Apple Wins iBooks Trademark Case

Back in 2011 Black Tower Press files a lawsuit against Apple over the use of the iBooks trademark, the company claimed that the Apple were infringing on their iBooks name that they acquired back in 2006.

Black Tower acquired the iBooks name from another publishing company in 2006, although Black Tower were using the iBooks name, neither Black Tower or the previous company actually owned the iBooks Trademark as this has not been filed.


The Judge in the case, District Judge Denise Cote has said that Black Tower had not obtained a distinctive meaning for the word iBooks and that it was simply descriptive of books sold on the Internet.

They have offered no evidence that consumers who use Apple’s iBooks software to download ebooks have come to believe that Apple has also entered the publishing business and is the publisher of all of the downloaded books, despite the fact that each book bears the imprint of its actual publisher.

Source GigaOM

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