Mosoro iOS Bluetooth LE Sensors And SDK Launched

Mosoro has this week taken the wraps of kits new compact Bluetooth LE module sensors, in the form of the 3D-Motion, Enviro, and Proximity, together with an SDK for developers.

The range of sensors have been created to provide developers with the tools and software to incorporate the sensors into iOS apps and easily create Bluetooth LE app-enabled accessories.

Mosoro Bluetooth LE Sensors

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iHook Nano Mount Lands On Kickstarter (video)

A new design has landed on the Kickstarter crowd funding website this week, called the iHook. Which has been designed to provide a handy mount for Apple’s Nano media player.

iHook is constructed of high-grade anodised aluminium and will be available in the seven iPod Nano colours currently on offer from Apple. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the iHook project and see it in action.

iHook Nano Mount

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Apple Content Dispute Tool Launches To Report Ripoff iTunes Apps

Even though Apple tries to keep tight reins on applications submitted to its iTunes App Store, managing a 500,000 strong app library, can sometimes let the odd app slip through that causes problems for customers.

In the past Apple has been criticised for being a little too slow dealing with customer complaints about buggy and ripoff applications within their iTunes App Store.

Apple Content Dispute

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Amazon Adds 3,000 More Titles To Prime Instant Video With EPIX Deal

Amazon has announced today they they have sealed a deal for a multi-year licensing agreement in the U.S with EPIX that will bring another 3,000 more movie titles to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video users.

The 3,000 movies include titles such as The Avengers, Iron Man 2, The Hunger Games, Super 8, Thor and more, from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, and Lionsgate


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ZaReason UltraLap 430 Linux Ultrabook Unveiled

ZaReason has launched a new UltraLap 430 Ultrabook which is possibly the worlds first to be sporting a Linux operating system as standard.

The ZaReason UltraLap 430 is equipped with a 3rd Generation Intel Core Processor, supported by Intel HD 4000 Graphics, and up to 16GB of memory as well as HDMI output, GbE LAN, 2 x USB 3.0 ports, and 1 x USB 2.0 port.

ZaReason UltraLap 430

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Nintendo Wii U Prices Revealed?

Prices for Nintendo’s new Wii U gaming console, may have been leaked this week, after being discovered on the Video Product Distributors website.

Video Product Distributors is Amazon’s hardware supplier and also supplies Blockbuster, and may well have released the prices a little early. Ahead of Nintendo’s official announcement possibly at the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

Wii U

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The Inebriator Arduino Powered Robot Bartender (video)

If you can’t afford to employ a full time bartender to keep the cocktails pouring at your next party, you could have a go at building your very own bartender, just like this Arduino powered one called The Inebriator.

The awesome Inebriator bartender machine is a DIY project that has been created to make a dispense the signature cocktail “The Inebriator”.

The Inebriator Arduino Powered Robot Bartender

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Windows Phone 8 New “Room” Chat Feature Revealed

Undisclosed sources close to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 software development, have revealed to the Verge technology site that Windows Phone 8 will include a new chat feature called “Rooms”.

Within Windows Phone 8 the Room feature will provide a virtual room to chat with friends and family and also allows users to share data and files, such as calendar items, photos, and notes in a private space.

Windows Phone 8

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Popcorn Hour A-400 3D Network Media Player

Sybas has today announced the launch of its new Popcorn Hour A-400 3D Network media player, which supports Blu-ray 3D-Video, and full high definition video playback.

The Popcorn Hour A-400 is equipped with a dual-core 800Mhz SMP 8911 chipset, created by Sigma Design, to provide the power to make the system faster and responsive.

Popcorn Hour A-400

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TVCatchup Android App Lands In Google Play Store

If you enjoy watching TV programmes you might be interested to learn that the TVCatchup Android application which has been in its beta development stage for some time has now arrived in the Google Play Store as a final release.

If you haven’t come across the TVCatchup app before its been created to provide license fee-paying UK residents to watch live online streams from the UK’s free-to-air TV channels.

TVCatchup Android App

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Bad Piggies Teaser Trailer Released By Rovio Mobile

Makers of the hugely popular Angry Birds game which is now available on almost every technology platform known to human kind, has this week released a new teaser trailer for its next games project called Bad Piggies.

As you have already probably guessed the new Bad Piggies game looks as though its going to put the green pigs of Angry Birds in the driving seat this time around, to help dish out a little revenge on those annoying Angry Birds.

Bad Piggies

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