Apple Wants To Ban The Galaxy Nexus In The U.S.

Apple is not happy about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone and it wants sales banned in the U.S. Why are they so mad that they want sales banned? They claim that it violates four Apple patents. The four patents are a “data tapping” patent, a patent involving Siri and unified search, a new slide-to-unlock patent, and a word-completion patent for touch-screen entry of text.
Galaxy Nexus

Apple lost a decision earlier this month from a German court, to ban the Galaxy Nexus in that country. With that case Apple accused Samsung’s products of bearing strong resemblance to its own products. However with this new case, it looks like they have a bit more meat to their claim since they are talking about patents and not design-related rights.

Interestingly enough when the Galaxy Nexus was unveiled in October, Samsung claimed it had been “Apple-proofed”. Perhaps it could have used more. In any event, there has been a war on since the first Nexus phone arrived and I’m sure it won’t stop here. We will keep an eye on this one and let you know what happens.

Source CNet

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  • Patent-kills-innovations

    Apple wants a monopoly !

    This is not fair and I think regulators should take care of patent’s danger for the free business competition.

    This situation can last any longer !

  • Broo

    Perhaps they should be demanding licensing fees for their patents instead of asking for a ban?  
    Oh yea- Apple can’t stand competition when it is with one of their ‘innovative’ products…
    Hopefully this gets overturned just like the Motorola patent did in Germany.

  • Buaioeae

    Apple can kiss my sweet spot.

  • ThickMama

    #TeamIphone ! Android Sucks !