Amazon Kindle TV To Launch In April (Rumor)

We have been hearing quite a bit about the new Amazon Kindle TV set top box device over the last few weeks, and now according to a recent report the device will launch in April.

According to the WSJ, the Amazon Kindle TV will launch in early April, and as well as being sold through Amazon, it will also launch with a number of retailers in the US, including Best Buy and Staples.

Amazon Kindle TV

Last week we saw a photo of a game controller with amazon branding, this is expected to launch with the Amazon Kindle TV.

The device will bring Amazon’s TV and movie content to your HTDV, and also TV and movie content from the like of Hulu Plus and Netflix.

The device is said to also run games and apps, which will work with the new gaming controller, and it looks like the device may be a stick like device, similar to the Chromecast from Google rather than a set top box.

Source WSJ, The Verge

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