Adafruit Creates A Raspberry Pi Light Painting Module

If you fancy creating custom photographs with a light painting effects, Adafruit has created an interesting module which can be used with the awesome Raspberry Pi $35 mini PC which is definitely worth more investigation.

The Adafruit Raspberry Pi module combines a python script, less than 60 lines of code, together with open source software and a handful of electronic components, to create the effect generator.


Adafruit explains: “Light painting is an artistic photographic technique combining long exposure times with lights in motion. Traditionally these images have been hand-painted with a penlight…but more recently, affordable microcontrollers and addressable RGB LEDs have brought a new high-tech twist to the idea.”

To create your very own using a Raspberry Pi jump over to the Adafruit website for the full build tutorial.

Source: Engadget : Adafruit

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