World’s Fastest Baby Stroller Hits 50mph (video)

Colin Furze a British designer and inventor that enjoys modifying things in his garage, has created what is thought to be one of, if not the fastest baby stroller in the world, capable of  reaching a top speed of 50 mph.

Colin is hopefully going to secure the title of world’s fastest pram on October 14th at the UK’s Avon Park dragstrip, where all he will need to do to claim the title is reach 30 mph. Watch the video after the jump to get a better idea of the speeds that his pram is capable of reaching.

World Fastest Baby Stroller

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Mozilla Pulls Firefox 16 Over Security Issues (Updated)

Update**  Firefox 16 users will be automatically updated and new downloads can get patch version here. Mozilla’s Michael Coates has also updated his blog post to note that a 16.0.1 update has been released and users will be automatically updated. 

After releasing their new Firefox 16 just one day ago, Mozilla has had to pull their new Firefox browser from being downloaded from their website after security concerns were raised.

Mozilla is aware of Firefox 16 security vulnerabilities which were found in the current release that was only launched by Mozilla yesterday. So if you were one of the early adopters and installed Firefox 16 it might be worth your while downgrading to Firefox 15 until the security issues have been patched.

Mozilla Firefox 16

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Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine Update Adds New Tours

Valve has released a new update for its Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine game mode which has brought with it a couple of new Tours, other wise known as difficulty settings.

The new difficulty setting have been added to both the top and bottom of the scale making Mann vs Machine available to now play at a harder level and also at an easier level for those of you that can’t handle the pace.

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine

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Google+ App Updated With Mobile Page Editing, New Tablet Interface And More

Today Google has rolled out a new update for its mobile Google+ application, which brings with it a number of new features which have been highly requested by users of the application.

New features within the Google+ application now enables users to manage Pages directly from their mobile device, however it does still require a little jumping around within the application to do so, and is not quite a slick as managing your Pages on a computer.

Google+ Update

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Asus Windows 8 ET2701 All-in-one PC Announced

This week Asus has taken the wraps off its new Windows 8 ready all-in-one desktop PC in the form of the Asus ET2701, which is equipped with a 27 inch frameless, 10-point capacitive touchscreen LED backlit display.

The display of the Asus ET2701 provides users with a high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080, together with a high contrast ratio, and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Asus Windows 8 ET2701

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MK802 III Mini PC Launches Running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

The popular MK802 minicomputer which is equipped with an Allwinner A10 processor and is able to run either Android or a Linux operating system just as easily, has this week received a new addition to the line-up in the form of the Rikomagic MK802 III.

The MK802 III brings with it a faster processor and the ability to run Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, all for the bargain price of just $72.


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Awesome iControlPad 2 Open Source Touchscreen Games Controller Launches Into Production (video)

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, which helped the team behind the iControlPad 2 games controller raise over $150,000. The new open source iControlPad 2 controller will now be able to make the jump from concept into production.

To recap the iControlPad 2 games controller started its journey on Kickstarter back in early September, and offers gamers a unique open source controller which can be connected to devices by either Bluetooth or a microUSB cable.


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Bicymple Concept Bike Drops The Need For Chains (video)

A radically new and unique bike design has been created by Josh Bechtel of Scalyfish Designs, which provides a much more compact size than traditional bikes frames, and has removed the need for a bicycle chain to power the rear wheels.

The Bicymple Concept Bike has been designed to incorporate a much smaller bike frame, which allows the front and rear wheels to move independently by swivelling on the seat and handlebar uprights. To get better idea of how this works watch the video after the jump, to see the Bicymple in motion.


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Kupa UltraNote Powerful Windows 8 PC Tablet Announced

This November Kupa will be launching a new Windows 8 tablet in the form of the new UltraNote, which is equipped with a 10 inch high-definition touchscreen.

The Kupa UltraNote can be equipped with a choice of Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 Ivy Bridge processors supported by up to 8 GB of RAM, with storage provided by either a 64 GB or 128 GB solid state disk.

Kupa UltraNote Windows 8 Tablet

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Windows 8 Retail European N Editions And Packaging Unveiled

As the October 26th 2012 launch date for Windows 8 approaches, you can expect lots of new information, about Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system to be released.

Today Amazon has rolled out new product listings for the range of Windows 8 software options that will be available to consumers from this months official launch date onwards.

Windows 8 Packaging

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