Xbox One To Be Region Locked

Looks like the practice of region locking is alive and well at Microsoft, as games for its newly announced console have been confirmed to only run on machines from the same territory. It’s worth mentioning that while all previous Xbox incarnations have been region locked, Sony’s PS3 did away with the needlessly restrictive system and is likely to do so again with the PS4.

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Ridiculous Fishing Dev Vlambeer Helps Sled Dog Saga Indies Find Success

Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel, two indie developers who are making an indie game about dog sledding of all things say they’ve received a lot of help and inspiration from Rami Ismail who runs Dutch studio Vlambeer. Despite no previous experience in the game industry and working on their first game, by following advice set out by Ismail in a Chicago talk, the pair were able to tame the business side of game making and even run a successful Kickstarter.
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Gamestop Loses 19% Of Stock Value

Monolithic US used game retailer Gamestop has seen a sharp drop in stock prices, culminating with a massive 19% drop. 11 points of that were lost just today as Microsoft, after announcing a new used game solution that would circumvent much of a traditional retailer’s control over used game sales issued further clarifications as to what their model would entail.
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25 Million Xbox 360s To Be Sold Yet, Microsoft Hopes

With the next generation console hand now at least partially played and the two remaining reveals out of the way it’s easy to forget the vast majority of people won’t care about the new Xbox or PS4 until they need something to feed Netflix into their TV and occasionally keep the kids quiet. And once they do, if an Xbox One is too prohibitive or intimidating, Microsoft will be there to sell them a discount Xbox 360.


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OUYA Gets First GAME Appearance Via Indie

An indie developer gave the OUYA its first retail run, setting up a demo unit in-store and allowing people to play both his game and a variety of others on the console.  James Coote, the indie who demo-ed the console in a GAME store says the experience was a positive one for most people, though he did have trouble convincing most people to put down £10 for the console.

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Halo Bootcamp Is Something Halo-Related Coming To PC

It’s a sure bet that Halo-related products will be in steady supply now that Microsoft has revitalized the franchise via its fourth game in the series and by announcing a new live action TV series helmed by Steven Spielberg. And Microsoft doesn’t disappoint, as something called Halo Bootcamp is heading tot he PC, as revealed by the Korean Certification Board.

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Curiosity Ends With UK Winner, Prize Tied To Godus

Peter Molyneux’s experimental cube-tapper has come to an end, with the content of the last cube revealed.  The last tap came from Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh who, it was revealed in a video featuring a tiny version of Molyneux himself, will be playing God in 22 Cans’s new title GODUS while also taking a cut from its earnings. The winner will decide the rules of the game for all players as well as money from every microtransaction despite only having started playing Curiosity today.

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Sega Giving Sonic Publishing Over To Nintendo

The old rivalry between Sega and the house of Mario is now well and truly buried, as following the success of its Mario & Sonic games, the two companies will be extending their partnership. Three Sonic games are slated for release on Nintendo platforms (both home and portable), while Nintendo will be taking up publishing duties for  two of them.
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Autoduel – Kickstarter For Car Combat, Twisted Metal Designer David Jaffe Attached

New developer, new IP, but some familiar sounding names. Pixelbionic, a new California studio will be making a car combat game which it aims to fund via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. To accomplish this, the company has retained the services of God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe as well as the designer of classic car combat games Interstate ’76 and Interstate ’82.

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Super Hexagon Creator Working On New Puzzle Game

Indie game machine Terry Cavanagh has homed in on a new concept, which with any luck he’ll busily be pursuing with the same amount of fanatical attention to detail as the masterful Super Hexagon. The trademark lo-fi visuals seem to have been preserved, hopefully the brutal difficulty curve and arresting chiptune scores will be as well.

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OUYA E3 Show To Be Held In Public Parking Lot

OUYA continues to be smart about marketing its yet to be released device, this time by putting  it in front of a mass of people traditionally ignored at press and industry-centric E3 – the players themselves. The company will be setting up in a parking lot outside the LA Convention Center and making sure its booth is packed with games by providing exhibiting devs with everything from equipment to free food.
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