ApriPetit, The Latest Talkative and Cute Robot

Robots are hard to communicate with, but Toshiba wants to remedy that. Which is why their R&D department built ApriPetit, a successor to their larger ApriPoco. This little robot is cute and stands about six inches tall. The idea is that he follows along with the conversation by moving its body and eyes in ways that resemble actual conversation.

He’s designed with older folks in mind and will help the elderly with their daily chores. Its eyes are expressive and will follow the user across a room and will even ask and answer simple questions relating to health and mood. Presumably things like “How are you feeling” and “Have you taken your meds today?”

The robot is part of Toshiba’s “Advanced Personal Robots with Intelligence” project. It is not for sale yet, but one day maybe your grandparents, or you, will have one.

Source Plastic Pals via Techcrunch

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