ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Cam (video)

We have featured a number of wearable action cameras here on Geeky Gadgets over the years but Oregon Scientific has created a rather unique action camea that is equipped with dual lenses.

The dual lenses have been added to captures videos in two preset angles, at FOV110 degree with a resolution of 1280 x 720p at 30fps per lens providing a total of 1080p. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

ATC Chameleon Dual Lens Action Cam

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CTRL+Console Lets You Control Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom With Your iOS Device (video)

iOS device owners who also use Final Cut, Premiere and Lightroom, might be interested in a new iSO application which has been developed to enable you to control those software applications from either your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device.

CTRL+Console has been created by Jeff Chow to help you get the most out of your software without the need to memorise shortcuts, allowing you to immediately start editing faster and easier in Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe. Premiere.


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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Trailer (video)

With the launch of the new and highly anticipated Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition game nearly upon us. Its developers have released a new trailer for the RPG remake to whet your appetite a little more before it is officially launched on November 28th 2012.

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition will be available on PC and hopefully around the same time for iOS devices as well. Watch the trailer after the jump to learn more about the Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition game and see it in action.

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Patch Rolls Out For Xbox 360 And PC

Treyarch has this week rolled out a new patch for its latest Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 which recently launched making an astounding $500 million in sales in just the first 24 hours after launch.

Beating 343 Industries Halo 4 game which only managed to clockup a measly $220 million is sales during its first 24 hours after offically launching.


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Slope Tablet Stand for iPad, Nexus 7-10 And Kindle+

If you are in the market for a new tablet stand you might be interested in a new design which had started its journey from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website.

The Slope tablet stand is minimalistic aluminium design and is the brainchild of Erik Kittlaus + Dekke. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Slope project and see it in action.

Slope Tablet Stand

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Google Indoor Maps Support Added To Desktop Web Browsers

Google has this week rolled out new support for its Indoor Maps, which shows the layout of locations such as airports, department stores, malls, to desktop web browsers, making it even easier to find your way around.

Google has built their Indoor Maps feature into Google Maps, allowing  you to use many of the same great Google Maps features to explore your indoor space, as you currently do outside.

Google Indoor Maps

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Linux Mint 14 “Nadia” Launches With A Wealth Of New Features

Developers of the awesome Linux Mint Distro have this week announced the release of their latest Linux operating system in the form of Linux Mint 14 ” Nadia”.

The latest Linux Mint 14 is packed with a wealth of new features and tweaks which have all been designed to provide users with “increased stability and a refined desktop experience.” says its developers.

Linux Mint 14 "Nadia"

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Sapphire Edge VS8 Mini Desktop Launches With AMD Trinity CPU

Sapphire the hardware manufacturer well know for its graphics cards range of products, has this week unveiled a new addition to their range in the form of the Sapphire Edge VS8 mini desktop PC.

The Sapphire Edge VS8 is equipped with a 1.6 GHz AMD A8 processor with Radeon HD 7600G graphics, suported by 4GB of RAM enabling it to handle both HD video and DirectX 11.

Sapphire Edge VS8

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Barnes & Noble Limited Edition White Nook Simple Touch Launched

With Black Friday upon us, the day of the year for bargains galore before the holiday season. Barnes & Noble have announced the launch of a limited edition white model of their Nook Simple Touch, which has launched specially for Black Friday.

To Re-cap the Nook Simple Touch is equipped with a battery that can provide up to 2 months of reading on a single charge, and has access to the B&N digital bookstore with 2.5 million titles on offer.

Nook Simple Touch

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Peter Molyneux’s New Godus iOS Game Lands On Kickstarter Looking For Funding (video)

The 22Cans game design studio headed up by the Peter Molyneux the English games designer responsible for classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Populous, and Black & White, to name a few.

Has taken his next gaming project for iOs devices “Godus” on to Kickstarter for funding, watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Godus project and see if its something you would like to help get started.

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D-Link Weatherproof Remote Web Camera Connects To Both iOS And Android Devices

D-Link has added a new web camera to their range this week with the launch of the new D-LInk Weatherproof web camera that can be remotely controlled from either an iOS or Android devices.

The D-lInk all weather web camera is equipped with a fixed-focus 3.45mm f/2.0 lens encased in an IP-65 compliant weatherproof casing, which will keep it protected from  “low jets” of water, rain, and dust.

D-Link Weatherproof Remote Web Camera

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