About Geeky Gadgets

Geeky Gadgets is designed to provide up to the minute daily technology news on the latest advances in the technology sector including software, hardware and gadgets from around the world.

Geeky Gadgets features in-depth reviews on the latest devices with impartial coverage of the features and developments of new technology.

As well as reporting on the latest tech and gadgets the editorial team are always willing to create their own concepts and even create working prototypes to see a concepts through to design, with a number of designs created from the simplest of materials becoming viral on the web such as the Pencil iPad Stand together with other designs.

The Geeky Gadgets editorial team is passionate about technology, using and building computers from the earliest Sinclair computers to the latest cutting edge hardware. Geeky Gadgets is owned and run by  Squarefish Media.

Geeky Gadgets Editorial Team

Roland Hutchinson – Executive Editor

roland hutchinson

Roland is the founder of Geeky Gadgets, a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets and the latest technology. Roland started Geeky Gadgets at the end of 2007, he has been a full time technology writer for over five years, and likes to cover a wide range of technology subjects from smartphones, tablets and the latest gadgets.

Julian Horsey – Executive Editor

Julian is passionate about design and technology and in his career as a Creative Director worked on projects for BMW, Cadburys, Harrods Land Rover and Bose to name a few. He is a published author and is now heavily involved in web technology and multimedia.

Shane McGlaun – Editor

Shane has been a full time geek writing for his supper for six years. He has written for some of the coolest tech sites online and had reviews printed in the print versions of Laptop Magazine and Computer Shopper.

Catalin Alexandru  -  Editor

Catalin is a partially reformed Game/Level Designer who has worked on the iPhone versions of Star Trek, Command & Conquer: Red Alert and Medal Of Honor for Electronic Arts. He’s been designing levels and game mechanics and has been writing everything from game dialogue to postmortems for two and a half years. After playing, testing and making games, the only thing left was to write about them, so he’s making a go of it and is actually a bit surprised at how much he’s enjoying it.

Conner Flynn  -  Editor

Conner is a hardcore geek who has been blogging for major internet publications for several years. He loves technology, geek toys and video games. When not blogging about the latest gadgets and technology he is usually reading about them, or busy playing fantasy role playing games or playing games on his PS3. It’s a question of too many geek things to do and not enough time

Articles by Conner Flynn. Contact Conner : cflynn@geeky-gadgets.com

Hammad Saleem  -  Editor

Hammad is a full time writer who worked for many popular websites in the past. He loves to write about smartphones and gadgets. When he is not writing, he can be found playing Clash of Clans on his iPhone or looking for a good place to eat.

Articles by Hammad Saleem. Contact Hammadhsaleem@geeky-gadgets.com

Fletcher Martin -  Weekend Editor

Fletcher is a psychology major at the University of Central Florida who’s been an avid gamer and technology tinkerer since the ripe old age of six. He’s been writing professionally since he was 19, intends on becoming a #1 New York Times Bestselling novelist one day and would love to become a gaming journalist if the opportunity arises. If the article ends with a random philosophical question, it was probably written by him.

Articles by Fletcher Martin. Contact Fletcher: fmartin@geeky-gadgets.com

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