Alienware M17x with 3D Screen and Klipsch Speakers Coming this Month

I have used a bunch of different gaming notebooks over the years including some from Alienware. The machines generally are crammed with the fastest GPUs and CPUs that the makers can get and then the integrated speakers for the audio system are apparently the cheapest they can lay hands on. Many of the gaming notebooks lack volume enough to be heard comfortably from a short distance away.

Alienware M17x

A new version of the Alienware M17x is heading for stores this month and will start at $1,499. The machine will have an optional full HD 17-inch 3D screen. One of the coolest things about it is that the notebook will have Klipsch speakers inside making for much better sound that we are used to seeing on a notebook.

The machine is the first tie up between Klipsch and Alienware and this will be the first 3D gaming notebook from Alienware. More notebooks with Klipsch sound systems will be coming. Klipsch has a history of making some of the best speakers in the business for gamers.

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