Snapseed For Android Launching Soon?

Snapseed the awesome iOS applications and photography filters created by Nik Software and which was recently acquired by Google, may be launching a new Snapseed Android version very soon.

If images snapped in Snapseed and published to Google+ by Google’s very own Vic Gundotra, are anything to go by, however no details on how the images was taken have been released as yet.


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Chameleon 1.1 Smart Launcher For Android Unveiled (video)

Teknision has rolled out a new video for its Chameleon 1.1 Smart Launcher application currently under development for Android this week, after a number of users requested that the application should include more widgets.

The new Chameleon 1.1 now supports regular Android app widgets, even thought they are “extremely limited interactivity and poor adaptive layout” say its creators. Watch the video after the jump to see a sneak peak of the new Chameleon 1.1 software.


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The M Lamp Rechargeable LED 2700 K Lamp Hits Kickstarter

If you are looking for something a little more aesthetically  pleasing than your current torch, you might be interested in the new M Lamp which has landed on the crowd funding Kickstarter website.

The M Lamp has taken its inspiration from the olden day miners lamp, and has given the design a modern twist, together with some of the latest technology available. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the M Lamp project and see it in action.

M Lamp

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Blizzard’s Mists of Pandaria Expansion Brings 1 Million Subscribers Back To WoW

Blizzards World of Warcraft has been out for some eight years now after being originally launched back in November of 2004, but recently the huge MMORPG, which once had 12 million players had recently started to lose players, losing over 1 million subscribers in the past three months.

However with the launch of their new WoW Mists of Pandaria expansion for the game, Blizzard has now been able to entice players back and has just added another million subscribers to its books.

Mists of Pandaria

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Razer Project Fiona High Spec Gaming Tablet Moves Into Production (video)

Earlier this month Razer set fans of its Project Fiona gaming tablet a goal to Like the Facebook page Razer setup with 10,000 Likes/Shares. On hitting the goal Razer would then consider moving the Razer Project Fiona gaming tablet into production.

Well Razer got its 10,000 Facebook fans an is now looking to more the production of their high specification gaming tablet to the next stage. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Razer Fiona project and see it in action.

Razer Project Fiona

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Larklife Wireless Fitness Tracker Announced

Lark the company that originally created the Lark fitness tracker, has today announced the arrival of a new device called the Larklife, which has been designed to track and record your diet, fitness, and stress.

The Larklife system consists of  two tracking wristbands and a free iOS application, that records the data from the wireless wristbands and then guides people to be more productive everyday.


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Nokia Transport Beta App Updated For Windows Phone

Today Nokia has released a new update for its Nokia Transport beta application on Windows Phone, which brings with it a number of new addition, tweaks and fixes.

Major new updates include the addition of a newly designed users interface together with more intelligent auto-predictions of likely destinations, and now the beta app prioritises transport stations in its search results for users.

Nokia Transport App

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BBC iPlayer Radio Service And iOS App Launches, Android App Arriving Soon

The BBC has today launched a new radio only web service in the form of the new BBC iPlayer Radio website, which will provide users with access to a dedicted pages for all the BBC’s radio channels and shows.

The new BBC iPlayer Radio Service includes individual home pages for each radio station with catch-up features for each, to make sure you never miss out on your favourite radio program again.

BBC iPlayer Radio

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YouTube Expands Original Content With Additional Channels From Europe (video)

YouTube has this week added a number of new original content channels from Europe, expanding its already existing and growing line-up of original content.

The new YouTube channels too be added to the list include topics such as sports, music, comedy, news, animation, local cuisine, health and wellness. Adding to the already 100 original channels available to YouTube viewers and increasing it to 160 channels.

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Halloween Costume App Adds Awesome Digital Special Effect To Your Outfit (video)

If you are still wondering what to wear this Halloween, this awesome Halloween Costume iPhone App might be able to help you make up your mind. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the the Halloween iOS app and see the effects it can create.

The awesome Halloween application for iPhone has been created by Digital Dudz and comes with a number of Tshirts and extras you can purchase.

Halloween iPhone App

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