Asus UX21 Ultra Thin Laptop To Retail For Under $1,000

Some of our reader will remember the new Asus UX21 ultra thin laptop that was announced recently, it is part of Intel’s new ‘Ultrabook’ laptop class and is designed to be thin and light and Asus are obviously hoping it will be able to take on Apple’s MacBook Air.

It looks like the Asus UX21 will retail for under $1,000, and according to a recent report Asus are intending to price the UX21 at around 80 to 90 percent of the cost of Apple’s MacBook Air.

Asus UX21

The Asus UX21 will come with Intel’s latest Core i7 processor and it features an ultra slim design, and looks very good from the photos we have seen so far. If Asus are able to price the UX21 at the 80 or 90 percent of Apple’s MacBook Air, then we suspect that this could end up being a very popular laptop.

Source Engadget


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