of the car is called the Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce and it packed 750 metric horsepower under the hood. That equates to about 739hp from the 6.5L V12 engine here in the States. While the power bump is nice, what is really important about this more track tuned Aventador is weight reduction and aerodynamics.

Lamborghini put the SV on a diet and pared 110 pounds from the normal Aventador thanks to using more carbon fiber and ditching the infotainment system. You can add that infotainment system back into the car as a no cost option if you want.

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Nikon Outs D7200 DSLR with 24.2MP Resolution


Nikon has rolled out an all-new DSLR camera that is the successor to the D7100 DSLR. The new camera is called the D7200 and it is a DX format DSLR built for photographers looking for a high performance camera in a lightweight package. The D7200 has a 24.2MP CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter. The camera also has a higher buffer capacity than the D7100 it replaces.

That higher buffer capacity means that the D7200 can shoot 18 consecutive RAW 14-bit lossless images, 27 12-bit compressed images, or 100 JPEG images. The camera can also shoot 6 fps continuously or 7fps in 1.3x crop mode. The camera has a 51-point autofocus system and integrated WiFi and NFC.

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Grifta Game Controller Hits Kickstarter


When it comes to gaming on consoles or mobile devices, there are more controllers out there than you can shake a stick at. Most of them are similarly designed and feel about the same in the hand. It’s nice to have one controller you can use for gaming with your console and with your mobile device.

A game controller called the Grifta has turned up on Kickstarter that will work for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. In addition to those four consoles, it also works with Windows PCs and Android devices. You do need a XIM adapter for the controller to work with the PS4, and either Xbox console.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge may actually be the Galaxy S Dual Edge and lack notifications


There are already some smartphones on the market today that have edges that are curved. Samsung makes one of these devices and those curved edges are made to show user notifications that can be seen without being right above the device. Rumors have been circulating for a while that Samsung is working on another smartphone with curved edges.

So far, we have known the device as the Galaxy S6 Edge, but a new report from industry sources claims that won’t be the name after all. According to industry sources, Samsung will call the smartphone the Galaxy S Dual Edge.

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Red Baron: War of Planes Lands on Android Devices


Android gamers have a cool new game to check out that is available in a free and a paid version. The game is called Red Baron: War of Planes and is a flight combat simulator with two modes. The modes include simulation and arcade. The only difference between the free and paid version of the game appears to be ads you have to look at on the free version.

If you hate ads, the paid version will set you back $1.64. That is a rather odd amount for a game. There are 20 missions in the two game modes. Players will protect allies, chase targets, and eliminate opponents in the air. You will get to fly five different warplanes including the Halberstadt, AGO, Pfalz, Albatros CIII, Fokker Dr.I.

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Google Bans Adult Content on Blogger Starting in late March


Google has made an announcement that will have some implications for some blogs and readers of sites that use Blogger. As of March 23 of this year, Google will no longer allow Blogger users to share images or video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity. That means all the porn blogs that currently use Blogger will have to go somewhere else.

Rather than simply deleting the blogs using Blogger that have explicit material, Google will make those blogs private so the images and video won’t be found in public searches. Private content is only viewable by the owner of the site, admins, and users the blog shares pages with.

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Refreshed 2016 Range Rover Evoque gets Official


Earlier this month Range Rover teased the refreshed 2016 Evoque SUV ahead of its official debut. That official debut has now come and all the details of the 2016 Evoque are now available. Range Rover has refreshed the car on the outside and inside. Buyers can also choose two new diesel engine options for the SUV.

On the outside, the 2016 Evoque gets a new front bumper, two new grille designs, and all-LED headlights. There are three new alloy wheel designs to choose from and some changes have been made inside as well. The 2016 Evoque gets new color options on the interior and new seats and door casings.

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Cuddle Clones will Build you a Weird Stuffed Replica of your Pet


Many people around the world are crazy about their pets and treat them like children. There is nothing wrong with that mind you. The problem for people who fall deeply in love with their pet is that pets have very short lives compared to humans. That means the inevitable death of the pet. A company called Cuddle Clones has a weird way to help people deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

Cuddle Pets can make you a very accurate stuffed replica of your pet that you can have and hold. The replica is made from images of the pet you upload to the company. As you can see in the image here, the stuffed replicas look very much like the real pets. There is no reason you have to wait until your pet dies to get a cuddle pet either.

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Hello Barbie Doll Talks Back to Your kid Over WiFi


Mattel has been making the Barbie doll for decades now and the doll has more stuff than you can shake a stick at. Girls and boys have played with the dolls for generations and Mattel has a new version of the Barbie that is packed with high tech gear made by a company called ToyTalk. The toy is called Hello Barbie and it uses WiFi to connect to the internet and records your child’s conversations with the toy.

Not only does the doll record the conversations you kid has with it, but it will also email you the conversations. The toy has a microphone, speaker, and a small embedded computer with a battery good for an hour of play. When a button on the belt buckle is pressed, Barbie wakes up.

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Nissan Coats Cars in Glow-in-the-Dark Paint


Nissan has been putting in some interesting work with vehicle paint. Not too long ago the automaker was working on paint that cleaned itself to make cars that didn’t need to be washed as often. Nissan is now working on paint for some of its cars that glows at night. The first car to get the glowing paint is a Nissan Leaf.

The car looks like something you would see at a black light party with a blue tinge. Nissan thinks that its glowing paint would last on the car for up to 25 years. The reason that the paint was used on an electric Leaf first is to underscore the fact that the Leaf is an electric vehicle.

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Lightors Batteries Recharge via USB up to 500 Times


There are plenty of rechargeable batteries on the market today including some from the largest battery firms out there. The thing that most of those batteries have in common is that they need a big charger that plugs into the wall and that charger is hard to take with you when travelling. We have seen batteries in the past that recharge via USB ports and a new battery that uses USB ports for power has turned up on Kickstarter.

The battery is called Lightors and the big feature for the battery is that it will survive up to 500 charge cycles. That means you can charge it, deplete the charge, and charger it again up to 500 times. Lightors might not be the first battery to charge via USB, but that is a nice feature.

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