Fog Of World iOS 6 App Mixes Gaming With Real World Exploration

If you have played a variety of different RPG games you will have probably at some time come across the virtual gaming fog. That excludes unexplored gaming areas from your maps until your gaming characters has ventured into the location to clear the fog, and reveal the location on the map in glorious detail.

Now app developer Ollix has combined both the virtual Fog of World and Apple Maps to create a great real-life game that will help you explore the real world.

Fog Of World

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Asus C60M1-I Mini PC Board Unveiled For $80

If you are looking for a mini PC with a little more power than the Raspberry Pi or similar mini PCs, you might be interested in a new PC board unveiled by Asus this week in the form of the C60M1-I.

The Asus C60M1-I Mini PC board is priced at just $80 and comes equipped with an AMD dual core x86 processor, supported by AMD Radeon HD graphics.

Asus C60M1-I Mini PC

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Create Your Own Paper Craft Characters With Foldable.Me (video)

Ever wanted to have your very own paper craft friend or mini you? If you have then a new service called might be worth more investigation.

The new service allows you to deign and create your own paper craft character which can then be shipped anywhere worldwide within 48 hrs for $11.99 (worldwide shipping included). Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the service and see it in action.


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Skype Launches New Free Skype WiFi UK Service

Microsoft has today announced that their Skype service will soon be offering free Skype WiFi throughout the UK, via a partnership with wireless broadband provider Wicoms.

The new Free Skype WiFi UK service is being offered to business who will be provided with routers to offer the Free Skype WiFi to its customers.

Skype WiFi

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New Sega Zaxxon Escape Space Shooter Unveiled For iOS and Android (video)

Sega has today announced a new Zaxxon Escape space shooter it has created for both Android an iOS devices, some thirty years after the original Zaxxon space shooter was released.

The new Zaxxon Escape gaming app follows on from the original game by letting players fly out of the fortress that had to fly into in the original. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.

New Sega Zaxxon Space Shooter

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iPhone 5 Keyboard Buddy Adds A Physical Backlit Keyboard

iPhone 5 users that still prefer a phisical keyboard to type longer messages and documents with, might be interested in the Keyboard Buddy which has now been re-designed to fit the new Apple iPhone 5.

Some of our readers might remember the iPhone 4 Keyboard Buddy version which launched back at the end of November 2010. However the new iPhone 5 version now includes a handy backlit keyboard for us in those low light conditions.

iPhone 5 Keyboard Buddy

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Intel Power Management Software Delays Windows 8 Clover Trail Tablets

Even before Microsoft and manufacturers launch the new Clover Trail based Windows 8 tablets, unnamed sources close to the action have revealed to the Bloomberg website, that the tablets might already be delayed.

The source reveals that the delays are due to Intel not providing the manufacturers of the Windows 8 tablets with the proper power management firmware for the Clover Trail based tablets.

Clover Trail based Windows 8 Tablets

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NEC PaPeRo Telecommunications Robot At CeaTec 2012 (video)

This week at CeaTec 2012 NEC has been showcasing their PaPeRo telecommunications robot, allowing remote users to control PaPeRo via an Internet connection and companion application.

The remote control application allows users to see what PaPeRo and interact by controlling the robot’s head movements. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the PaPeRo robot and see it in action.


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Toyota Install Kinect Motion Controller In Its Smart Insect Concept EV (video)

Toyota has this week unveiled a new  Smart Insect prototype vehicle at CEATEC, which has been installed with a Microsoft Kinect motion controller and voice recognition technology.

Inside the Smart Insect Concept EV, Toyota has equipped it with everything a gadget geek could want, including a wireless charging pad to keep your devices juice topped up. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Smart Insect Concept EV project and see it in action.

Smart Insect concept EV

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