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Steve Jobs Deposition Video Will Not Be Released

steve jobs

In the recent iPod trial against Apple, a video deposition of the late Steve Jobs was showing during the trial, the deposition was originally taken back in 2011, just six months before Steve Jobs passed away.

A number of major medial outlets, including Bloomberg, CNN and the Associated Press has requested that the video be released, and now the judge dealing with the case has ruled that it will not be released.

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Android TV Launcher Gets Bug Fix Update

android tv launcher

Google has released an update version of their Android TV launcher app, the latest version of the application comes with a range of bug fixes.

As well as unspecified bug fixes, the Android TV launcher update also bring a range of performance and stability improvements.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Turns Up At Zauba

Galaxy S6

We have been hearing more and more rumors about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, and now the handset has turned up at the Zauba import database in India.

The handset was listed with the model number SM-G920F, this is a different model number than the ones we heard previously for the the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Samsung ChatOn To Be Shut Down

samsung chaton

The Samsung ChatOn messaging service is going to be shut down next year, Samsung has officially confirmed that the service will be shut down on the 1st of February 2015.

Samsung will shot down ChatOn in every country expect the U.S. on the first of February next year, the company has not given an exact date on when the service will close in the U.S.

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Apple Increases Russian App Store Prices


The other day Apple stopped selling its devices in Russia, the news came after major currency fluctuations in Russia, and now the company has increased its App store prices.

The prices of apps in the Apple App store has now been changed in line with the current exchange rate between the Ruble and the Dollar.

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Android M Will Build Android Auto Into Cars

Android Auto

It looks like Google has further plans to integrate their Android Auto system into cards, according to a recent report by Reuters, Google has plans to use Android M to build the software directly into vehicles.

The new Android M software will apparently run in your vehicle and will bring all of the features of Android Auto to your car without the need for a smartphone.

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Sony Xperia Z4 Leaked (Photos)

xperia z4

We have been hearing various rumors about the new Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone, and now it would appear that we may actually have some photos of the handset.

The photos comes from some leaked emails during the recent Sony hack, and Sony were apparently looking to hire Daniel Craig to promote the new Sony Xperia Z4, and possibly the new James Bond Spectre movie.

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Minecraft Update 1.6.4 Released For Xbox (Video)


Microsoft has released a new version of Minecraft for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 console, the update is Minecraft 1.6.4, and it brings a wide range of new features to the game.

The video below shows some of the new features that are available in the latest version of Minecraft for Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

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Lumia Denim Update Brings 4K Video To Lumia Devices


Microsoft has announced that the Lumia Denim update will bring a range of new camera features to certain Windows Phone handset, including the ability to record 4K videos.

You will be able to record 4K video with a long press of the camera button on certain devices at 24 frames per second, and this will include the Lumia 930, the Lumia Icon and the Lumia 1520.

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Instagram Deletes Millions Of Fake Accounts


Instagram recently announced that they had hit 300 million monthly active users, the company also announced that they planned to delete fake or spam accounts.

The company has now deleted all of the fake and spam accounts, and a number of Instagramers, including some celebrities have lost a lot of followers.

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