Keylet Key And Wallet System Hits Kickstarter (video)

Anyone looking to travel light and dump their heavy and awkward bunch of keys, might be interested in a new project recently launched on the crowd funding site Kickstarter called the Keylet.

The Keylet has been designed to provide a slim and convenient way to carry your main keys and money together, and has been constructed using stainless steel to provide exceptional strength. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.


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MilkTape 128MB Modern Day Mix Tape (video)

Back in the day when tapes or cassettes were the most popular way to listen to music, it was great to create mixes of your favourite songs, or create mixes for others as gifts.

Well now the MilkTape 128MB storage flash drive is hoping to rekindle that retro enjoyment with a modern twist, providing a great way to share your favourite tunes or create a mix to give to others in your life.


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Exoxgear Ecoxbt $99 Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Exoxgear Ecoxbt has created a new waterproof speaker that should be perfect for anyone that enjoys lazying around the pool or near water, whilst listening to tunes.

The Ecoxbt has been designed by Exoxgear to float if dropped in water, and the Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker allows you to use it with a variety of devices, without the need to connect them via a cable.

Exoxgear Ecoxbt

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SYSTM Rugged iPhone Case Introduced By Incase

Smartphone case maker Incase has introduced a new rugged line of cases for Apple’s iPhone, which it has unveiled this week in the form of the SYSTM range.

SYSTM has been designed by Incase to provide your smartphone with impact-resistant protection, using Poron XRD foam sculpted into guardrails, reinforced corners and bumpers.

SYSTM iPhone Case Created By Incase

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Microsoft’s New Logo Unveiled (video)

Since its start Microsoft has had a number of logo changes, but the last logo has been with the company for the last 25 years. That is until this week, during which Microsoft has unveiled a new bold logo for their company, to usher in a new operating system and a hopefully a healthy future for the company.

Microsoft New Logo

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Cao Gadgets Motion And Temperature Wireless Sensor Tags Unveiled (video)

There are a number of sensors available for measuring certain changes in temperature, humidity and other units of measurement, some of which have started their journey on Kickstarter.

Now Cao Gadgets have created a tiny Wireless Sensor Tag that can easily be used with a range of applications for iOS and Android. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Wireless Sensor Tag project and see it in action.

Cao Gadgets Wireless Sensor Tags

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Mini Xplus Android 4.0 Mini PC Relaunches

The Mini X was first launched in July but after complaints that the mini Android PC was overheating its developers halted sales and went back to the drawing board.

Now a newly revised Mini Xplus edition has been created and launched, providing users with a tiny Android PC for just $84, running Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

Mini Xplus

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Sky NOW TV Arrives On UK Xbox 360 Consoles

UK Xbox 360 owners might be pleased to learn that Sky NOW TV has this week arrived on the gaming console bringing with it Sky’s instant-access movies service NOW TV.┬áSky customers who have already registered for NOW TV will be able to access the service on Xbox 360 consoles at no extra cost.

Sky Now TV

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ZTE Blade III Smartphone Spotted On Retailers Website

The latest ZTE Blade III has been spotted ahead of any official announcements from its creator ZTE. The new ZTE Blade III was spotted by an eagle eyed visitor to a Finnish retailers website, where the ZTE Blade III seemingly has been mistakenly listed a little earlier than ZTE surely would have liked.

The link of the ZTE Blade III was then quickly posted to Twitter, and if you are interested the page is still live over on the website, revealing the smartphones specifications.


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Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 Demo Now Available To Download (video)

An announcement via the Major Nelson website has revealed that a demo is now available to those gamers that haven’t already purchased the newly released Sleeping Dogs game.

The Sleeping Dogs demo is free to download and is available via a link on the Major Nelson website or from directly within Xbox Live, watch the launch trailer after hte jump to see what you can expect from the Sleeping Dogs demo.

Sleeping Dogs Demo

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Ecoxpower Bike Charger Powers Your Smartphone And Lights As You Ride

If you spend a lot of time on your bike, you might be interested in the new creation from Ecogear called the Ecoxpower. Which has been designed to attach to your bike and provide power to charge both your smartphone and power your lights whilst peddling.

The Ecogear Ecoxpower charger supports both iOS and Android smartphones which are housed in a waterproof touch sensitive case on the handle bars of your bike whilst you are peddling and being charged.

Ecogear Ecoxpower

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