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Julian is passionate about design and technology especially wearables, 3D printing and virtual reality. He is a published author and is also involved in web technology and multimedia design, as well as finding time to enjoy a little online gaming. You can follow him on Google+.

Wunderlist For Windows And Windows Phone Redesigned

Wunderlist for Windows

Wunderlist the awesome to-do list manager has today announced new redesign has been released, Wunderlist for Windows 7, 8 and Windows Phone 8 users offering a new look and features.

Wunderlist for Windows is now packed with productivity boosting features, according to todays blog post over on the Wunderlist website and include new features such as “Snapped View” on Wunderlist for Windows 8.

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MiniDayZ Free DayZ Tribute Game UnveiledBy Bohemia


Fans the zombie apocalypse DayZ may enjoy playing this new tribute game called MiniDayZ, which provide a top down environment and is free to play and was originally a fan made project which has been adopted by Bohemia.

To be able to play the MiniDayZ game and experience the zombie-infested Chernarus from an entirely new perspective, you will need to register an account over at Bohemia.

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Panlight Camera Remote Direction Controller (video)

Camera Remote Direction Controller

Photographers looking for a way to remotely control the direction of their camera or flash may be interested in a new gadget created by photographer Mike Garrard, called the Panlight.

Panlight is a small remote control pan and tilt mount that has been specifically designed to provide a lightweight solution for directional control of your camera or speed light flashes. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this unique photography accessories that could help add more creativity to your shots.

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Google Material Design Animations Soon Coming To The Web (video)

Google Material Design

Google has revealed that Chrome’s upcoming navigation transitions API will hopefully in the near future make the web a little more animated and flow like the Google Material Design styling for the latest Android operating system.

The way that one website transitions into another and web applications feel is still very clunky when compared to native applications, however Google is now looking to try and improve this.

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Need For Speed No Limits Launching Soon On Smartphones And Tablets (video)

Need For Speed No Limits

EA has this week announced that the racing game Need For Speed No Limits will soon be launching on smartphones and tablets and is currently under development by the Firemonkeys game studio.

Firemonkeys is the game developer behind titles such as Real Racing 3 and has re-built the Need For Speed No Limits smartphone and tablet game from the ground up, says its Executive Producer.

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Dropbox Carousel Rolls Out To iPad And Browser, Android Tablet App Launching Soon

Dropbox Carousel

After launching their Dropbox Carousel service back in April of this year for iPhones and Android smartphones, Dropbox has today announced the launch of a new iPad version allowing users to view images from within Carousel on their Apple tablets.

Dropbox is also currently in the final stages of developing an Android version of the application that will soon be rolled out to Android tablets and has rolled out access to the service via the web also.

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Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone (video)

Wireless Recording Microphone

Anyone who needs to record audio remotely might be interested in the new wireless recording microphone called Mikme that has been designed and created by Mikme Audio and specifically created to easily capture your creativity when required.

The Mikme wireless recording microphone connects to your smartphone device using Bluetooth and a companion application and can be triggered with the press of just one button. Watch the video below to see it in action.

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Destiny Dark Below DLC Trailer Released (video)

Destiny Dark Below

A new trailer for the upcoming Destiny Dark Below DLC expansion has been released by Activision this week revealing more of what you can expect to encounter in the new expansion to the popular Destiny sci-fi role-playing game that is available for the the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The latest expansion for the new Destiny game will be launching next month on December 9th 2014 and is now available as part of the Destiny Expansion Pass and inlaced new 6 player raids as well as 3 new multiplayer arenas.

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Telltale Game of Thrones Video Game Teaser Trailer Released (video)

Game of Thrones Video Game

Gamers looking forward to the new Game of Thrones video game that is currently under development by Telltale Games and will take the form of a six part episodic game series set in the world of HBO’s groundbreaking TV show.

Are sure to enjoy this brief teaser trailer released this week to whet your appetite a little more before the games release, although no official release date has been announced as yet by Telltale Games.

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Raspitab Raspberry Pi Tablet Launches From £149 On Kickstarter (video)

Raspberry Pi Tablet

Developer’s, hobbyists and makers that enjoy using the Raspberry Pi mini PC might find this new Kickstarter project for a Raspberry Pi tablet called Raspitab worth more investigation.

The Raspitab has been designed to provide users with a Linux tablet that is both hackable friendly and includes enough internal space for self engineering, together with a Raspberry Pi mini PC at its centre. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about this unique Raspberry Pi Kickstarter project.

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Netflix Generates 35 Percent Of All US Internet Traffic At Peak Times

Netflix US traffic

It has been revealed this week in a new report from Sandvine called the Global Internet Phenomena Report, that Netflix the streaming film and TV series provider generates over 35% of all US Internet traffic.

Netflix leads other services such as Amazon Instant Video and HBO by a huge margin but Amazon Instant Video is growing and has its sights sets firmly on that first position so it will be interesting to see the next report for comparison.

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