PDJ Portable Disc Jockey Unveiled (video)

At NAMM 2013 last week a new style of portable DJ controller was unveiled in the form of the PDJ, which has been designed to provide all the features of a full sized system is portable dual touchscreen device.

The PDJ Portable Disc Jockey is equipped with a 16 beat step sequencer, 8 slot sampler, digital effects, auto loop, 3 bans EQ, and can run for 12 hours on a single charge. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

PDJ Portable Disc Jockey

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Valve Release Counterstrike 1.6 And Half Life For Linux And Mac

Over the weekend Valve release a couple of classic games to its Steam games network for Linux and Mac systems, unveiling the addition of Half Life and Countersrike 1.6.

Half Life was originally launched back in 1998, and recently received a graphic make over from the team over at Black Mesa. However the one released by Valve contain all the retro graphics of the original.

Half Life

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Moves Fitness Tracker App Uses Just Your iPhone, No Bracelet Required

If you are looking to track your fitness and moves in a similar way to the Nike+ Fuelband and similar, but would prefer not to wear a bracelet around your wrist or have to wear a clip-on tracker.

A new iOS app called The Moves developed by ProtoGeo might be worth more investigation, which has launched this month and is available to download from the iTunes App Store for free.

Moves iOS App

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MeCam Flying Camera Smartphone Copter With Auto Follow Feature Unveiled (video)

Not to be confused with the Mecam wearable camera we featured yesterday, Always Innovating has unveiled their new MeCam flying copter camera, which has been designed to follow you and stream live video to your smartphone.

The footage can then easily be shared with your friends and followers via YouTube, Facebook and others.  Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the MeCam flying camera project and see it in action.

MeCam Flying Camera Copter

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Skype For Android Update Adds Tablet Portrait Call Support And More

Microsoft has this week released a new update for its Skype for Android application, which has brought with it support for portrait calling on tablets, together with the obligatory performance enhancements and bugs fixes.

Also is the update is support for a couple of new languages including Portuguese, Norwegian and English (UK), watch the video after the jump to learn more about the new Skype for Android application.

Skype for Android

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EA Origin For Mac Alpha Launches With Free Bookworm Game

Electronic Arts has this week announced that its is launching its Origin gaming network onto Mac systems, and has this week released a Mac version of its new software ready to download.

Currently the Origin for Mac Alpha version of the software doesn’t have access to the Origin Store from within the App, however if you download the software you will be presented with a free copy of the PopCap’s word-forming puzzle game Bookworm.

EA Origin for Mac

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Assassin’s Creed 3: The Tyranny of King DLC Release Date Announced (video)

Ubisoft has this week announced a release date for the new Assassin’s Creed 3: The Tyranny of King DLC which will now be arriving for Xbox 360 and PC gamers on the 19th February.

Unfortunately for European PlayStation 3 games they will have to wait an extra day for 20th February, and currently there’s is no date for the release of a Wii U version. Watch the games trailer after the jump. Enjoy!

Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of King

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ARMBRIX Zero Mini PC Unveiled With Exynos 5 ARM Cortex-A15 CPU

A new developer board has been launched this week in the form of the ARMBRIX Zero which is equipped with a Samsung Exynos 5 ARM Cortex-A15 processor. Which offer developers and hobbyists a mini PC that offers a little more power than the $35 Raspberry Pi mini PC.

The new ARMBRIX Zero developer board features the same chip that the Google Nexus 10 tablet and Samsung Series 3 Chromebook are equipped with, and is currenrly one of the most powerful ARM CPUs available.


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NeoGeo X Production Not Finishing Only Limited Edition With Ninja Master

Earlier this week it was rumoured that production for the NeoGeo X handheld gaming console would be coming to an end. However Neo Geo X manufacturer Tommo has now confirmed that production of the NeoGeo X games console is in fact not finishing.

Tommo confirmed that the mistake has been made because the Limited edition NeoGeo X Gold System that includes Ninja Masters, is coming to an end.


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