Amazingly Realistic Painting Of Morgan Freeman Created On The iPad Air

You can use your iPad for a lot more than just watching movies and browsing the web. You can play games and even be genuinely artistic. The tablet is a great tool for drawing, and with the right artist you can do some amazing things with it.
morgan freeman
Artist Kyle Lambert created what you see here with just his finger, an iPad Air, and the Procreate app. That’s it. The end result is an extremely realistic drawing of actor Morgan Freeman. Amazingly realistic. Just looking at this image, you would have thought it was a good clear photo, not a drawing.

If you have a few minutes, the video is well worth watching as it shows Lambert’s process from start to finish and is fascinating. According to Lambert, it took about 285,000 brush strokes and 200+ hours to complete the entire drawing. Sure there have been others who have created impressive work on tablets, but we can’t help being amazed at this one. Especially since he used his finger over a stylus. Amazing work Kyle. Your fingers must be magic. Mine would just look like a grade school kids stick figure art project. Not even that good.

Source Ubergizmo

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