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Julian is passionate about design and technology especially wearables, 3D printing and virtual reality. He is a published author and is also involved in web technology and multimedia design, as well as finding time to enjoy a little online gaming. You can follow him on Google+.

Arachnio Open Source Arduino Based Board With Integrated WiFi (video)

Arachnio Arduino Board

Anyone looking for a small development board based on the Arduino platform that is also equipped with wireless connectivity, may be interested in the Arachnio created by Logos Electromechanical.

The Arachnio is open source small form factor board and has been created to provide a compact yet rugged board to allow developers and makers to take the Internet of Things everywhere. Watch the video below to learn more.

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Evolve New Monster, Maps And Hunters Are Now Available (video)

Evolve Game

Evolve players that have been patiently waiting for the new monster in the form of the Behemoth two arrive together with the four new hunters, will be pleased to know that from today they are available to purchase and download.

Turtle Rock Studios the developer of the recently launched shooter has also released a new trailer today providing a glimpse of what you can expect from the new monster and hunters.

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Arduino Development Board Comparison Guide (video)

Arduino Development Board Comparison Guide

Earlier this week makers, hobbyists and developers celebrated Arduino Day 2015 around the world and if you are thinking of getting started building projects using the Arduino platform or would just like to brush up on your knowledge of the Arduino development boards that are available.

A new Arduino development board comparison video has been created by the team over at SparkFun, providing a great overview of a vast majority of the major Arduino boards and shields available to purchase.

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Adobe Comp CC iPad App Let You Create Layouts On The Go (video)

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe has launched a new free iPad application this week that has been designed to enable users to create and design layouts for print, web and mobile on your iPad while on the move and then transfer them to your desktop Adobe software of choice with ease.

The new Adobe Comp CC iPad app allows designers to place images, headlines, text frames, and shapes with a few swipes of your finger. Watch the quick demo below to see it in action.
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WhatsApp For Android Version 2.12.5 Includes Voice Call Feature


Android users that have been patiently waiting for the arrival of the new WhatsApp voice calling feature on their mobile devices since it started rolling out to some users last month.

Will be pleased to know that a new version of the WhatsApp for Android application is now available to download from the Google Play Store and takes the form of WhatsApp version 2.12.5 and comes complete with the new voice call service.

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New PS4 Bloodborne Game Beaten In Just 40 Minutes (video)

PS4 Bloodborne

After launching exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4 last week one gaming monster has been able to complete the new PS4 Bloodborne game in just 40 minutes and 17 seconds of in-game time or 44 minutes in real-time.

Check out the video of the feat below to see how gamer and YouTube user Oginam_tv managed to beat the new game by the developer responsible for pervious games Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2.

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New Arduino Store Launches In The US

New Arduino Store

Arduino has this week announced the launch of a new Arduino Store completely based in the USA providing maker, developers and hobbyists that enjoy building Arduino projects with cheaper and faster shipping.

The new Arduino store includes a re-design and is now completely responsive allowing user to easily purchase items from mobiles and tablets throughout the US.

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PlayStation Underground Re-Launches As Online Show (video)

PlayStation Underground

Sony has today announced over on the PlayStation blog that they are preparing to bring back the popular PlayStation Underground magazine that provided demonstration disks of PlayStation games nearly 25 years ago.

Some of our readers may remember the original PlayStation Underground video magazine that was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment America back in the 1990’s and which was provided on disks.

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Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi Launches From $399

Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi

After unveiling their new Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi hybrid tablet and laptop system earlier this year. Asus has finally launched the hardware which is available to purchase both online and via high street stores priced from $399.

The Asus Transformer Book T100 Chi features a 10 inch screen providing users with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The system is powered by Intel Atom Z3775 Bay Trail processor supported by 2GB of RAM and is supplied running Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system.

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Retouch3D Finishing Tool For 3D Prints (video)

Retouch3D Finish Tool For 3D Prints

Those of you lucky enough to own a 3D printer will already know the common issues that can occur during 3D prints to cause imperfections on a final 3D printed model.

A new 3D print finishing tool has been created called Retouch3D that has been specifically designed to enable easier retouching of 3D prints after the 3D printing process, allow users to remove and repair imperfections when required.

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Promagine Professional GoPro Mounts (video)

GoPro Mounts

Anyone who owns a GoPro action camera may be interested in a new range of professional GoPro mounts that have been created by Promagine based in the US.

The team behind the new GoPro mounts are now looking to raise $15,000 over on Kickstarter to help take their concepts into production. Watch the video below to learn more about their range of professional GoPro mounts.

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Windows 10 Preview Includes Project Spartan Web Browser

Windows 10 Preview Includes Project Spartan Web Browser

Over the past few months Microsoft has been teasing us with details about the new Project Spartan web browser that has been specifically designed to roll out with Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10.

Anyone who has been patiently waiting to be able to get their hands on the new Project Spartan browser will be pleased to know that it is now available to try out in the latest Windows 10 preview release.

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