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Acer Launches 34 Inch Curved Quad HD Monitor

acer curvedAcer has launched a new monitor that PC gamers are going to love. The Acer XR341CKA is a 34 inch UltraWide curved monitor with Quad HD 3,440×1,440 pixel resolution and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which reduces screen tear and stutter. It also has two 7W speakers and DTS sound and is supported by an aluminum base.

The XR341CKA monitor has a 21:9 UltraWide Quad HD resolution IPS display panel that delivers up to a 178-degree viewing angle. That broader view should give users a more immersive experience with entertainment and gaming for sure.
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Hulu adds Adult Swim and Cartoon Network shows

hulu toonsIn order to catch up to Netflix, Hulu has been slowly adding content, bolstering its library with many often watched shows. And today the service announced another deal with Turner Broadcasting, this deal brings a bunch of animated series’ and shows from Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Even though Hulu has offered some of the more popular primetime animated series like Family Guy already, now it has expanded upon these with shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken, among others.

Hulu announced the new deal today, saying that its “viewers love” cartoons of both the adult and kid varieties. They already know this because of shows like South Park and Bob’s Burgers. Now they have expanded to include Adult Swim shows, as well as shows for kids like Adventure Time. Hulu is all abot the toon right now.
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Man shoots his Dell desktop eight times

dead dell

Our gadgets can at times be as frustrating as they are amazing. Sometimes you may even want to pump it full of lead. Those of us without mental stability, actually do just that. Like a man in Colorado who recently, after growing tired of his computer’s endless problems, took the Dell desktop out back and shot it. Eight times. Until it was dead.

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports that Lucas Hinch of Colorado Springs got tired of his Dell desktop not working right. It had been giving him problems for several months, and after not being able to solve those problems, he wanted some sweet revenge, so he took the computer into a back alley and shot it eight times. That must have felt amazing to him since it apparently frustrated him that much.
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Girlfriend Drowns Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products

apple revenge

Well, one way to get back at a cheating spouse and is to take the things that he loves and kill them. Especially if you are really hurt and want some revenge. This is the story of a man in Japan who cheated on his girlfriend. I don’t think he ever expected that she would draw up a nice bath for all of his Apple products and drown them.

You are looking at thousands of dollars worth of Apple products all taking a nice bath and being destroyed. I can only imagine what this guy felt like seeing all of those devices soaking like dead fish after a killer storm. Just half-floating and lifeless.
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Wii U Splatoon bundle hitting Best Buy on May 29th

splatoonNintendo must be feeling very confident that their upcoming game titled Splatoon will be a big hit. The big N is launching a Best Buy-exclusive Wii U bundle that includes kid-friendly shooter, Nintendoland and a 32GB Deluxe console for the price of $300.

Kids are really going to dig multiplayer in this game and Nintendo is banking on huge sales. If they are that confident, maybe you should go ahead and take a chance on this bundle. Assuming you don’t already own the console.
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Angry Birds Stella Passes 30 Million Downloads

Angry Birds StellaAngry Birds Stella has been around for quite some time. The rest of the Angry Birds franchise even longer. The Angry Birds are still going strong since Stella has just passed the 30 million download mark. A new milestone.

It just goes to show you that the Angry Birds franchise is far from dead despite having some age to it. The latest statistics show that Angry Birds Stella POP! has been downloaded more than five million times in a matter of four weeks after its global launch.
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Limited Edition 24k Xbox One Pearl

xboxpearlMost people are okay with owning a plain old standard console, even if it isn’t very flashy. Others want to stand apart from the crowd with a luxurious display of their wealth. Well, if you are a gamer who enjoys bling above all else, then this Limited Edition 24k Xbox One Pearl is definitely for you.

This is truly a limited edition. There will only be 50 of these units available that have been produced, thanks to the folks over at ColorWare. Your Xbox One will look sleek and refined. It may even be so posh that it will spit discs back out that it finds distasteful. Just remember that no matter how beautiful it looks on the outside, the innards will get obsolete with the passage of time just like the rest of them.
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Strong Enough To Crack Walnuts

samsung walnuts

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is no stranger to abuse. You have probably seen the videos around on the internet. It has been boiled in water, even run over by a car. Ouch! So what’s next for this thrill-seeking stunt phone? Well, a few videos have surfaced recently showing the handset being used to crack walnuts, of all things. You would think this would damage the phone for sure, but no. It seems fine.

One video shows two Galaxy S6 handsets used to crack the walnuts. One is used as the base and the other is used to smash the walnuts like a hammer until they crack. The second video uses the Galaxy S6 as a chopping device which ends with the same result. And no, neither of these activities seems to damage the handsets.
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Netflix prices overseas are determined by piracy

netflix logoNetflix streaming has been around a long time in the US, but what we forget is that it has over 60 million subscribers globally in a number of other countries. One thing you might not know about the how the company works overseas was revealed by CFO David Wells recently.

It has to do with how they determine Netflix’s subscription price in a country. One key factor they look at are the levels of piracy in that region. If it has higher levels of piracy, that means a cheaper price to access Netflix’s content.
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Bethesda teases image about its E3 2015 Showcase


You may remember that early this year Bethesda confirmed that they would be hosting their own showcase at E3 2015. This is the first one in a while, so they must have something important to announce. Whatever it is, it is going to be good, I’m sure. They recently released a teaser image which you can see above.

In the image, the company is dropping hints for what is coming. You’ll notice that the various placards sitting in the seats are characters from Bethesda’s games. These are characters from games like The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, and more. I’m not sure what it means, but it should be good. They at least think they have something that will wow us and knock our socks off.
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Google shows cleaner URLs On Mobile Devices

GooglesearchSearching Google using your phone can result in sometimes lengthy URLs websites, and since our mobile devices have smaller screens compared to our desktops, the URLs are sometimes cut off so you don’t really get to see the entire URL.

Google is on the case. Google has updated its URL presentation in its search results. You can see it in the image here. On the left is how Google used to display its URL, and the right is the new way. Google has organized it in a cleaner way so that you know which section of a particular website you are visiting. No more guessing.
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Screencheat for PS4 confirmed

screencheatGood news for gamers. Samurai Punk’s game Screencheat will soon be available on the PlayStation 4. The title’s release for Sony’s new console has now been confirmed. If you don’t know, its a split-screen multiplayer shooter where everyone is invisible and players have to “screencheat” by looking at other players’ screens. “What was once taboo is now the key to your success,” Nicholas McDonnell of Samurai Punk says. It’s a clever approach for a game, that’s for sure.

The developer makes screencheating easy through maps and weapons which are designed to “maximise the joy of destroying your enemies,” I really love that sentance and it makes me want to play this game even more.
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