ASUS Unveil Crosshair IV Extreme Motherboard

ASUS have just unveiled their latest motherboard the Crosshair IV Extreme equipped with AMD’s 890FX chipset and a range of friendly overclocking features to keep even the most demanding DIY computer builder busy tinkering.

ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Motherboard

The CrossLinx 3 technology on the AMD board offers the ability to use graphics cards from both Nvidia and ATI, including models of different GPU generations. Allowing users to experiment with different combinations of graphics cards to create the maximum performance.

The ASUS Crossfire IV Extreme motherboard also offers RC Bluetooth, ROG iDirect and ROG Connect, 6 SATA 6Gb ports, 2 SATA 3GB ports and two external SATA 3Gb ports along with Intel Gigabit LAN and support for up to 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

Via Ubergizmo