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PS Vita to get app for PS4 live streaming

ps vita consoleIn terms of power, the PS4 and the PS Vita are not in the same league. Even so Sony has found ways to make both consoles work nicely with each other. Obviously hoping that you will buy both. Here is another way the two consoles are growing closer. Soon PS Vita owners will be able to use their handheld console to view live streams of games from the PlayStation 4.

This bit of news was announced by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show. The app is called “Live from PlayStation” and will arrive for the PlayStation Vita in a future software update. Great news for anyone who wants to watch live streams from a PlayStation 4 on their handheld console. I’m guessing there are at least a few of you.
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Metallic Slime Edition PlayStation 4

slime ps4As the PS4 ages we can expect to see many special editions. Among the first will be this Dragon Quest Metallic Slime Edition of the Sony PlayStation 4, which looks shiny indeed. It is in honor of the release of Dragon Quest Heroes.

Sony has announced that they will be releasing a special edition PS4 to commemorate the launch. The entire console and controller are metallic silver. Not only that, but as an added detail, there is actual “slime” that looks like it is oozing over the edge of the console.
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Game Of Thrones Video Game Teaser

gotgameWe heard last year that Telltale Games confirmed that it is working on a video game adaptation of Game of Thrones. The game is episodic and given how popular the HBO show is, this game should be an instant hit.

Many fans of the TV series and books have been looking forward to the Game of Thrones video game and those folks will be happy to hear that another teaser has been posted online by Telltale Games and the trailer that was previously released has been circulated once again too just in case you missed it the first time.
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Netflix says that Comcast is costing it customers

netflix logoEven though Netflix has been vocal about net neutrality, the company has had to give in several times and enter into peering agreements with major Internet service providers like Comcast. Even though they would rather not. Netflix says that this is because Comcast was costing it customers.

You might remember that Netflix recently petitioned the FCC to deny Comcast’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable. There are several potential issues with the proposed business move and one of them was details on how Comcast’s past throttling actions have cost the company customers.
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Another gamer gets raided by the police

hoaxYou would think that police would learn by now that sometimes they are getting called to a gamers home because of hoax calls. But apparently they do not learn. Jordan Mathewson goes by the handle ‘Kootra’ when gaming online. One day some unexpected guests barged in on him unexpectedly, in a scene that no one wants to be a part of.

It was the police and they were armed. To add insult to injury, the entire incident was broadcast live online. That must have been embarrassing.
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The Blacklist may be coming to Netflix


Netflix offers thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries for on-demand streaming for a very cheap price. It regularly adds new titles to its lineup without much hype and without regular price hikes too. There are some shows that are hugely popular that are not available on Netflix though. Like The Blacklist.

Well, a report published today confirms the possibility that The Blacklist will soon stream on Netflix. NBC’s The Blacklist was immediately popular when the first season aired last year. The network had 12 million viewers per episode, so this show is a winner. The second season is coming in late September. Sadly it is not available on any online streaming service though. Hard to imagine, but some shows take their time hitting the online streaming world.
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3D Printed Mac Pi

3dmacWe have seen many items 3D printed items, but it is not very often that you see people print their own computer. The 3D Printed Mac Pi is a unique 3D printing project that actually houses a Raspberry Pi and a 2.8” TFT display.

It may have a tiny display, but it isn’t weak. It is capable of emulating Mac OS 7 to run old Mac Apps. The open-source design is free to download and modify, so you can try your hand at making one if you are in need of a project.
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Snapchat now valued at $10 billion

snapchatRemember June of last year, when Snapchat was valued at $800 million? Then in 2013, Snapchat was valued at around $2 billion, and had serious acquisition offers from both Google and Facebook supposedly worth $4 billion and $3 billion in cash. Everyone said that Snapchat was crazy to not sell at that time. Maybe they weren’t so crazy. It looks like founder Evan Spiegel made the right call.

Because now the company is valued at $10 billion. I guess he knew more than all of those people who said they should have sold it before. Then again it may not stay at these heights.
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Archos Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphone 40 Cesium

Archos phoneFrench company Archos might be known to many of you even if they aren’t exactly a common household name. They have released their share of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. Its latest launch takes the company into new territory.

Archos has unveiled its first Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone called the 40 Cesium. Don’t get super excited. The first Windows Phone device from Archos isn’t a high-end smartphone. It has entry-level specs with a matching price tag.
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HP recalls millions of power cords

hpcordsDuring the course of a year, there are bound to be many recalls of various products. Unfortunately for HP they are going through a massive recall right now. HP has been forced to recall over six million laptop power cords. This comes after multiple reports of them overheating.

The recall is for the United States and Canada, and it covers cords sold from September 2010 up through the summer of 2012.
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Amazon acquires Twitch

twitchWe have heard many reports over the past few months that Google is going to buy Twitch, the popular video game streaming company. And even though it was reported earlier in the month that the deal was finished for $1 billion, it looks like Google did not get it. Amazon stole it away from them.

It has been confirmed that Amazon is acquiring Twitch. The outstanding shares will be purchased for about $970 million. Just to refresh your memory in case you don’t know what Twitch is: It is a video game streaming service that launched over three years ago and it has been super popular. As of the end of 2013, it had over 40 million users who were watching an average of more than 100 minutes of video every day.
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Man sends porn to police, then gets arrested

whatsappindiaHave you ever sent a message to someone that you thought was a friend, but then later found out that you had the wrong number? It happens. Sometimes the message can be embarrassing, but you get over it and move on. It’s all you can do.

Sadly for a man in India, he won’t be getting over it and moving on. He repeatedly sent the Delhi police pornography via WhatsApp. Oops. That’s not the kind of mistake you want to make repeatedly.
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