The Lynx Takes You To Space For $95,000

Seeing the price tag might have dashed your hopes for a genuine space odyssey but hey, the company Xtraordinary Adventures are doing Richard Branson’s Virgin galactic one better by offering a flight beyond the Earth’s atmosphere for half of Virgin’s whopping $200,000.

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TxtBomber Is Too Cool To Handle

True to its underground aesthete, it took awhile for the TxtBomber to make an impact on the web.

You see, its creator Felix Vorreitor already perfected the handheld printing machine in 2005 and it only caught on with the tech press recently—like this week. Better late than never, you say?

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NY Subway To Get WiFi

Despite endless delays and a massive $900 million dollar deficit, six station platforms near 14th Street will be wired for WiFi and cellular service as part of a longstanding initiative by the NYC Transit Authority.

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Snowflake Speakers Play Music Pure As Virgin Snow

Ah, designers; you’ve really got to admire them. No other professionals on earth work so hard at combining the natural world with the man-made.

Such a marriage has created the Snowflake Speaker by Sylvian Gerber. As its name suggests, it’s inspired by a snowflake. It doesn’t come in white though, as shown by the promo pictures.

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Stealth Computer’s LPC 100 Is Its Smallest To Date

In case you feel compelled to buy a miniscule PC and have the money for such a purchase, your best choice this year is the LPC 100 from Canada’s Stealth Computers.

Roughly the size of a 7”x5” paperback novel, the LPC 100 makes up in hardware what it lacks in actual heft. Speaking of heft there’s not much to speak of either as it only weighs a staggering 1.2 lbs.

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Swede Builds Wearable Computer

Besides the Canadian filmmaker who implanted a camera into his eye, someone else in the world is moving ever closer to bionic perfection.

Martin Magnusson, a self-professed “researcher and entrepreneur” sought to literally expand his horizons with the help of some tech lying around his house. The result: A wearable computer.

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University Brings Down The Hammer On The Motorized Couch

Decades from now in the far off green future we’re currently struggling to reach, statues of Nicholas Homer will adorn state parks and public spaces. Or not.

The college student best known for his motorized couch has just been banned by Brigham Young University from using it to move around campus. The student was motivated to build the motorized couch so he can pick up burgers and willing females with utmost convenience.

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Alternate History: The PC Circa 1960

In case you didn’t know, there weren’t any PCs in the 60s. People in offices then went about work with typewriters and pens and all sorts of archaic artifacts.

Despite this fact, it didn’t stop Jeffrey Stephenson from taking up the challenge of building a functional PC for the 60s. He even went so far as to ask, “What if IBM had invented the PC 20 years earlier?”

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