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Julian is passionate about design and technology and in his career as a Creative Director worked on projects for BMW, Cadburys, Harrods Land Rover and Bose to name a few. He is a published author and is now heavily involved in web technology and multimedia. You can follow him on Google+.

All-New Polaris Slingshot 3 Wheel Car Launches For $20,000 (video)

3 wheel car

This week Polaris has unveiled their all-new 3 wheel car in the form of the Polaris Slingshot which is equipped with a 2.4 litre dual-overhead cam engine and a 5-speed manual transmission offering drivers 173 horsepower in lightweight frame for heart pounding acceleration say its creators.

The Slingshot 3 wheel car is available in a number of options that allows you to larger 18 inch forged aluminium wheels at the front and a 20 inch wheel following up behind, together with a blade windscreen for wind protection if desired. Check out the videos after the jump to see the unique 3 wheeled car in action.

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Lego SmartBrick Lets You Easily Build Remote Control Lego Projects (video)

Remote Control Lego

Lego builders around the world that would like to remote control Lego projects they create, might be interested in a new smart brick called SBrick, that has a range of up to 100 m.

The SBrick is capable of controlling 64 ports with one remote allow you to use 16 SBrick devices each with 4 ports within your Lego projects. Check out the video after the jump to learn more.

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Nabi DreamTab HD8 Update Brings Android 4.4 And More (video)

Nabi DreamTab HD8

As well as launching their new Nabi Jr Tablet for kids today, which is equipped with a Tegra 3 processor. Nabi has also rolled out a new update for their Nabi DreamTab HD8 tablet that brings with it support for Google’s latest Android 4.4 operating system.

The Nabi DreamTab HD8 is available to purchase for $270 and is equipped with a quad-core processor supported by 2GB of RAM and offers 16GB of onboard storage that is expandable to 32GB via microSD cards to a maximum of 32GB when required.

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Razer Nabu Smartband Launching Soon For Under $100 (video)


After unveiling their new Razer Nabu last month, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has revealed this week that the Nabu smartband will soon be launching for under $100 and will be available first in the US within the next month or two.

Razer has designed their new Nabu smartband to subtly vibrate when an incoming notification is received and with a simple turn of your wrist, the Private Message Screen instantly activates to reveal details of the notification.

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Probox2 EX KitKat 4.4 Android Box Now Available To Pre-order For $150

Android Box

Last month during the Google I/O 2014 developer conference, Google unveiled their new Android TV smart TV platform which has been created to replace the previous Google TV hardware and enable users to enjoy an interactive television experience via a 10 foot user interface that is positioned on top of the existing television programme screen, via a Android box or TV.

Google has designed their Android TV to be used by manufacturers on TVs or Android TV set-top boxes and to aid with its launch Google has partnered with the likes of Sony, Sharp, and TP Vision to offer the Android TV platform in televisions expected to be released later this year and in 2015.

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Vocca Voice Activated Light Bulb Adapter (video)

Voice Activated Light Bulb

Fancy controlling your home lighting using your voice? If you do, you might be interested in a new voice activated light bulb adapter called the Vocca which has been designed by Ori Indursky.

The voice activated light bulb adapter has been designed to provide a simple plug and play setup that requires no special installation and no wireless connectivity. To find out more about the new Vocca lightbulb adapter watch the video after the jump.

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First CoreXZ 3D Printer And Innovative Collapsing 3D Printer Created By School Teacher

CoreXZ 3D Printer

School teacher Nicholas Seward has unveiled the very first CoreXZ 3D Printer that has been created using CoreXZ geometry rather than the customary CoreXY which is used to control the position of the printing heads on 3D printers.

The new CoreXZ 3D Printer provides a more affordable 3D printer machine design that is capable of higher Z direction resolution, and was constructed for around $500.

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Latest Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer Demonstrates New Combat System (video)

Dragon Age Inquisition

RPG gamers looking forward to the launch later this year of the new Dragon Age Inquisition game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC are sure to enjoy this new demonstration of the multi-faceted combat system they will be able to enjoy within the game.

The games developers have created the new Dragon Age combat system to use both real-time action and the strategic tactical camera, and has been built using a custom games engine which is based on the Frostbite 3, check it out after the jump.

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New Flickr Curated Connections Offers Members A Way To Sell Their Photos


Flickr has this week announce the launch of a new service called Curated Connections which has been created to offer Flickr members a new licensing experience and a way to make money from their photographs.

Flickr explains that its team of curators are currently searching the Flickr library for exciting and credible opportunities for members to share their photography with photo agencies, editors, bloggers and other creative minds who are seeking original content.

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Uncia High Resolution DLP 3D Printer Launching On Indiegogo For $299 (video)

DLP 3D Printer

Anyone considering purchasing a DLP 3D Printer priced under $300 might be interested in the new Uncia DLP 3D Printer that is currently being prepared by QSQM Technology Corporation to launch over on the Indiegogo crowd funding website priced at $299.

The Uncia DLP 3D Printer was first introduced last January and since then its developers have acquired $1 million in funding and will be using the Indiegogo website to launch their latest 3D printer and increase production.

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