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Sling TV Service launched for only $20 Per Month

slingAt CES 2015 Dish announced a new internet TV service called Sling TV. This service is aimed at those who want to ditch cable TV, but still want to watch TV. Sling TV will deliver a limited number of TV channels for $20 per month, and it the device has now been launched.

When Sling TV was unveiled at CES 2015 the company told interested users to register so that they would receive invitations to try the service when it was launched. Well, now these users will begin receiving their invites.
The service will actually be free for a week before they have to pay $20 to continue with the subscription. Another good thing about this service is that there are no contracts, so users can cancel their subscriptions at any time. This should please many cord-cutters.
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Battlefield Hardline Beta release date

bfhFans are eagerly awaiting the Battlefield Hardline beta. We already know that there will be no cap on progression level so players will really be able to put this beta to test, which is good for everyone. Well, the news today is that the Battlefield Hardline beta release date has been leaked. If we can trust this info, then we can expect it to arrive in the first week of February.

This leaked release date for Battlefield Hardline beta comes from an email that was supposedly sent to some YouTube users by Ronku. Ronku is Electronic Arts’ sponsorship program that pays YouTube users who cover games to provide coverage for EA titles. So this seems likely since EA would want good coverage and these YouTubers would need to be alerted.
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Snapchat may be introducing original content soon

snapchat newsSnapchat has been very busy lately. In case you don’t know, Snapchat is an app that allows users to send pictures and videos to each other. These pictures and videos disappear automatically after a few seconds. Now it looks like the company may be branching out to publishing original content.

According to reports, Snapchat is going to produce original content like videos and articles in-house. It is said that the company has hired several journalists and video producers over the last few months.
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Walmart launches $25 Vudu Spark Streaming Stick

vudu sparkThere are several good streaming sticks available and they all serve the same purpose more or less. You can get the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick and others. We recently heard rumors that Walmart would introduce one of its own and as it turns out, now it has. Walmart is now selling the Vudu Spark streaming stick which aims to undercut its rivals on price. It is just $25.

If you know the others, you know what to expect. It’s like all of the rest. The Vudu Spark hooks up to an HDMI port and is powered through USB. You control it through a separate remote control. There’s support for 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and the Vudu Spark and provide full 1080p output with 7.1 surround sound.
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Destiny Crota’s End Hard Mode gets beaten in under half an hour


This week Bungie announced that it is going to release a tweaked version of the Crota’s End raid so that it would be even harder to finish. Everyone likes a challenge right? Crota’s End Hard Mode was what the name says. It is hard.

The thing is, it turned out to be no great challenge to the team that beat it under half an hour. Bungie verified the results and posted it on its Twitter account. It is official.
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Picattoo turns your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos


Sometimes, you really fall in love with something on Instagram, and you just can’t stop looking at it. Well, if you are in love with an image to the point where you can’t look away, INK361 is here to help. Picattoo lets you turn your favorite Instagram picture into a temporary tattoo. An insta-tat.

Yes you read that right. Are you gaga over the pic of your friend’s lunch that they posted? Well you can get a tattoo of that hamburger photo and stare at it longingly as much as you like.
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Philippines District Bans Dota 2


Sometimes gaming can get emotional and an animosity gets created between players. It’s never fun, but it happens. People can get very involved in games to the point where they get violent. In fact Dota 2 has been the cause of a number of cases like this throughout various computer cafés in the Philippines. It has become such a problem that one particular district in one large city has declared a ban on Dota 2. One they are intent upon enforcing.

There was a decree issued by the district council of Salawag, a community of about 60,000, located within the larger city of Dasamariñas. This municipal ban comes after reports of young people playing Dota 2 in public cafés that are ending up in brawls. These brawls have caught the public’s attention. So, Salawag’s government decided that they had to step up and ban the game.
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Twitter “While You Were Away” now rolling out to iOS users

twitter awayEarlier this month we heard that Twitter had a “While you were away” feature that was slowly being rolled out to its mobile users. If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry because it is here now. Twitter has announced that they will be bringing the feature to iOS users everywhere.

As far as Android users go, you will have to wait a while before Twitter makes the feature available to you. And we don’t know when exactly that will be happening, but hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait for you guys. This feature is basically a recap of what has happened on Twitter while you were away. Hence the name.
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Borderlands Claptrap-In-A-Box Edition will cost you $399

claptrap editionWe heard recently that Borderlands will be arriving on both the Xbox One and the Sony PS4. That is awesome news in itself, but the news gets better. How about a sweet new special edition bundle to spend your hard earned gamer money on? If that sounds good, you will be happy to know that we have 2 coming our way.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will retail for $59.99 when it arrives in North America and international markets on March 24 and March 27. If that doesn’t get you to buy, they have one more coming our way that you won’t want to miss.
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Instagram for Android beta is now available

instabetaAndroid users have not had it easy if they wanted to post images of meals, street signs, selfies, and such on Instagram. However, you are about to get some good news. A tweet from Instagram on Tuesday revealed that the company is allowing Android users to sign up to a program that will allow them to beta test updated versions of the app before they are offered to the general public. Nice. Now you can post that pic of your meal you are eating.

You have to follow several directions and the beta version of the app will replace the Instagram version you currently have on your phone, just so you are aware. If there are bugs in the beta version of Instagram, and certain features don’t work, you will have to live with it until they get around to providing a fix. No worries, if you are tired of testing the beta, you can always switch back to the regular version of the app from the Google Play Store. So you really have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Just go here and follow all of the directions. Instagram is looking for feedback from beta testers so it can make future updates better when they are released to the public.

Source Phone Arena

Taiwanese man dies after 3 day gaming session

dead gamer

3 days straight of gaming would be hard for anyone. Some gamers who play MMORPGs can spend as much as 4-5 hours at a time trying to complete just a small section of a raid, but gaming like everything else, should be done in moderation.

Sadly people don’t heed that advice. A recent report from CNN has surfaced reporting that a man from Taiwan died after a 3-day gaming binge.
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YouTube will air its own Super Bowl halftime show


You know what to expect from the Super Bowl by now. outrageously expensive, but amusing advertisements, both during the show and afterward on YouTube, a good half-time show and a close game. It’s always the same. After the game many go to YouTube to re-watch their favorite ads and others go to catch the ones they missed. Same every year.

This year may be a bit different. YouTube has revealed that it will be offering its own halftime show, which will be star the service’s own top stars. The halftime show will include fake Super Bowl advertisements, and the entire thing will be streamed live on the video service during the Super Bowl next month.
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