Try Google Glass at home

Google Glass is expensive. You might want to try Google Glass before committing to pay $1500. That’s understandable. So Google is starting to offer a home try-on service for Glass, which will allow you to see which color and which prescription lens frame works best for you. It isn’t a full version of the device. Just something so you can judge what color you want.

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God Of War Collection coming to the PS Vita

The God of War franchise is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation platform and it is a real treat to play. There’s no doubt that this series has sold many Sony consoles all on its own. PS Vita handheld consoles too. And PS Vita gamers have another treat coming their way in the next few weeks. Sony has announced that the God of War Collection will be coming to the PS Vita.

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Colorado gets its first marijuana vending machine

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy and cool vending machines and now Colorado’s first marijuana vending machine was rolled onto the patio at Montana’s Smokehouse in Avon yesterday. It should be installed by now, a full week before 4/20. Its not the only pot vending machine in existence, they have them in the U.S., particularly in California. However, consumers can use this vending machine, while the ones in California can only be in medical dispensaries behind counters, and only “budtenders” can have access. Not any old person.

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Amazon buys ComiXology

If you are a fan of getting your comics digitally instead of going to the comic book store, then you have likely heard of comiXology. It’s an app that lets you get digital comics easily. The app has titles from Marvel and DC and many other companies. If you love comics you know this app.

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You can buy Google Glass on April 15th

Interested in getting Google Glass for yourself? Well, Google has confirmed plans to offer Google Glass to the general public in the US on Tuesday, April 15th. Tax day. Well, if you have a refund coming, this might be a good way to spend it. Until now it has been invitation only, but now everyone else can have a chance to wear some Google specs.

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