MyGlass Companion App For Google Glasses Launches (video)

In addition to Google announcing specifications for their new Google Glasses today, the search giant has also released a new MyGlass Companion App to be used in conjunction with the Google Glasses eyewear.

Google Glasses are equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capable of recording 720p footage together with a battery capable of providing a days use and 16GB of on board storage for files and apps. Watch the video after the jump to see Google Glasses in action.


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Dell XPS 18 Now Available To Pre-Order from $899

After being showcase last month at SXSW Dell has now made their new Dell XPS 18 all-in-one desktop/tablet Windows 8 device available to pre-order.

The Dell XPS 18 is powered by a choice of Intel’s Core i3, i5, and i7 processors and a base unit will be available with a Pentium 2117U processor, supported by up to 8GB or RAM.


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Google Glasses Specs Finally Unveiled By Google

After first being announced nearly a year ago specifications for Google Glasses have now been announced by Google, revealing what you can expect in the way of hardware within the Google Glasses eyewear.

Google has published the Google Glasses specifications on their FAQ page and explain that the design includes a adjustable nosepads and durable frame that fits any face, which are available in two sizes for comfort.

Google Glasses

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SugarSync iOS App Update Brings New Design And Search Feature

SugarSync has today rolled out a new update to their SugarSync iOS application which brings with it a new design layout for iOS devices making it even easier to organise and access your files from your Apple smartphone or tablet.

SugarSync is a cloud storage service that allows you to sync any folder on your computer, and access your documents, photos, videos, or music from any computer, mobile device, or via the SugarSync website.

SugarSync iOS

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Facebook Home ‘Dinner’ Commercial Released (video)

To promote its new Facebook Home application, the social networking giant has released a new commercial making it the third in the series.

The new Facebook Home commercial is called Dinner and shows a dull situation that takes a more interesting turn when a young woman steals a few glances at the new Facebook Home app. Check it out after the jump.

Facebook Home

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Oblivion Movie 21 Minute Featurette Trailer Released (video)

If you are looking forward to the release of the new Oblivion movie this month staring Tom Crusie and directed by Joseph Kosinski, which is based on his unpublished graphic novel of the same name edited by Radical Comics.

You are sure to enjoy this 21 minute Oblivion movie featurette which has been released to whet your appetite a little more before the films release. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action. Enjoy!

Oblivion Movie

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Barfight Dominator Glass Ashtray Shooting Slingshot By Joerg Sprave (video)

If you have seen slingshot creations by Joerg Sprave before you will already know that is not much he hasn’t already tried to fire from the slingshot and now the slingshot master is upping his game to include glass ashtrays.

Joerg Sprave has created a pump action glass ashtray slingshot called the Barfight Dominator that can hold four ashtrays in total and at close range can decimate a watermelon with ease. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Glass Ashtray Slingshot project and see it in action.

Barfight Dominator

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Mozilla TowTruck Website Collaboration Service Unveiled (video)

Mozilla Labs have this week unveiled a new project they have been developing called Mozilla TowTruck which has been designed allow developers to easily add real-time collaboration to a website.

Mozilla TowTruck is implemented using Javascript, so no software or plugins are required install the new service, which has been created to be friendly with existing web pages, while still letting developers customise the experience to meet their needs. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action and learn more.

Mozilla TowTruck

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Mele A1000G Android TV Box Available To Pre-Order For $120

Mele has this week added a new addition to their range of Android TV boxes, in the form of the newly launched Mele A1000G Android TV box, which builds on the technology that was included in the older Mele A1000.

The new Mele A1000G Android TV box is now fitted with a aster processor, more memory and an increased storage capacity, featuring a Allwinner A31 ARM Cortex-A7 quad-core processor.

Mele A1000G

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ASUS Taichi 31 Dual Display Notebook Finally Starts Shipping

After a longer than planned delay Asus has finally announced the launch of their new dual screen notebook in the form of the ASUS Taichi 31, which has been created with a screen on both sides of the notebooks lid.

The ASUS Taichi 31 comes supplied running Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Pro operating system, but other operating systems are available to choose from if preferred.

ASUS Taichi 31

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