Amazon Unveils Social Gift Card for Facebook Users

Amazon has unveiled a completely new type of gift card that can be delivered to friends or family via Facebook. The gift card allows multiple Facebook users to combine funds to send a gift card to a friend. A special birthday greeting can be sent along with the gift card.


The way that Facebook gift card works is that a single friend starts the process by adding between one dollar and $25 to an gift card attached to a birthday greeting. The gift card funding process can start well before the person’s birthday and won’t show up on the friends Facebook page until their birthday.

Other Facebook friends for the recipient can also donate money to help increase the amount of the gift card. It’s unclear at this point if after the initial one dollar to $25 gift card investment, if other friends have to donate specific amounts of money. If after that initial investment people can donate any amount of money they want, I could see people receiving gift cards with some strange amounts like $26 or other amounts that you don’t typically see gifted with most gift cards.

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