MetalDock Right Angle iPhone Dock

Bracketron has unveiled a new addition to their range of products in the form of the MetalDock which has been designed as a minimalist iPhone 4/4S docking station. As you might expect with a name like MetalDock the docking station is constructed from solid metal, and allows you to stand or lye your iPhone in landscape orientation whilst connected.


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Google Enhances Gmail Google+ Notifications For Users

This week Google have rolled out a new update that makes Google+ Gmail notifications a lot more useful, when keeping up to date with your Google+ streams and friends. In the past all a notification from Google+ would allow you to do would be to vie the content and follow a link to the post.

Now Google has added a wealth of new features, to help you control and manage your Google+ stream. Allowing you to now view, comment on, and +1 Google+ posts from inside your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Google

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Touchtype iPad Apple Wireless Keyboard Case (video)

If you prefer to use an Apple wireless keyboard with your iPad, a new case which has started its journey on the crowd funding site, Kickstarter. That might be perfect for you to carry both keyboard and iPad in one handy case.

The Touchtype iPad case provides an innovative way to carry the separate wireless Apple keyboard with your iPad. The keyboard is neatly stored within the case underneath the iPad, when not required but can easily be removed when needed. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

Touchtype iPad Case

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VeriFone SAIL Mobile Payment System Announced

VeriFone has this week announced a new mobile payment system called SAIL, which it has created to go into direct competition with Square and similar. The new SAIL payment service has been designed to provide smaller merchants with a flexible tool for taking payments and transactions on the move if required.

VeriFone Sail Mobile Payment System

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Solar Powered Cigar Box Amp Kit (video)

John Wilson of Minneapolis has made a few alterations to his existing Stella amp kit to make a solar version of the Stella amp. Equipped with a useful solar panel, allowing you to use the amp anywhere you have a little direct sunlight. Originally Wilson wanted to make a rugged poly-coated wood enclosure for the finished amp, that could stand up to being left outside in a light rain.

Solar Powered Cigar Box Amp

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Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint Noise Cancelling Headphones Announced

Audio-Technica has launched a new set of noise cancelling headphones called the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones. The new headphones take pride of place at the top of Audio-Technica range and are priced at $300. The new headphones are equipped with new Tri-Level Cancellation with three preset filter for noise reduction, to reduce outside noise by up to 95 percent say Audio-Technica.

ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint

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Transformer Toy Car Automatically Transforms (video)

Transformer fans who have owned transforming toys, only to be disappointed that the transformation needed to be completed manually, are sure to enjoy this automatic transforming toy car.

The automated Transformer has been created by Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics and requires no user intervention to transform it from a sports car into a standing robot. Watch the transformation in the video after the jump.

Automatic Transformer

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Printxel 3D Printer Beta Kits $300 (video)

The price of 3D printers seems to be dropping every month as new technology and manufacturing processes are used for their production. Only a few weeks ago we featured the Solidoodle a $500 3D printer, which has been created by Makerbot’s former COO Samuel Cervantes.

Now a new Printxel 3D Printer Beta Kit has arrived on the Kickstarter website, which provides you with everything you need to start creating your own 3D forms for just $300. Watch the video after the jump to see its designer explain his new 3D printer kit in detail.

Printxel 3D Printer

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