Assassin’s Creed Movie To Be Released In “Next Coming Year” Reveals Ubisoft Exec

After recently launching earlier this month Assassins Creed  3 clocked up sales of more than 3.5 million copies in its first week, showing that the series of games is still welcome and in demand by gamers worldwide.

Following on from this news Ubisoft chief sales and marketing officer Geoffroy Sardin revealed to GamesIndustry International, that a new Assassin’s Creed Movie will be released in “the next coming year”.

Assassin’s Creed Movie

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Official Predators Android Game Launches (video)

If you are a fan of the Predator movies and games you might be pleased to learn that a new official Predators game has just landed in the Google Play Store, which is based on the latest Predator movie.

The new Predator game for Android has been optimised for the Xperia Play and Nvidia Tegra equipped devices. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the new Predator game  and see it in action.

Android Predators

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Microsoft SkyDrive Website Crashes Opera Browsers With NULL Characters

Users of Mozilla’s Opera browser might be wise to stay away from Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service for the time being, as it’s been discovered that the SkyDrive website is capable of crashing Opera’s desktop browser with NULL commands.

The SkyDrive code includes over 2 million NULL characters, causing the Opera browser to hang and use 100 percent system processor resources, as the browser trys to interpret the NULL values.

SkyDrive Opera

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Awesome Vibrative Virtual Keyboard Concept For The iPhone (video)

We have featured a number of great keyboards here on Geeky gadgets over the years but student Florian Krautli has created an awesome prototype of a Vibrative Virtual Keyboard for Apple’s iPhone smartphone.

The Vibrative Virtual Keyboard uses the iPhone’s accelerometer sensor to “measure the amplitude of tiny vibrations that emerge when a person is ‘typing’ on a hard surface.”  Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Vibrative Virtual Keyboard project and see it in action.

Vibrative Virtual Keyboard

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Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition Launches For iOS Devices

Lantronix has this week launched a new version of its XPrintServer  in the form of an Office Edition which has been designed specifically for business users looking for a simple iOS printing solution.

The new Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition enables users to print directly from the native print menu of the device to network-connected printers without the need to download any applications, install software or purchase any further hardware.

Lantronix XPrintServer Office Edition

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New MasterCard Credit Card With LCD Screen And Keyboard Unveiled

Mastercard has this month launched a new credit card in Singapore which is equipped with a LCD screen and built-in touch sensitive keyboard. Enabling it to create a one-time password without the need for any extra devices to be carried.

As well as being more secure Mastercard also revealed that in the future their credit cards equipped with the new LCD screens might also be able to display account information such as remaining balance,  loyalty points and even recent transaction history.

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Original Doom 3 Game Arrives Back On Steam (video)

Following the release of the latest Doom 3 : BFG game, many gamers were surprises to see the original Doom 3 disappear from the listings on Valve’s Steam games Network.

The reasons for Doom 3’s removal are still officially unknown but it was thought it was because the older game was considerably cheaper than the new Doom 3 : BFG game, the original Doom 3 on Steam also had a number of modifications available as well.

Doom 3

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PengPod Tablet Dual Boots Android 4.0 And Linux 3.0.42

A new style of tablet is currently looking to raise enough funds to move from concept to production over on the Indiegogo website, in the form of the new dual booting PengPod tablet.

The PengPod tablet has been designed to dual boot both Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system, together with Linux 3.0.42. Not only that but Peacock Imports the developer of the PengPod tablet is also trying to launch a PengStick.


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Retro Bellows Camera Created Using Lego And Duct Tape

If you have some spare logo lying around your house, this camera created by Dominique Vankan using just Lego and Duct tape, with great effect. might inspire you to create your very own.

Dominique has created a 4 x 5 bellows camera which was first developed in the 1900s and used a process called Autochrome Lumière, developed by the Lumière Brothers back in 1907.

Dominique Vankan

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Natural Selection 2 Generates $1 Million In Sales During First Week (video)

If you were lucky enough to experience Natural Selection Half Life mod in its first incarnation, and couldn’t wait for the new Natural Selection 2 game to be released. You might be pleased to learn that the launch of Natural Selection 2 started spectacularly.

After Natural Selection 2 launched on October 31st it sold 144,000 copies in its first week, generating more than $1 million in revenue for the games eight strong team of indie developers based in San Fransico.

Natural Selection 2

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AMD Dual-GPU FirePro S10000 Launches For $3,599

AMD has launched a new graphics card today aimed at servers, running high-performance computing (HPC) workloads and graphics intensive applications. The AMD Dual-GPU FirePro S10000 is the industry’s most powerful server graphics card, and is the first professional-grade card to exceed one teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) of double-precision floating-point performance.

AMD Dual-GPU FirePro S10000

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Microsoft Surface Sales “Starting Modestly” Explains CEO Ballmer

This week Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced in an interview with a French newspaper, that sales of their new Surface Windows RT tablet which launched late last month, are “Starting Modestly”.

However CEO Ballmer would not divulge any exact figures on sales of Microsoft’s new Windows RT Surface tablet. Explaining that the modest sales are likely due to the Windows RT Surface tablet only being available to purchase online and via a few Microsoft stores across the US.

Windows 8 Surface RT Tablet

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