Apple To Launch A Smaller 7.85 Inch iPad Mini Later This Year (Rumor)

Apple will announced their new iPad 3 at a special event next Wednesday, the device is expected to feature a similar design to the existing iPad 2 although it is rumored to come with a higher resolution display than the existing model.

We heard earlier today that Apple may also continue to sell the iPad 2 alongside the new iPad 3, with a new 8GB iPad 2 available at a cheaper price.

iPad 2

As with every new announcement from Apple we get a bunch of rumors that Apple will also launch a new device later in the year, this time we are being told that Apple have a smaller iPad in the works, the iPad mini, which is rumored to feature a 7.85 inch display and will apparently retail for around $300.

We also heard a similar rumor last year around the time of the iPad 2 launch, and that device never appeared, so we suspect this is nothing more than a rumor at the moment.

Apple could of course launch a smaller iPad at a cheaper price point later in the year, although I think that they are more likely to sell the iPad 2 as a cheaper alternative to the iPad 3, this is something they have done with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4.

Source BGR, Digitimes

Apple new offers two versions of the iPad, the iPad 2 and iPad 3, have a look at the difference between the iPad 2 and iPad 3.

Apple has now launched their new iPad Mini, have a look at the difference between iPad and iPad Mini.

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  • Maniac256

    Why would they release a smaller Ipad? Why don’t they just make a bigger iphone? lol Plus where is the market? I bet they would rather just make people pay more for the Ipad 3 not a cheaper alternative.