Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Gets Taken Apart

The launch of every major electronic gadget is these days is quickly followed by a complete teardown, revealing the devices inner workings, and the launch of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD tablet is no exception.

The team over at Powerbook Medic has taken their tools to Amazons new top of the range Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet, revealing all its inner components to the world.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Gets Taken Apart

During the teardown the reveal that the Kindle Fire HD tablet is equipped with a 6,000 mAh battery and most of the tablets components have been provided by Samsung Electronics, explaining:

“It looks like Samsung is another winner in supplying parts for the Kindle fire as they are supplying both the ram and flash memory as well as the Display ( ltl089cl02-001) (Texus Instruments is the supplier for the processor is this model. We improperly noted it was Samsung in the first revision of this post.)”

“In most Kindle models, the back case has just been cosmetic and is the first thing removed, however in this model most of the internals are attached to the back case. This will make changing out the LCD / Digitizer assembly a piece of cake. ( Of course the digitizer and LCD are fused as seems to be the norm nowadays.)”

For the full teardown jump over to the Powerbook Medic website.

Source: Powerbook Medic

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