Minimalist Slope Tablet Stand Created For iPad, Nexus 7&10, Kindle+ (video)

Most tablet stands designed for today’s range of tablets normally require an additional case to be worn by the tablet which allows it to securely attach itself to understand for rotation and viewing.

If you are looking for something a little bit more minimalist than the run-of-the-mill tablet stands available, you might be interested in the new Slope tablets found designed by Erik Kittlaus and Dekke, which looks as though it could have been designed by Apple.

Slope Tablet Stand

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CyberPowerPC All-in-one Zeus Touch Desktop Series Unveiled

CyberPower PC has taken the wraps off a new range of PC systems which have been specifically designed to use Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system, in the form of the CyberPowerPC All-in-one Zeus Touch series.

The CyberPowerPC All-in-one Zeus Touch systems include the Zeus Touch 1000, 2000, and 3000, and all have been constructed with a “minimalist tablet-like design” in mind says CyberPower PC.

CyberPowerPC All-in-one Zeus Touch Desktop Series

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SkyDrive Arrives On Xbox Live With 40 New Apps Incoming (video)

Microsoft has today announced that it will be rolling out its new SkyDrive storage service to its Xbox 360 gaming consoles via Xbox Live this week.

The announcement made by Microsoft today also included news that more than 40 new applications would also be arriving on the Xbox Live between now and the spring of 2013. Check out the full list of all new Xbox 360 applications after the jump.


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Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack Now Available (video)

If you have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the new Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack, you’ll be pleased to know that it is now available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and ready to play.

The new Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack contains three new maps: Wreckage, Harvest and Shatter, eight new achievements and a new game mode called Extraction. Watch the trailer after the jump to see it in action.

Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

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XBMC For Android Beta 3 APK Released

Earlier this month XBMC rolled out its beta 2 XBMC for Android, and this week has quickly followed up with the release of its XBMC For Android Beta 3 APK.

The new release of XBMC includes a number of fixes to resolve issues that have surfaced since the Beta 2 version was released, together with fixes to isolate some issues that still exist.


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Arduino Esplora Open Source Video Game Controller Board Launches

Arduino has today unveiled a new addition to their range of ready made boards with the unveiling of their new Arduino Esplora, which has been designed to provide developers with an open source customisable video game controller.

The Arduino Esplora is equipped with a Arduino-compatible processor with a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a 3-axis accelerometer, a joystick, a set of pushbuttons, a slider, an RGB LED, and a buzzer.

Arduino Esplora

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Apple TV Receiving Bluetooth Keyboard Support With iOS 6.1

Apparently the new iOS 6.1 software currently in development by Apple will provide Apple TV owners with more options for using Bluetooth keyboards with Apple TV.

The new code entries were stopped in the latest Apple TV beta software by the 9 to 5 Mac website, and will once launched enable Apple TV users to control their device using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

Apple TV Keyboard Support

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DECAY Zombie Movie Created By Physicists On Location At The Large Hadron Collider (video)

If you enjoy a good zombie film  you might be interested in their new movie called ” DECAY” which has been filmed by Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider, and runs for approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

DECAY is a zombie film made and set at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), by physics PhD students, and has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial / CC-BY-NC.

DECAY Zombie Movie

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PS3 vs Wii U Darksiders II Side-by-side Comparison (video)

Gamers interested in the performance and graphic detailing of Nintendo’s new Wii U gaming console might be interested in this new comparison which shows Darksiders II running on both the PlayStation 3 and Wii U side-by-side.

Vigil Games announced that the Darksiders 2 game would take full advantage power of the Wii U matching the graphical power of Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console, Eurogamer thought they would but it to the test.

Darksiders II

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The Last of Us Release Date, Multiplayer Detail Teaser & Trailer Unveiled By Naughty Dog (video)

Naughty Dog has released a few teaser details about the multiplayer options within it new The Last of Us game which is officially launching exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 3 on May 7th 2013.

Naughty Dog also revealed a brand new trailer for The Last of Us at the Spike Video Game Awards on Friday, which you can view after the break.

The Last of Us

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Podi-m Charging Dock Offers iPhone 5, 4 Or Micro USB Charging In Style (video)

A versatile and minimalist Podi-m charging dock which has been designed by Laine Scandalis is coming to the end of its Kickstarter crowdfunding project and has successfully raised the $30,000 are required to make the jump from concept into production.

The Podi-m charging dock has been designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone 5 or 4 and will also accept the new iPad mini and mobile devices that use a micro USB connection to charge. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Podi-m project and see it in action.

Podi-m Charging Dock

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