Apple withdraws Mac line from EPEAT certification

Apple has withdrawn all of its Mac products from EPEAT certification and will no longer be submitting items for review. To refresh your memory, EPEAT is used by hundreds of companies, universities and government agencies in dozens of countries as an index of electronics recyclability. Despite their withdrawal of all Macs, most of the models still meet EPEAT standards.

This seems like a drastic move. Does this mean that some changes in design are coming. Apple was one the founding members of EPEAT, helping to create the standards that the index grades by. EPEAT says that they regret Apple’s withdrawal, and hopes that it will return in the future. After all, all of Apple’s products since the founding of the index have been rated as “gold,” with maximum recycle-ability.

Apple’s current MacBook Pro with Retina display is probably why this happened since it doesn’t meet EPEAT standards. A likely redesign is on the way.

Source Electronista

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