Apple Working On Integrated Sim Card For Next Generation iPhone?

GigaOM are reporting that Apple may have some new plans for the next generation iPhone, and integrated SIM card, which is being developed by SIM card manufacturer Gemalto.

What this integrated SIM card would do, is allow users to purchase their iPhone direct from Apple via their stores or their online store, and then let them choose which carrier they would like to use their phone with.

iPhone 4It seems that this new SIM card may be some sort of integrated chip, which will carry subscriber identification information for the various mobile carriers.

When you purchase your new iPhone you would then be able to choose which carrier you want to use at the point of sale, or download an app for that specific carrier on your iPhone.

What this would do is reduce the role of the mobile carrier in the purchase chain, you would no longer have to go to various mobile phone stores to get your iPhone activated, or wait for your carrier to send you a new SIM card, which with the launch of the iPhone 4 this year was a bit of a fiasco.

If Apple does integrate this technology into the next generation iPhone it would be great news for consumers, as it would give us more control over our devices, how we purchase them, and what networks we use them on, and less control for the mobile operators.

via GigaOM

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  • allanonmage

    Well, kind of. The whole point of the SIM card was to make it universal across carriers. Since AT&T goggled up all the GSM companies save T-Mobile in the US, its a moot point. But then again, GSM was pioneered for the Europpean market that does have lots of different carriers.

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