Social Jukebox Uses RFID Tags To Connect Streaming Music Services (video)

Social Jukebox which has been created by designer Andrew Pairman, brings the enjoyment of an old style jukebox into the digital age using RFID tags and connections to online streaming music services.

The RFID tags are inserted into the Social Jukebox and then connects to your Spotify account, selecting a random song from one of your Spotify playlists. Watch the video after the jump to see the Social Jukebox concept in action.

Social Jukebox

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Awesome Assassin’s Creed 3 Gameplay Premier Trailer (video)

Earlier this week Ubisoft released a teaser snippet of a gameplay trailer it would release to the masses if it received enough likes to its official Assassin’s Creed 3 Facebook page.

Well the goal has now been reached and Ubisoft have stuck to their word and released a new two minute trailer featuring gameplay from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3 which is set with the American Revolution, and shows glimpses of new features and fluid attacks you will be able to carry out within the game.

Assassins Creed 3

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Raspberry Pi Firmware Updater Makes It Easy To Re-Install Firmware

If you have already received your Raspberry Pi computer and are having fun, you might already have had to reinstall the firmware onto a blank image quite frequently. Well there is now a solution that might be able to help make the process a little easier, thanks to developer Hexxeh. Who has now made his Raspberry Pi computer firmware updater creation available on github for all to use and experiment with.

Raspberry Pi

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FreedomPop “Free” 4G WiMAX iPhone Case $99 (video)

FreedomPop have unveiled a new iPhone case which they have developed that will provide users with up to 500mb of free data transfer using 4G WiMAX connectivity. WiMAx and 4G connections are currently being marketed as being up to 15x faster than 3G.


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