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Victoria’s Secret bra comes with integrated electrodes

victoriasecretThese days clothing can have all kinds of technology built into it. Now lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret has jumped aboard the wearable tech bandwagon too. They are selling a new sports bra for about $75. What is so special about this bra is that it comes with integrated electrodes which will hook up to a heart rate monitor.

One could argue that the watcher rather than the wearer could use the heart rate monitor since we are talking lingerie. Anyway, the integrated technology is hidden from view, making the bra aesthetically pleasing compared to some of the wearable tech we’ve seen.
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Firefox to offer one-click search results

searchGood news for Firefox users. Mozilla wants to make searching faster on Firefox. To make that happen, the company will be introducing an update in the future that adds a new search interface. With this new search, users can type a keyword into the search field, then choose a specific preset search engine or website where they want to view the result. Sites like Wikipedia and Google.

This news comes after we heard that Yahoo will be the browser’s new default search option.
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Batman Arkham Knight trailer shows gameplay footage

arkhamgameIf you are a fan of the caped crusader, you have been waiting for Rocksteady’s new title called Batman Arkham Knight. It was supposed to be released by the end of this year but the developer later confirmed that it was pushed forward to 2015, which is a long way away still.

We may have a long wait, but if you want a look at some gameplay footage right now, a new trailer has been released. Now you can check out some gameplay footage from Batman Arkham Knight while you wait for the release. Although it will probably only make you more eager for this title to arrive.
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400 million people are using the mobile version of Google Chrome

googlechromeBack in June at Google I/O, the company announced that the mobile version of the Google Chrome browser had over 300 million users. Now that was a ten-fold increase from the prior-year, which is pretty impressive. And now almost six months later, Google executive Darin Fisher told folks at the Chrome Dev Summit, that the number is up to 400 million mobile Chrome users.

Well, there is the new look of Material Design, not to mention changes that have made the browser more secure. You also have to take into account that Chrome has added some new features too. People are finding that they like what Chrome has to offer.
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Infinity Blade could be headed to the Xbox One


The Infinity Blade franchise has always been an exclusive to iOS devices. In fact, it was designed to show off the iPhone’s graphics capabilities. Infinity Blade 3 was the last game in the franchise.

Now we are hearing that the game might get a new lease of life on other devices too. That is, if recent teaser images are any indication. We have been seeing reports from various gaming websites that suggest that the Infinity Blade game could be making its way onto the Xbox One console. That would be a great development for XBox One owners.
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Counter-Strike pro players banned, caught cheating


Nobody likes a cheater. In fact, Counter-Strike players are now finding themselves banned after being discovered cheating. Apparently this all started when the E-Sports Entertainment Association’s tools banned Simon “smn” Beck for cheating. Valve paid attention and then received details from the ESEA and used that to upgrade its own anti-cheat tools. So that resulted in multiple players being caught. Several of those are professional players.

It looks like the cheats being used offered aim assist, which helped with shots that were otherwise problematic and they may not have pulled off.
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Amazon to launch free video streaming service

amazon-logoNetflix is riding high right now, having just announced that their video streaming service is set to launch in both New Zealand and Australia next March, but they are not alone in the industry. They do have their competition. Speaking of which, Amazon will be rolling out a free streaming video service.

Since you can’t get anything for free in this world, this service would be supported by ads. The idea is that Amazon intends to spin the service off from Prime, Amazon’s premium membership club that costs $99 annually, where it offers one the ability to access its Instant Video service.
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iPad Air 2 In Gold


Sometimes it seems as if there is no end to some people’s vanity and need for shiny things. Those who need diamonds and rubies on their cars, phone cases and tablets will certainly enjoy this news. The iPad Air 2 is the thinnest tablet ever, so it already commands a higher price point compared to other tablets.

Well, how about bringing home a 24K gold-plated iPad Air 2? Now at last you can. Vietnamese jeweler Karalux are offering this iPad Air 2 that comes covered with gold. The price for the gold-plated 64GB iPad Air 2 is at $1,315, which means this is a $700 premium compared to the regular price of the tablet.
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Google and Rockstar to end dispute


Rockstar is a tech consortium comprised of companies like Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony. The rockstars of the tech world if you will. The consortium was originally formed to purchase Nortel’s patents when they declared bankruptcy, but in 2013, the consortium also decided to use the patents they bought to go after Google for alleged patent infringement.

Of course Google wasn’t thrilled about this and though these kinds of things would normally be long and drawn out legal battles, it looks like it might be over already. That is because according to a recent filing submitted to the US District Court of the Eastern District of Texas, Google and the Rockstar Consortium have agreed to settle their dispute. The details have not been made known to the public, which is not surprising. Those details may leak out eventually.
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Google Contributor lets you pay to remove ads from select websites

google hqGoogle has launched a new and very experimental service they are calling Contributor. It basically allows people to pay to remove ads from participating websites. At the service’s portal, visitors can pick which sites they want to contribute to, and whether to donate $1, $2, or $3 per month. Once a subscription goes active, visiting those sites will display thank-you messages and/or pixel patterns instead of the ads they don’t like.

This might be an interesting solution to users not liking ads, even though the site has to bring in some revenue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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World Of Warcraft Subscribers surpass 10 Million, Warlords Of Draenor Sells 3.3 Million Copies

warlordsWarlords of Draenor, the latest expansion for the World of Warcraft MMORPG, is doing pretty well for itself. Despite early server issues that prevented gamers from entering the game or completing quests, reviews of the game have been pretty positive and players are enjoying themselves.

In fact, according to a press release from Blizzard, Warlords of Draenor has sold 3.3 million copies within the first 24 hours. Blizzard also says that thanks to the expansion, World of Warcraft’s subscriber base has managed to surpass 10 million gamers across all regions. This is big news since that subscriber base had been down for quite some time.
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Firefox to use Yahoo as its default search engine


In the world of search Google is king, but not everyone bends knee to the giant and bows down. Mozilla has announced a new partnership with Yahoo, and so Firefox will be dropping Google from its position as default search engine. Soon, users in the US will be seeing a sleek version of Yahoo as their browser’s default search option. The move is said to be Yahoo’s “most significant partnership” over the last half decade. It just may be.

Mozilla will be launching this next month. Yahoo says that this new search experience will be coming to US users first, before others across the world get access to it.
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