Call Of Duty 2014 screenshot leaks online

Call of Duty seems to be hitting our consoles regularly every year now. Not that this is a bad thing. We just wonder if it is too much, too fast. At any rate, the first screenshot for this year’s version of Call of Duty has surfaced, thanks to the folks over at IGN.

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COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey hits Blu-ray on June 10

If you are a fan of COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey, we have some good news for you. It will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray on June 10, a couple of days after the follow-up’s conclusion. COSMOS builds upon the popular Carl Sagan series and is hosted by Dr. Neil deGrasses Tyson. It will be coming to disc with bonus materials as well.

The DVD and Blu-ray release will have a bunch of bonus material and the Blu-ray release will give you access to an exclusive interactive Cosmic Calendar, delivering a way to explore the galaxy “past, present and future.” That sounds pretty entertaining and worth the price alone.


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$50 3D printed hand compared to $42,000 prosthetic limb

Prosthetic limbs can get pretty expensive especially when it has movable parts. Jose Delgado Jr. Jose was born without a left hand and since last year, he has been using a prosthetic hand that costs $42,000. That is an insane price, but they cost a lot to make. It gets signals from the muscles in Jose’s forearm which allow the mechanical fingers to move like a real hand.

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3D printed cast uses ultrasound to speed up recovery

3D printers are doing some amazing things. They are saving lives and making all kinds of medical gadgets. What if 3D printed medical gadgets could help speed up your healing process? That would be something we can all get behind. Well now it seems like it can. This prototype cast acts as a regular cast and also uses ultrasonic vibrations that will help speed up the bone healing time. This is truly amazing.

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Try Google Glass at home

Google Glass is expensive. You might want to try Google Glass before committing to pay $1500. That’s understandable. So Google is starting to offer a home try-on service for Glass, which will allow you to see which color and which prescription lens frame works best for you. It isn’t a full version of the device. Just something so you can judge what color you want.

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God Of War Collection coming to the PS Vita

The God of War franchise is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platform and it is a real treat to play. There’s no doubt that this series has sold many Sony consoles all on its own. PS Vita handheld consoles too. And PS Vita gamers have another treat coming their way in the next few weeks. Sony has announced that the God of War Collection will be coming to the PS Vita.

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