Apple Patents Air-driven Tactile Feedback Keyboard Design

A very unique Apple patent has been discovered which has started rumours of Apple developing a new a new, low-profile keyboard equipped with perforated keys. The Patently Apple website has discovered the Apple Patent which explains a new design that uses air pressure and proximity sensors.

Once a users finger is registered by the new device to be above a key the keyboard then emits a light stream of air to provide the user with pre-press feedback. The Apple Patent also describes that flowing of air could also be implemented in a virtual keyboard.

apple Air-driven Tactile Feedback Keyboard

With the virtual keyboard  “each key location is merely a defined region on a solid surface, where contact with that surface region will generate a defined input signal.” as such the new virtual keyboards may not have any moveable surfaces at all. More information and a full run down of the newly discovered Apple Patent can be found over on the Patently Apple website.

apple Air-driven Tactile Feedback Keyboard

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