Griffin And Prophetik Unveil (Recycled) Leather iPhone Case

We said it once and we’ll say it again: Accessories for Apple products are all the rage these days. Feeding on that rage is the new rugged leather folio from Griffin and Prophetik. With sustainable as its buzz word of choice, the leather used here isn’t new but 100% recycled. This explains the lack of posh stylings and smooth contours. Your iPhone plus the related contents of your wallet just slide in and stay there, snug and warm.

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New Combine Collective Keyboard Tray Holds Your Apple Gizmos

If you happen to consider a wireless keyboard, magic trackpad and Apple remote essential, we suggest you plop down the necessary dough for this tray. Made of pristine walnut wood and available in three configurations, the tray from eco-product peddlers Combine Collective can hold any of the three above mentioned products. Why? Simple: to keep them in place.

Keyboard Tray
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Jakks Pacific Gratifies Your Inner 007 With Spy Net Video Watch

It’s clunky and awkward on the wrist, but what it lacks in flash it more than makes up for with its Spy functions. Billed as the Spy Net Video Watch, this new gadget from Jakks Pacific has a built-in camera that can take up to 20 minutes of footage. If that weren’t enough, you can record three hours of audio and take stills with it. In case you’re already wowed out of your senses, don’t forget that this also doubles as a digital watch with an attractive color display.

Jakks Spy Watch
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Boeing And Space Adventures Team Up For Orbital Tourist Flights

Startups touting themselves as space travel agencies might be old news, but the recent partnership between aircraft manufacturer Boeing and Space Adventures may bear some interesting fruit. Boeing officially announced the joint initiative on its website and the news has spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. The particular bit that has caught the public’s imagination is Boeing/Space Adventures will begin sending a few multimillionaires to orbit by 2015.

Boeing Spacecraft

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Microsoft Employees Hold Mock iPhone And Blackberry Funerals

Solemnity was nowhere present last Friday when Microsoft employees trooped out of their cubicles at the Redmond campus for a funeral parade equal parts Halloween and geek Mardi Gras. Donning some of the kookiest outfits in the western hemisphere, zombies, sci-fi icons (Darth Vader) and different Village People impersonations were out in full force to “lament” the iPhone’s demise.


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Massive UAV Can Leave Satellites Redundant

That is, once all the testing is done and the results are spectacular. So far the Global Observer seems on the right track. Currently being developed by AeroVironment, the hydrogen powered drone can cover vast (and we mean vast) distances over a period of days before needing to land for refueling.


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70-200mm Nikon Lens Thermos Has Arrived

At $69.99, it’s rather cheap too. Looking beyond the exterior, what the thermos has going for it is a double wall of stainless steel, vacuum insulation to keep your liquids hot and a rust proof finish. Throw in a heavy-duty handle in case you need to protect yourself from muggers plus a tiny cup for tiny sips.


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DTV Shredder Is A Segway Tank

Trust us, calling this mechanized beast a “Segway tank” is the best description possible. The creation of inventor Ben Gulak, his skateboard-on-treads is being touted as the next evolutionary step in mechanized warfare. How? Judging by the awful photo shopped pics on the DTV Shredder site, soldiers are supposed to ride this baby and charge off to battle. Mr. Gulak and co. even showcased their pint-sized APC last month in a Detroit conference. For the skinny on this monster, we suggest you read on.

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New MSI CR420 Notebook Can Stream Stuff To Your HDTV

We’re not kidding. Thanks to Intel’s Wireless Display technology, or WiDi, this 14-inch notebook can stream your favorite online content to an HDTV near you. We have to admit this particular feature ranks high in our neat-o-meter. Where it usually takes an Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor for support plus a standalone adapter box connected to your TV with an HDMI cable, the CR420 offers all this and more.


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Rockchip Tease Desk-Bound Smartphone

A rather odd device graced the Rockchip booth at the recently concluded IFA 2010: a smartphone for your desk. We’re talking 3G connectivity, Android OS and a LCD touchscreen here. Let’s not forget to mention the webcam.

Of course, don’t forget the usual accoutrements like a dull old-school handset and speakerphone functionality. Done.

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Georgia Tech Scientists Build Robots That Deceive

The whole point of the nimble bots unveiled by a team of Georgia Tech scientists recently is to deceive bad guys while conducting missions. The news first surfaced on the September 3 issue of The International Journal of Social Robotics. If such a devious capability leaves you uncomfortable, do not fear. The robots won’t be seen in a battlefield for a decade at least. But why build such machines exist in the first place?

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