Apple Now Offering iPhone 3GS For $49

Apple has dropped the price of the last generation iPhone, the iPhone 3GS and are now selling it for $49 with a new two year mobile contract. The price drop ties in with the recent price drop from AT&T on the iPhone 3GS.

The price drop comes just before we are expecting Verizon Wireless to announce the Verizon iPhone, so maybe it is an attempt by AT&T to lock customers into a new two year contract before Verizon starts selling the iPhone.

iPhone 3GS

It isn’t clear whether Verizon will be selling a version of the 3GS as well as the iPhone 4, although we suspect that it will just be the iPhone 4 that is available on Verizon and we probably won’t see another iPhone model available on the network until Apple launches the iPhone 5 later this year.

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via Slashgear

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