Free Online Course Helps You Build A Simple Raspberry Pi Operating System

If you have already received your new Raspberry Pi $35 mini PC, and have been doing a little tinkering, and are looking for an interesting project to help you learn more about the Raspberry Pi mini PC.

You might be interested in a new free online course which has been developed by the University of Cambridge Computer Lab, to help you create a simple operating system from scratch for your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

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Foundation Dock, Flexible iPhone Charger And Dock Hits Kickstarter (video)

iPhone owners looking for a versatile docking and charging solution for their Apple smartphone, might be interested in a new solution called the Foundation Dock that has just landed on the Kickstarter website.

The Foundation Dock has been created to provide a convenient way to both charge and hold your iPhone in a position you can view the screen, and is the brain child of designer Brandon Yamawaki.

Foundation Dock

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Freesat Launches “Free Time” TV Guide And New Set-Top Boxes

Freesat has announced today that they are launching a new range of free to air digital satellite TV set-top boxes that will be equipped with their new Free Time TV guide.

The Freesat FreeTime TV guide offers users of the new set-top boxes a backwards Electronic Programming Guide with access to popular on demand services such as 4OD, Demand 5 and iPlayer to name a few.

Freesat Free Time TV Guide

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Valve Makes The Jump Into Hardware Manufacture?

Rumours have been circulating for some time that Valve has been contemplating a move into manufacturing gaming hardware. Its now been revealed via a job posting that Valve is officially preparing to start manufacturing hardware for gamers.

The Valve job posting was submitted to the Coroflot job board, explaining Valve are searching for an industrial designer to join their team of developers.

Valve Console

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Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Trailer (video)

Gamers looking forward to the launch of the new Star Wars 1313, might be interest in a new gameplay trailer that has been released over the last couple of weeks, showing a glimpse at what you can expect from the new Star Wars 1313 title once it arrives.

Star Wars 1313 is currently being developed by LucasArts using the Unreal Engine 3, and will take the form of a third-person action-adventure game, in which you take on the role of a bounty hunter.

Star Wars 1313

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JXD S602 Android 4.0 PSP Clone Gaming Console Unveiled For $66 (video)

If you like the style of Sony’s PSP handheld gaming console, but would prefer something that runs Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system.

A new upgraded from the older JXD S601 in the form of the JXD S602, is now available to purchase for just $66, with 4GB of onboard storage included. Watch the video after the jump to see the JXD S602 in action.

JXD S602 Android 4.0

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Samsung Galaxy Note II Arriving On O2 And 3 UK

After the official announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Note II phablet last week, its now been announced that in the UK both O2 and 3 will be stocking and selling the new Samsung device.

No launch dates have been revealed by Samsung, at the current time but its thought the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be launching in European, Asian, and Middle East markets in October.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

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BBC iPlayer Update Adds Offline Viewing For iOS Devices

A new update has been added by the BBC to their iPlayer iOS application which will allow users to download content to smartphone and tablets, which can then be watched offline.

From today UK licence-fee payers will have the opportunity to download BBC programmes from within the iPlayer video-on-demand application, and watch them on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod, at no extra cost.

BBC iPlayer offline viewing

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Nokia Lumia 920 Wireless Charging Pad Images Leaked

Following on from the leaked images and specifications for Nokia’s new Lumia 920 smartphone, and wireless charging technology, over the last few weeks.

New images have surfaced revealing a Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charging pad. As you can see from the photographs the charger is a small pad on which the Lumia 920 rest. It’s also thought the wireless charging pad will work with the Lumia 820.

Lumia 920 Charging Pad

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