FreedomPop WiMax iPod Touch Case Available To Pre-Order (video)

FreedomPop has this week taken the wraps off its new FreedomPop WiMax iPod Touch Case, which it has created to provide freemium wireless internet connections to everyone in the US using Apple’s iPod devices.

The FreedomPop WiMax iPod Touch Case transforms your Apple iPod into an iPhone with 4G connectivity, and allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for unto eight devices.Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

FreedomPop WiMax iPod Touch Case

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Planetside 2 Beta Launch Delayed

Gamers hoping to put the new Planetside 2 beta through his paces earlier this week, will be disappointed to learn that John Smedley President, Sony Online Entertainment San Diego. Smedley Tweeted this morning to inform gamers that the new Planetside 2 beta will most likely start this Friday or next Monday.

Planetside 2

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Awesome Seriously Left 4 Dead Fan Film (NSFW video)

Fans of the Valve Left 4 Dead game or just the zombie apocalypse in general are sure to enjoy this fan made movie called Seriously Left 4 Dead (SL4D) The Movie, which has been created in the them of the Left 4 Dead game.

The fan made film documents the journey of three individuals through a highly infected zombie zone just outside of Savannah, Georgia, and has been directed by Jason Forge.


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A10 Media PC Now Available In The UK For Under £70

UK residents who might be looking for an Android mini media PC will be pleased to learn that the A10 Media PC is now available to purchase in the UK for just under £70.

The A10 mini media PC measuring just 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches in size, is equipped with an Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 single core processor, supported by up to 512 MB of RAM.

Android A10 Media PC

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Spotify Free Mobile Radio For Android Devices Arrives In The US

After launching their new free mobile radio service for iOS devices back in June, Spotify have today announced the arrival of the service for Android devices in the US.

The announcement of the new free mobile radio service for Android devices was announced officially on the Spotify blog. Where Spotify explained that Android users can now benefit from the same features as iOS users have been able to for the last couple of months.

Spotify Radio Android App

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Sony Xperia Tegra 3 Tablet Specifications Leaked

Slides have been published over on the German news site Mobiflip which have leaked details revealing Sony’s latest tablet, which will be the successor to Sony’s current Tablet S device, and referred to as the “Xperia Sony Tablet”.

The leaked images reveal that Sony has been busy developing the design of the original Tablet S and have created a lighter and thinner version with the Xperia Sony Tablet, with more power provided by a Tegra 3 processor.

Xperia Sony Tablet

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Batman: Dark Knightfall Trailer Created Using Action Figures (video)

Derek Kwok and Henri Wong have created an awesome animated short movie using highly detailed action figures of characters created for fans of the Dark Knight Rises movie.

The fantastic and humorous three minute Batman: Dark Knightfall trailer includes a revamped Joker action figure together with other well known Batman action figures, that are all finished in high detail adding to the movies awesome effect.

Batman Dark Knightfall

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Sapphire Toxic HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB Graphic Card Finally Arrives

Anyone who has been waiting patiently for the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics card to arrive will be pleased to learn that the Sapphire Toxic HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB has now arrived at the New Egg website for $699.

Originally the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition graphics card was expected to arrive in stores during late June, however the launch date was pushed back another 2 weeks and again missed.


Radeon 7970

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Modern Warfare 3 September DLC Images And Gameplay Leaked (video)

Modern Warfare 3 gamers looking forward to the official launch of the September DLC might be interested in leaked images and gameplay, showing the maps that will be included in the Modern Warfare 3 DLC once it’s released.

The Modern Warfare 3 September DLC will include three new maps named Boardwalk, Gulch, and Parish, which can be seen in the video originally created by YouTube user Gamecheat13.

Modern Warfare 3

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Nexus 7 POGO Dock, Cases And Official Accessories Leaked

The Nordic Hardware website has published leaked slides revealing new official cases dock and accessories that will soon be available for Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet.

The slides reveal that a POGO dock for the Nexus 7 will start shipping on August 24 and will be priced at $44.99, allowing you to charge your Nexus 7 tablet whilst docked.

Nexus 7 Dock

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