Wicked Lasers Flashtorch is Bright Enough to Start Fires

Wicked Lasers has been producing a line of laser pointers for years that are powerful enough to melt plastic and pop balloons. The company has announced its new Flashtorch flashlight that is designed to be used as a normal flashlight that can do some interesting things. Flashtorch has up to 4100 lumens of light and is bright enough to start a fire.


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Logitech Ultrathin Magnetic Clip-On Keyboard Cover Gets Redesigned

Logitech unveiled its ultrathin keyboard cover for the iPad a while back. The cover is available for several iPad models. The company has now announced that it has redesigned the Ultrathin keyboard cover to make it more flexible and easier to take with you on the road. The redesigned keyboard cover is lighter and thinner than the previous model.


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Beats Music Now Sells Subscriptions from its iOS App

Beats Music started selling subscriptions online earlier this year. The company has been offering an app for the iPhone for a while to allow fans to listen to the service on their mobile device. One thing that Beats Music didn’t allow on that app was the buying of a subscription. The reason for this was that Apple keeps 30% of all subscription fees and sales made from the App Store.


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Hitman Go launches on iOS

A new mobile video game has landed for iOS gamers called Hitman Go. This is a game in the Hitman franchise and gives fans a different type of Agent 47 experience. Hitman Go is a turn based strategy game that has players trying to get Agent 47 through fixed settings.


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Getac T800 tablet is rugged and has 8.1-inch screen

Getac has announced a new rugged tablet called the T800 that runs Windows 8.1 Pro. The new tablet has an 8.1-inch screen in a device that is 9 x 6 inches in size. The tablet is aimed at users in the utility, military, field service, and transportation industries that need a tablet that can survive the weather and outdoors and is usable.


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The Last of Us Remastered Launches June 20 Says Best Buy and Others

Fans of the video game The Last of Us on the PS3 have been waiting in anticipation for more details of the game coming to the PS4. So far, we have had rumors abut the game launching on the PS4 sometime this summer. Not too long ago, a trailer for the remastered version of the game for the PS4 turned up. That trailer didn’t offer any game play footage though.


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Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth in Development

Sid Meier has been making cool video games for many years. He is most famous for the Civilization series that always users to build up a civilization from the time of farming and swords up to futuristic robots and aircraft. This week 2K and Firaxis Games announced that the next game in the Civilization franchise is in development. The game will be for Windows PCs and will be called Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth.


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Sprint WeGo Lets Parents and Kids Stay connected

Many parents don’t want to give a kid a smartphone for their first mobile device. Some younger children may have a hard time using a smartphone with more complex functions. Sprint has a new device called the WeGo that is aimed at helping kids stay connected and parents informed. The WeGo has launched on the Sprint network.


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RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Hits iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Mobile gamers that like to play games on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch have a new game to check out today. The game is RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile and it is available for download right now for $2.99 on iTunes. The launch of the game for the iOS devices marks the first mobile version of the game. Players can create their own amusement park to lure in visitors.


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Akitio Thunder2Quad External Storage Device has Thunderbolt 2 connectivity

Akitio is a company that makes a wide range of storage devices and it has announced a new product this week. The new product is called the Akitio Thunder2Quad and it is a quad bay external storage solution. The device connects to computers via a Thunderbolt 2 port for the fastest data transfer possible. Akitio equips it with two ports so that users can daisy chain the device with other Thunderbolt 2 products like displays.


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Garmin Edge 1000 Cycling Computer Breaks Cover

Garmin makes navigation products specifically for just about any method of travel you can think of. The company has GPS devices for cars, planes, and motorcycles. It also offers GPS devices for bicyclists. The latest cycling computer from Garmin has turned up and it is called the Edge 1000. This is the top of the line cycling computer that Garmin offers.


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