AngelBlocks Promise Lifestyle Automation via Text Messages

If you are the sort that needs a lot of reminders or just want to streamline your life, you might be interested in some automation for your life. That is exactly what a project on Kickstarter promises called AngelBlocks. Angel Blocks is a system that has different sensors that you can set up to tell you all sorts of information via text messages.


The AngelBlocks get power from a pair of AAA batteries and are good for two years of use per set. They have a wireless range of 1000 feet indoors and two miles outdoors with a price of $15 per module. There is a wide range of things you can do with the devices. Tasks include telling you when the washer stops by monitoring vibrations.

You can place one of the blocks inside your mailbox to sense light and notify you when the box is opened. The AngelBlock can also be used to remind you to water plants. The sensors on the AngelBlock can be changed with modules called AngelWings to perform different tasks. There are sensors for temperature, sound, light, motion, magnetic closure, smoke, carbon monoxide, and more. The project is seeking $50,000 and has raised over $14000 so far with 25 days to go.

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