Apple Mac Pro Removed From European Apple Stores

Apple announced recently that they would be withdrawing their Apple Mac Pro from sale in Europe, the reason this was being done was to do with new European regulations which come into force in Europe on the 1st of March.

Apple said that the Mac Pro would be made available in Europe in the Spring, although they did not give a specific date on when the Mac Pro would go on sale in Europe again.

Apple Mac Pro 

It looks like Apple has decided to remove the Mac Pro from sale in Europe ahead of the March 1st date, as the UK Apple Store still have the Mac Pro listed but you can no longer buy the device, the photo below shows the Mac Pro on the Apple Store this morning.

Apple Mac Pro

As yet we do not have any information on when Apple will launch the Mac Pro in Europe again, all we know is that the Apple Mac pro will launch again in Europe this spring, we wonder if this will be at the same time as the introduction of a new model.

Source Apple

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