Apple Seeking $15 Per Handset From Android Manufacturers?

Over 70 percent of Android manufacturers are currently paying Microsoft licensing fees for each Android device they produce, Apple has been engaged in a number of legal battles with a variety of Android device makers, like Motorola and Samsung.

Now according to a new report, Apple may be seeking to end the legal battles with various Android handset makers, by offering the companies a deal which could see Apple receiving up to $15 for each Android device sold.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

A report from the Dow Jones Newswire has revealed that Apple offered licensing deals to both Motorola and Samsung, which if agreed to by Samsung and Motorola would mean that for every Android device they produce they would pay Apple a fee of between $5 and $15.

This seems like a bit of a change of direction for Apple, as the late Steve Jobs once said that he would spend every penny Apple had to destroy Google’s Android OS, which he said was a ‘stolen product’.

Source BGR



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