New Handheld GPS from Magellan

GPS developer Magellan will be releasing its new range of handheld GPS devices by the last quarter of this year. Named eXplorist and designed for rugged outdoor use, the devices come in models 510, 610, and 710.
Each features a 3” touchscreen and a 3.2-mega pixel camera. Of the three however, it’s the eXplorist  710 that has the most functionality and can be used to navigate both the outdoors and whatever urban scape you are in.

A Virgin Maverick for your iPad

Setting aside the usual Top Gun references, this is actually a new e-magazine called Maverick from Virgin, the multinational empire helmed by the serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson.

Even though the waters of e-reader/smartphone publishing have proved treacherous—similar moves by traditional print mags GQ and WIRED have floundered—Maverick is diving headlong into the maelstrom for bragging rights and profits too, of course.

Nokia, RIM Counter Jobs’ Antenna Claim

Both Nokia and RIM wasted no time releasing statements countering Steve Jobs’ claim that antenna problems on smartphones like the controversial iPhone 4 are present among similar devices.

On the same day that Jobs held an all-important press conference to address multiple defects of the latest iPhone—which has shipped 3 million units since its release last month—Nokia circulated a press release whose wording emphasized its commitment to functional design.

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Road SMS Lets You Walk Around While Texting

Some people like to text, a lot. They even do this while walking which is quite dangerous especially in busy streets (watch out for the manhole!)

Enter Road SMS, an Android app that lets you peer through the camera of your smartphone so you can see where you are headed while happily thumbing away.

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A Blackberry Tablet Rumored To Be In The Works

The latest buzz is that smartphone maker Research In Motion (RIM) will be making a tablet carrying the same brand as their flagship devices.

Ashok Kumar, a research analyst, speculates that the mobile computer will have a 7-inch touchscreen, dual cameras at the front and at the back plus a 1GHz processor.

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Hack A Mac Onto Your VirtualBox

There’s certainly a lot of folks out there who have dedicated a slice of their life to getting Mac OS X running on non-Apple hardware. It’s complicated but sure gives you that endorphin rush after you complete it. Not many though are willing to invest a huge chunk of time and effort building a hackintosh.

Lifehacker recently posted a way to get around this using just an OSX86 iso and Sun’s free virtualization software VirtualBox.

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